Face Off Season 5 Episode 2: It’s Alive! Future Frankestein

Published August 21, 2013 by vfdpixie

This week, the bottom newbies, Adolfo and Eddie, lick their wounds after the reality check of the first competition.  It was a sobering lesson in what they have to deal with and the amount of pressure they are under.  It was great of Alana to give them a pep talk as she had been in their shoes just a little while ago.

The artists got swept up right away and headed to Universal Studios in Hollywood where they were presented with the Spotlight Challenge.  They had to create a Future Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride.  The winning team’s creations would be featured at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando.  This was yet another team challenge, with Alana, Laney and Laura; Scott, Adolfo and Roy; Eddie, Miranda, and Sam; Frank, Eric and Rick; and R.J., Lyma, and Tate.  They got a special treat as the guest judge was Kevin Grevioux, writer of Underworld and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  He advised them to use technology in their designs but still keep the look of a monster for their creations.

As the artists met minds to make their monsters, we saw who stepped up to the challenge.  Alana, Laney and Laura all seemed to work really well together, especially when their mold broke.  Under pressure, they worked out a solution.  Their concept was based on a monster who builds his bride as a source of energy and can’t live without each other.  They create a great umbrella from a cast of Tate’s hand, since the bride used body parts as accessories.

Scott, Adolfo, and Roy created a concept where the monster is reanimated and he creates his bride.  Adolfo and Scott butt heads, and Mr. Westmore advised them to look at their monster from a different angle since most teams were incorporating an exposed brain.

Eddie, Miranda, and Sam had trouble with finding a concept, and Sam seemed a tad “indifferent” about her contribution.  They hashed out a couple that seek out immortality and unwittingly become part of an immortal army.  They also had problems with their mold as the nose of the appliance broke off.  They ask Frank to help, but Eddie eventually fixed the problem.

Frank, Eric and Rick worked on a monster couple that were created from the D.N.A. taken from their hands.  They seemed to work well with each other, and Rick really went for it with all the mechanical parts.

R.J. Lyma, and Tate had an “after the bomb drops” concept where the monster and his bride were kept alive by the radiation.  They ran into trouble when Lyma’s cowl came out shredded, but they used it as an element in the makeup, and Tate had an issue with Lyma’s painting techniques.

On their last day of the challenge, all the artists raced to get their looks together to present to the judges.  A major oversight was made by Eric during last looks, as he forgot to add bolts to the male monster’s head, a key element in the makeup.

The judges really loved Alana, Laney and Laura’s couple.  As a fashion obsessed pixie, I loved the bride and her gorgeous dress and face.   This was by far my favourite.  It actually looked like it was created for a high fashion editorial.  Kevin Grevioux loved their back story, Glenn thought they made good decisions, and Ve loved the highlight/lowlighting of the makeup.

I felt that Tate’s team’s duo was pretty scary looking, but the overall look of the bride suffered from Lyma’s body painting background.

Roy, Scott, and Adolfo’s couple got pretty good feedback, as the male monster had great articulation with the mechanics, and Kevin liked the bride’s tubing.  I liked the tubing

Miranda, Eddie, and Sam’s looks were pegged as too Borg-like by Kevin, and Ve thought the bride’s hands were a problem.

Eric, Frank and Rick’s duo suffered due to the jawpiece that Ve hated, as well as the forgotten rivets.  Glenn also felt the eye sculpt gave the male monster a confused expression.

The sole top team ended up being Alana, Laney and Laura’s.  The judges felt the look was fun without being silly and the paint scheme was beautiful.  Their team will be featured at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in both Hollywood and Orlando.  Alana was the winner of this week’s challenge for the bride’s beautifully sculpted face.

Eric, Lyma and Sam were in the bottom 3.  Sam was the person who went home this week as the judges felt she didn’t participate enough and what she did contribute was not up to standard. And um, speaking of judges, where the heck was Neville Page?!  I missed him and the dynamic he creates with Ve and Glenn, but we were lucky to have Kevin Grevioux as a guest. Not only is he a talented writer, but he is also a seasoned actor.  Can’t wait to see what he dreams up for us on the big screen the future!

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