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Face Off Season 4 Episode 6: Bug Spray Not Included

Published February 20, 2013 by vfdpixie

This week on Face Off brings us two challenges with “Bugging Out“.  The first was of course, the Foundation Challenge that would award the winner immunity plus a makeup case filled with Makeup Forever products.  Quite the haul, I’d say, since constantly replenishing your kit is a drain on the finances. Their guest judge was Lihja Stewart, head makeup artist for Makeup Forever.  The remaining artists had to reinvent an iconic female storybook character and make them bad girls.  Bo Peep (Meagan), Miss Muffet (Wayne), Red Riding Hood (Eric F.), Belle (Eric Z.), Rapunzel (House), Gretel (Kris), Cinderella (Anthony), Sleeping Beauty (Alam), and Snow White (Autumn) all got worked over with burns, aging and gruesome transformations.  The standouts for me were Wayne who created a Miss Muffet who transformed into a spider, and Eric F who made Red Riding Hood into a werewolf.  Lihja chose Eric F.’s werewolf Red Riding Hood as the winner and the gang move on to the Spotlight Challenge.

For the elimination, each contestant chose from brightly coloured abstract photos that were actually microscopic close-ups of insects.  They were to create human/insect hybrid characters using the photos as inspiration.  This challenge seemed to be a game changer.  Anthony could not wrap his head around a concept for his ant character.  He admitted to being stumped and I wondered if he was burning out due to the pressure of staying on top.  Eric F. seemed to breeze along with his Desert Wolf Spider design, and I’m sure it helped that he had immunity, although I don’t think he needed it as his design was once more creepy and creative.  Eric Z. created a real blood sucking mosquito, Wayne chose a firefly and House a honey bee; Autumn worked on a beetle and Meagan created a moth hybrid.  Throughout the series, Michael Westmore has been a fantastic mentor and his advice has been dead on.  Alam wanted to blend a multicoloured palette for her grasshopper and Michael pegged the difficulty with the design being too busy right away.  His sharp eye also caught Kris’s great detail with his butterfly.

It seemed like the artists were really scrambling this episode, bogged down with little technical details that they may have approached with more enthusiasm at the beginning of the competition.  The judges were a bit tougher this time around, and I agreed with them because at this point of the game, the gang really needs to start taking stock of technique and paying heed to past mistakes.  The judges loved the colourful butterfly Kris created because he really showed his skill with sculpting and use of the picture he chose.  They also raved about Wayne’s firefly, with his creative use of a light-up tail, mouth movement and great silhouette.  Autumn and Eric Z. also did well, as the judges praised her sculpting and his design.  Unfortunately, Anthony was raked over the coals for his slap-dash antenna and paint job, sculpting and design.  He had predicted his place in the bottom, and he was right.  Meagan and Alam also got called out on their confusing makeups and bad paint jobs.  I believe Ve called Meagan’s paint job ” psychedelic vomit”.  Ouch!!  There was also a Face Off first as the winner would have been Wayne, however he forgot his picture back at the studio, and did not use the colour scheme in his paint job.  According to the judges, his execution of the challenge was therefore incomplete.  As a result, Kris won with his cohesive butterfly, which was my favourite.  Sadly, we had to see Alam pack her kit and head home.  I really liked her!!  I’m glad she got this far and I predict  her disposition and quirkiness will serve her well in the future.

Just want to say a quick thank you to all who have been reading these updates!  Please leave a comment with your thoughts on the contestants and the show!

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