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Mockingbird Lane

Published October 26, 2012 by vfdpixie

It seems so weird that I would forget one of my afterschool faves The Munsters.  Can’t remember if it came on before or after Gilligan’s Island, but I know it was in heavy rotation with Scooby-Doo and The Addams Family.  Anyway, I happened to catch the remake that aired tonight.  Surprisingly, I really liked it.  I really did!

The cast was interesting.  Portia de Rossi played Lily Munster, and she looked stunning.  I barely recognized her with a long dark wig and gorgeous wardrobe.  Her gowns were theatrically gothic and modern at the same time.   She pulled off an etherial yet commanding Lily, as she wisped from scene to scene in a swirl of smoke.

Eddie Izzard just slayed with his interpretation of Grandpa.  Wily and sinister, he put an amazing spin on the kooky mad professor role.  And as always, his comedic timing was legend.

Mason Cook played Eddy Munster.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of child actors, but Mason was actually pretty good.  After I saw him on Ellen a couple of days ago, I give him a pass.  He seems like a nice kid.  His chemistry with Eddie Izzard was great too.

Not much to say about the actress who took on the role of  Marilyn.  and Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, well, I didn’t hate him, but I’ve always thought him to be too thin.  I do have to mention their hilarious paranoid neighbour who jams around in her scooter, complete with her  perpetually smiling corgi in the scooter basket.  Beth Grant delivers, with her usual quirkiness, a great portrayal of the crazy suspicious neighbour.  As an aside, I am convinced that this is my future.  Except I will have a basket full of screeching cats, and I will probably smell.

Another honourable mention goes to the costume designer, Emmy nominated Robert Blackman, who did an incredible job on all the characters.  From Lily’s gowns, to Eddy’s boyscout uniform, everything had a story book, larger-than-life quality.

I have to say that I thought it was a tad gory for prime time t.v.  Not sure if the regular viewer would be expecting open chest cavities with a zipper closure, or bloody mangled hearts.  To me, it’s nothing.  Just not sure if they typical suburban audience would be into that. Although, that  is where we find the scariest, twisted individuals…

Anyhoo, Sis and I thought they stayed pretty true to the story, down to the pet dragon.  The CGI was a tad cheesy, but it was a pleasant suprise for a usually boring Friday t.v. night.

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