Face Off Season 5: Vets vs. Rookies…Can’t Wait!!

Published August 11, 2013 by vfdpixie

This year has been a challenging one for myself and many of my close friends.  We have all gone through a lot of changes, most of them not so great, and for myself, I have battled with inspiration and direction in my life.  Lately it has reached a point of major distraction.  Moments of complete zoning out, lack of concentration and inspiration has frustrated me to no end.  So I am happy to say that the anticipation for the new season of Face Off has charged a spark in this pixie brain.  Why, you ask?  although I (happily) no longer work in the makeup and fashion industry, I still love the creativity surrounding it.  This may be just another reality competition show for some, but for me it is a dissection of what I live for:  creativity, fantasy and movie magic.

The Face Off 2 hour special was really great as it outlined the theme of Season 5:  Vets vs. Rookies.  We got a look at the past season’s veteran artists returning to go for the gold:

Roy Wooley (Season 3) will not only bring his distinctive cowboy hat with him again, but great creativity and drive.  The judges hope he incorporates subtlety in the large-scale makeups that he is known for.  I just love him because he has a likeable personality and he is really talented.

Miranda Jory (Season 2) fell victim to her nerves and lack of experience her first time on the show.  The judges look forward to seeing what she brings this time with more confidence because they felt she has a great aesthetic.

Tate Steinseik (Season 1) had trouble completing his work as he always went for the huge concepts.  The judges want more subtlety , elegance and simplicity from him this time.

R.J. Haddy (Season 2) had a great personality and it showed through in his work.  He created the memorable Bellhop makeup, and the judges can’t wait to see what he has to offer, although Neville pointed out the need for R.J to get more serious with his work, and leave out some of the whimsy.

Laura Tyler (Season 3) was one of the best makeup artists according to judge Glenn Hetrick, and they all hope she ups her design skills as her time management and executions are well covered.

Eric Zapata (Season 4), comes back due to his win on the Face Off:  Redemption web series.  The mild-mannered (and adorable) artist has another chance to show that he is not a pushover.  I am really glad because I thought he didn’t get a fair shake as he was teamed up with the overbearing Autumn twice and got steamrolled.  The judges are excited to see his evolution since his elimination.

Alana Schiro (Season 3) returns with her enthusiasm and is inspired despite being a tad accident-prone.  the judges hope she shows more focus and improvement in her painting skills.

Finally, we have Frank Ippolito (Season 1), who was known for being a jerk.  When Mr. Westmore called him out for his terrible attitude, he got a reality check and is glad to have a chance to redeem himself.  The judges want him to live up to his promise of a changed attitude.

This is a great line-up of returning artists, but I really wanted to see Eric Fox (Season 4) return too.  He had great ideas and great talent, but perhaps he is happy with what he is doing now.  Along with the “vets” are the returning Face Off team:  the lovely Mckenzie Westmore as host, her father, makeup legend Michael Westmore as mentor, and my favourite judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page.  I loved the segment on how it feels to be critiqued by the judges.  The vets used “firing squad” and “guillotine” to describe the anxiety they felt as they waited for the final verdict.  I can’t even imagine what type of bodily functions they must have to control after a stressful makeup application and time crunches on that podium!  Scary or not, the judges are industry pros who know their stuff and prove it every season.

The sneak peek of Season 5 showed us some amazing makeup and challenges.  I can’t wait for the season premiere Tuesday night, so if any of you know me, I will be unavailable at 9 p.m.  Windows shuttered, phones off the hook, telegraph machine unplugged….soup cans in the recycling….fire out for smoke signals…nobody home but me, my T.V. and Face Off!  Yay!





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