Face Off: Season 4 Episode 10: Alien Love Children

Published March 20, 2013 by vfdpixie

Well here we are.  The episode before the finale, and the pressure on!  Anthony thought he was going home last elimination, and Kris knows they all have to bring their A game.  Who knew the “A” would stand for alien?

I was really excited about this episode, “Alien Apocalypse“, and challenge for slightly selfish reasons.  The guys had to choose 2 mutant species and create a hybrid offspring. The aliens they chose from were Liberata, Volge, Sensoth, BioMan, Mutant and 99er. These species come from the new show and game Defiance, filmed right here in my hometown, Toronto!!!  The show takes place 35 years in the future, after years of war between aliens and humans. Seven races of aliens must live side by side with humans in the frontier town of Defiance.  Kevin Murphy, the executive producer and co-creator of the show, came to reveal a surprise to them.  After they made their choices, the guys were sent to Toronto to visit the set of the show!  All except Eric F. came to my fair city, as he had to deal with a family issue.  They got to meet one of the characters from the show, watch as Alan Cooke, the key prosthetics artist apply a makeup, and be on set as a scene was being shot.  I love my city, and I really hope the guys enjoyed their visit here.  Toronto is home to many talented make-up artists (some of them my friends) and many film and t.v. productions.  I’m sure the finalists will find themselves back in Toronto in the future!

Anthony picked a Liberata and Mutant to create a grotesque creature with mainly a Liberata structure.  Kris combined a BioMan and Mutant to design something with the eyes and teeth of mutant to show how the hybrid spoiled the BioMan’s gene.  Wayne went for a Liberata and a BioMan to give us a creature with a BioMan base and the nose of a Liberata.  Finally, Eric F. ended up with a 99er and a Sensoth.  It was not his first pick, and even though he was confounded and bummed out about his two species, he managed to come up with as he called it, “Harry and the Hendersons meets Robocop”.  Priceless! By the time day 1 ended, Eric started to like his design as it came together. The theme of their work ethic was pretty much the same:  go for broke with their designs as the goal was clear:  they could all use the prize money!

All the guys were plagued with time constraints, clay stuck in their molds, and all but Anthony were reluctant guests to what Eric called “the polyfoam party”.  None of the contestants wanted to go that route as this material restricted movement and they just didn’t like how it worked.  Unfortunately due to lack of time, polyfoam was their only choice.  Kris’s appliance also ripped terribly, so he had to scramble to repair it as best he could. And Wayne, Wayne, Wayne!!! Once again, he was stuck doing an entire paint job during last looks, in fact, he expected to go home, with a defeated “Oh well…” when their time was up in last looks.

At the elimination, the guest judge was Michael Nankin, supervising producer of Defiance, as well as C.S.I., Caprica and Battlestar Galactica.  Wayne got nailed for his paint job (again) with Glenn commenting that it looked like it was applied with a baseball bat.  They thought the paint made the design look mediocre, but Glenn thought the lips, nose, skull and shoulders were good, and Ve liked the back and found it cohesive.  Michael Nankin liked the bulge on the head.  Anthony’s Liberata/Mutant hybrid got high marks for best morphing of characters, best paint job and was the most complete look.  Michael also said it would work for the show.  Kris got props for the cool vibe and scary, off-putting  look  from Neville and Michael, Ve thought it was a bitchin’ character but wanted more attention to the paint job.  Glenn thought it was anatomically atrocious, and Michael thought the design should have been elevated above a generic mutant.  Eric F.’s creation was to Michael disturbing in the right way, but felt the hybrid of species was not blended enough.  Glenn liked that the character told a story and said Eric made big strives as an artist.  Neville thought it was great and there were elements of sophistication in his work.

Anthony was the winner!  The judges thought he did a great job of creating a hybrid and the makeup had character in the face.  There was a bonus prize too!  Anthony gets a chance to shadow the makeup fx team on the set of Defiance!  How cool is that?!   The next finalist was Kris.  Although they were conflicted about his last makeup, the judges felt the essence of the character came through and he had been a strong competitor all season.  Lastly, Wayne made it to the finale.  They felt his sculpting was the best part of his work, and so it gained him a spot.

I am so sad to see Eric F. go!!  The judges said they saw him evolve on the show and look forward to seeing his work in the future.  I think he is a talented, funny, charismatic dude who will definitely go far.  I also hope he knows that he didn’t let his family down at all and I am positive they are proud of him.  I am proud of him, for the love of Pete!  He showed so much enthusiasm and you could see how much he loves what he does.  And Eric, don’t worry about not winning, because the exposure on the show is money dude!

I will turn off all my phones, close the doors, and shutter the windows to prepare for the finale of Face Off.  I think it’s going to be a nail biter for sure!!

2 comments on “Face Off: Season 4 Episode 10: Alien Love Children

    • I agree! I’m glad he made it as far as he did. I think a lot of fans watched because of him. The judges picked great finalists though. Talented bunch! Thanks for reading!

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