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Face Off: Episode 5 Season 4: The Giants

Published February 14, 2013 by vfdpixie

Happy Valentine’s Day ghouls and gals!!  Hope everyone is scarin’ up some good lovin’!  This week’s episode, “Two Heads are Better Than One” bored me to be honest.  The challenge and the results didn’t really grab my attention.  Sure, the contestants worked hard at their creations, and I will always respect that, but I guess the subject matter seemed like a shameless plug for some big budget giant slayer movie that I doubt I will see.  I have standards, you know.  If it doesn’t have an obsure vintage or some quirk to it, I ain’t watchin’, but I digress.

The gang head to Six Flags Magic Mountain to get their instructions for the latest spotlight challenge.  Create an original giant character with at least 2 heads.  Their guest judge was Bryan Singer, director, producer, and writer extraordinaire.  Once again, they get split up into pairs, and once again, there were some that found this a huge advantage, and some that cringed when they saw their partner.  Alam and Eric Z teamed up to create a giant with heads growing out of its feet.  Wayne and House go for broke and decided on 3 heads, but after seeing everyone else doing the same thing, scaled back to 2 heads.  Kris and Eric F. went big.   Really big.  Autumn and Anthony work on a giant with a contorted faces in front and back, and Meagan and Jenna tried for a stacked head effect.  The models this time were big guys and an inspiration for the makeups.

I liked how Alam and Eric Z. worked together, as they are both pretty cool-headed and easy-going, but unfortunately, the judges couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept of the foot/heads and pretty much panned it (although I thought it was pretty creative).  Eric F and Kris really worked well together, and cranked out a pretty outrageous double-headed giant with creative use of their model.  It made the judges laugh and they really enjoyed the effect.  Jenna and Meagan were just not meshing as a team, and due to Jenna’s hand and Meagan’s irritation, their design and execution suffered.  House and Wayne’s giant turned out really well.  I think the removal of one head from the design saved them time, and the judges really like the sculpting inspired by the redwood at Magic Mountain.  Oh yes, and Wayne was finally able to say there was a good paint job.  Autumn and Anthony’s design was good as well, but it irked me to hear Autumn say she was “on vacation” because she was paired up with him.  Really?!!  There’s honesty and then there’s laziness.  Let’s at least try to look like you want to work.  Anthony had to deal with her as best he could, as she does love herself a lot.

Eric F and Kris’s giant was the winner.  I really liked Kris’s integrity when he rightfully gave props to Eric’s skill and concept.  That ultimately made Eric F. the winner for this episode, which I was happy about, since he deserves a win.  Jenna got sent home.  This was a logical choice since she was suffering with her hand issues and feeling bad about team situations.  I hope she gets better soon, and I hope next week brings us more excitement!

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