Face Off Season 4 episode 3: Icy Demons

Published January 30, 2013 by vfdpixie

As an artist, I absolutely HATED being rushed.  At a counter, on a shoot or set, rushing a makeup can create complete disasters or the most brilliant work, depending on the day, and whether you are used to making lemonade out of lemons, so-to-speak.  I feel for these contestants as they struggle with the time constraints given, and bite my nails (figuratively, as I think nail-biting is unsightly) every time these artists come down to last looks.  Yikes!

Episode 403, “When Hell Freezes Over”, was no exception.  This time, the contestants split up into partners to create a demon from different cultures around the world.

Eric Z. and Chris:  Abraxas;   Alam and Anthony:  Deumus;  House and Meagan:  Azi Dahaka;  Alex and Autumn:  Pazuza;  Katie and Jenna:  Eurynome;  Eric F. and Wayne:  Chort.  These were predetermined pairings, and to me very interesting because they basically grouped artists with a more defined vision together with those that seem to float in the grey area.  I was hoping that these other artists would rise to the occasion, but perhaps they were overshadowed by the drive of the technically confident.

They start off well, but a twist in the competition gives them a run for their money.  MacKenzie introduces a “script note” which changes the whole look of their demons:  Hell has frozen over.  The gang scrambles to adjust their designs to ice demons.  Many take the change in stride, but poor Jenna struggles through sculpting as she suffers from a tumor in her hand that makes it difficult to work quickly.  House is clearly not pleased with his partner Meagan, and communication breaks down.  And God love Autumn!  That woman is her own biggest fan!  A bit too much confidence that skims past her skill.  She seemed oblivious, or just ignored, her partner Alex’s disdain for the cohesiveness of their work.

My favorite makeups were Anthony and Alam’s Deumus and Wayne and Eric F’s Chort.  I agreed with the judges as they raved about the delicacy of Anthony’s sculpting with the horns and face that somehow read as beautiful.  And Eric F’s innovative use of his demon’s mouth as an opening for the model’s eyes was really cool.  On the other hand,  Jenna and Katie’s “hot mess” of a demon was self-explanatory.  Katie’s construction of walker arms was a complete disaster! I won’t reveal who goes home, but I don’t agree with it at all!  Should have been someone else for sure.

I have to say that I couldn’t help but notice the glee and relief in some of the artists’ eyes when the saw their partner.  It said “Phew, I think I will actually make it to the next round!”In fact, Alam was honest about her relief when she saw that Anthony was her partner.  Alam. Wayne and Meagan should count their blessings and snap out of what ever shell shock they are experiencing.  They have talent, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the show, so I hope they get a chance to bring that talent to the table.  If they don’t, I have a feeling riding on another artist’s brush belt won’t carry them for much longer!

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