Face Off: Season 4 episode 4…Sweeeet!!

Published February 7, 2013 by vfdpixie

Finally!!  This is the episode I’ve been waiting for!  Some of those crazy kids finally snap out of it!!  As talented as he is,  I was getting a bit bored by Anthony winning all the challenges.  It was refreshing to see the wall flowers step up to the plate and create something that showcased the skills I wanted to see.  It was also kind of painful to see Jenna so upset about Katie’s elimination.  Due to the mobility issues with her hand, she felt partially responsible, but all I can remember was those terrible walker arms.

This episode called “Eye Candy”  starts out with a foundation challenge at The Federal Bar, an historical building built in 1926.  It was the site of L.A.’s first Beard and Moustache competition.  The gang had to create a bearded circus lady for immunity.  Judging this challenge was Los Angeles’ national full beard champion, John Myatt.  As the faux face fur flew, the artists got creative with bright colours and braiding, but simplicity won out in the end. The cool and collected Eric Z. claimed immunity with a uniform and lush beard on a gorgeous female model.  Ironically, earlier today my girlfriends and I were talking about doing makeup on ladies who were um, not so smooth in the chin area.  Then the tables turned on ourselves, but that’s another bristly tale to tell later (or never-gulp!).

Moving on, the spotlight challenge involved creating a character or creature using actual candy in their design.  The guest judge was Will Cotton, Katy Perry’s art director.  There were many interesting concepts, but a lot of them did not work.  Autumn’s weird zombie gummy bear just did not work, and she had some sculpting issues that made its bear face look more cat-like.  Eric Z.’s candy witch kind of lost me.  I wanted to see more from him, but I guess immunity didn’t inspire him much.  Jenna once again struggled with her hand, as well as a collapsing face and a paint job that didn’t have much dimension, and Alex’s beauty pageant girl who was turning into candy didn’t quite mesh.  Like, really mesh, because her silicone pieces were falling off her model.  Yikes!!

My favourite looks start off with Alam’s.  I love that girl!  She is so honest about her learning process on the show, and you can really see her confidence grow with her Anime candy princess.  She really used the candy in an innovative way, and was one of the top makeups.  Anthony’s gorgeous Colonel Candy looked like he came right out of a storybook.  House created a bizarre character with an abstract grotesque face and a full mouth with teeth in its belly.  It was so creative and amazing, and his model really worked it as she was a belly dancer, so her skills made the look come to life.  I should also note Eric F.’s melting gummy monster.  He had issues with all the melted gummy bears sticking his makeup and model to the floor.  It was creepy, gross and kind of hard to look at, and now I am turned off of gummy bears.

I have to give a spoiler alert, because the winner of this challenge was surprising and his design was really great, so I’m spilling the beans.  Kris created a monster composed of Halloween candy that comes to life to eat kids.  Love the concept, and his use of candy corn all over, from nails to teeth really impressed the judges and lead him to his first win.  Unfortunately, Alex was eliminated.  I wanted to see what she could bring to the table, but her inexperience with silicone was her downfall.  All in all, I was pretty satisfied with this episode, although I still think the wrong person went home.

Apparently there will be a web series called Face Off Redemption on www.syfy.com.  It involves the eliminated contestants in separate challenges.  Can’t wait to check it out!

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