Face Off Season 4 Episode 9: Mummy Gods

Published March 13, 2013 by vfdpixie

The lads are on top!  It’s a boys club as we near the final episodes of Face Off.  Meagan departed on a good note with Anthony and Eric F. as she left them messages that gave them a good laugh.  It was needed as we see the guys feeling stressed, run down, and along with the others, Eric F. is really missing his family.

The challenge this week on “Mummy Mayhem” brought the boys to the Egyptian Theatre where America’s first movie premiere of Robin Hood occurred in 1922 .  Five Egyptian gods were lined up for the artists to choose from.  In anticipation of the remake of Evil Dead, and since the real Book of the Dead was Egyptian, the guys had to create a mummified, decaying version of a god of their choice.  Specific instructions dictated that they make sure the makeups were seriously haunting, creepy and represented themselves as artists.  I was really excited to see what they came up with since these guys are all really creative and talented, and since I love Evil Dead!  (As an aside, I am quite aware of the movie plug, but I’ve seen a clip of the remake and it actually looks good, so I’ll let the shameless plug rage slide).

Kris picked Khnum, god of water and creation and planned to create an elaborate ram’s head.  Anthony chose Anubis, god of embalming and death and planned to use lots of cheese cloth to create a mummy look.  Eric went with the sun-god, Ra, and decided to use a woman model with a smaller frame to emphasize an emaciated mummy.  He also wanted to pay tribute to Evil Dead by going totally 80’s with his design.  Wayne got Sobek, god of crocodiles, and really wanted to create a great paint job this time around.  Lastly, House took on Thoth, the moon-god who is also a scribe, so he decided to use his body as a tablet and etch in hieroglyphics which I thought was cool.

I always find it fascinating to watch them in action.  These guys are amazing as the tension mounts for stellar work.  Even though they are stressed and exhausted, it is nice to see the camaraderie and friendship between the five.  They respect each other’s skills and I actually believe they want the best man to win.  Mentor Michael Westmore revealed that he was a history major as he made his rounds and was excited about the Egyptian challenge.  He was impressed by all the designs but warned them, especially Wayne, to be mindful of their time management.

On elimination day, Wayne struggled to complete his paint job, even though he has been warned time and time again, and House is also scrambled a bit, using a gold paint wash to create a god-like glow.  Glenn Hetrick said this was his favourite challenge to date and that they had all done great jobs.  Top looks were created by Kris and Wayne.  Kris came up with a genuinely scary god with gorgeous sculpting.  the judges loved the dryness of the paint job that looked like a “real mummified body” and the eyes.  Glenn  loved the “exquisite nuance” of the makeup and they all felt that it was not only camera ready, but close up ready as well.  Wayne managed to get his makeup together at the last-minute and his crocodile god displayed great sculpting, called “unreal” by one of the judges.  They only criticisms were the transitioning of the head, which Wayne had done intentionally, but the judges thought it was too obvious, and the lack of eyes.  Honorable mention must go to Eric F.  His mummy god looked the Evil Dead part, and definitely showed his personality.  I loved it, but Glenn hated the dominant red colour of his paint job; they found the mouth to be a slight issue, and it was almost too Evil Dead for them.  Eric was also warned that he would need to go more realistic next time, but I think they were just splitting hairs.  Give the guy a break!  At least he didn’t “go big” this time!

Bottom looks came from Anthony and House.  Anthony’s god got criticized for the angularity of the face and the proportions of the death mask and shoulders, which they felt should have both been wider.  Neville Page felt that the beautiful sculpture in the ribs was obscured by his paint job and there was too much yellow used.  House got nailed with his last-minute decision to do a gold wash over his design.  The judges felt there was too much gloss going on for a mummy, and Ve Neill felt that the body was too bulky and didn’t look decayed.  They liked his concept but the overall look was rough.

The winner was Kris!  So glad for him as the judges praised all the details in the makeup and called it an exceptional job.  House was sent home.  I am sad to see his cranky ass go, and the judges love him as an artist and look forward to see what he does in the future.  I do think it was a fair choice, but I think he is really innovative and will make his mark in the industry.  I don’t want the show to end, but I also can’t wait to see who makes it to the finale!

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