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Published October 22, 2012 by vfdpixie

So even thought this blog is about my love for movies, I must have a category for my boyfriend the television.  We are joined at the hip, t.v and I, so much so that I don’t trust people that say they don’t watch t.v.  Except for my tattoo guy.  He’s too busy drawing.

Anyway, I watch the usual suspects like True Blood, Dr. Who, Dexter, Supernatural and anything new that comes up.  I’ll know if I’m hooked within the first 20 minutes and if there are any monsters.

For instance, Falling Skies.  It’s finally on a cable channel that I get, and I’m enjoying it so far.  Why? Because there are plenty of monsters-aliens to be correct- and robots.  Two things I live for!  The resistance fighters call the aliens “skitters”, which I love, and they are all dirty looking because they live in rubble.  My favourite line so far is “the skitters won’t win”.  Words to live by.

Another noteworthy show is Face Off.  Also on Space Channel, it is a brilliant competition-based show for special effects makeup artists.  I’ve been a makeup artist for 14 years, and I could never stomach a special effect.  I know, weird, right? I love horror and gore, but I can’t look at a fake burn being applied.  Go figure.  But I love the creativity and the criticism from the expert panel.

The same creators of Face Off have a new show as well.  It’s called Hot Set and it’s a fascinating look at how sets are realized and actually built in 3 days.  2 production designers duke it out to see who builds the best set both to the naked eye and on film.  This show makes me love movies all over again and I’m just amazed at the creativity involved.

I will be posting about episodes here and there, and if anything new and noteworthy comes up when my and my b.f the t.v. are spending quality time together.

Telepathic Twins from Hell!!!

Published October 22, 2012 by vfdpixie


Seconds Apart (2011) 1 hr 29 mins

This film had such potential! As part of the After Dark Originals, I was excited to see what this contribution had to offer. Unfortunately, the over use of flashbacks drew the movie out to the point where I stopped caring.

Twins Jonah and Seth Trimble lock horns with the persistent Detective Lampkin as he searches for answers to several suicides that occur at the boys’ school.  The look-a-like lads (played by real-life twins Edmund and Gary Entin) ride around on dorky looking bikes, sleep in the same bed, and have a creepy quadruple stink-eye.  They seem unassuming and dorky, but you soon learn that they are not the nerds you want to mess with.  When they hold hands, an evil force is unleashed that makes their victims do their bidding.  Top that with weirdo parents, a new girlfriend, and a bizarre but never explained search for a “feeling”, and you have the recipe for an interesting horror.

Alas, it was not to be so!  These twins were born 93 seconds apart.  I would say that each scene needed to cut the same amount of time.  Despite the creepy and convincing performance by the twins and a cool, modern gothic look to the production, I gave this movie a “meh” and one shoulder shrug.  Orlando Jones plays the detective.  His performance was fine, but the flashbacks that piece his past together were distracting and didn’t really add to the story.  I would have loved to see more on the twins as they grew up and all the twisted things that shaped their abilities, as well as the source behind their quest for the “feeling”.

Of course, this is just my humble opinion.  At least this movie made it to distribution.  And someone is making a living off of these movies, cuz I, for one, am watching them.  So kudos to the director Antonio Negret and writer George Richards for trying something original. It’s a premise that definitely caught my eye.

Most Memorable Line:  couldn’t really find one.

Weirdest Scene: toss-up between the priest and the guinea worm (weird and mildly gross), and the detective’s visit to the doctor that helped the twins’ mother conceive.  His office was in a basement of some medical building and it was just, for lack of a better word, weird.

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