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Face Off: Season 5 Episode 3: Mother Goose Whimsy

Published August 28, 2013 by vfdpixie

This Tuesday night, The gang started off with a Foundation Challenge.  Using the movie Insidious as an inspiration, they were to create an original demon, but they had to make their male models into female demons.  The prize for the winning artist?  The director of Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2, James Wan, relayed that info via video message:  a copy of Insidious…AND a trip for two to the red carpet premier of Insidious: Chapter 2.  How cool is that?!  I personally can’t wait for this sequel and I think James Wan is a talented director.

The artists had 2 hours to complete the looks, with most of them using their fears and nightmares as inspiration.  Horns, old age and possession helped them create their demons, with Roy and Rick coming out on top.  Glenn was judging this challenge on his own, and loved Rick’s graphic looking makeup.  He felt Rick made great use of his time.  I loved Rick’s fading paint job on his demon, but Roy won with his vacuform mask that made his male model’s face feminine in a flash.

The next challenge took them to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round where it was rumoured Walt Disney took his daughter and became inspired to create Disneyland.  They had to create a whimsical modern character inspired by Mother Goose stories.  Of course, they had to be in teams, but this time, they got to choose who their partner would  be. Oh yeah, and this would be a double elimination, so yikes!  R.J and Roy, Lyma and Adolfo, Frank and Laura, Tate and Miranda, Alana and Laney, Scott and Eddie, and Rick and Eric all put their heads together to break out the whimsy.

The teams really didn’t have too many issues.  Adolfo and Lyma’s mold wouldn’t open, and Lyma left him in frustration.  I really didn’t like that.  Frustrated or not, you help your teammate.  It was her butt on the line too.  Laura ended up helping him, curbing a panic-stricken moment.

On Elimination Day, I felt like the artists really paid attention to Mr. Westmore’s input yet again to refine their designs.  I keep saying this, but they are so lucky to have such a wonderful mentor!

R.J and Roy chose the Cat and the Fiddle.  I thought it was pure whimsy and they created a really unique design in which the cat was actually the fiddle, and his tail the bow.  The judges really liked it and they thought it was cartoonish.  This team ended up being safe.

Alana and Laney picked Five Toes (3 Little Pigs).  They pulled out the stops and made a pig with a bacon accessories like a bow and bra covering her, um, sagging teats.  I really didn’t like that aspect as it seemed a tad grotesque instead of whimsical, but the judges loved the look.  They felt it had a sense of humour, lots of whimsy, and as Ve noted “gave a new meaning to pulled pork”.  They also loved the eyes, and even though Neville didn’t quite like the white wig (which he felt was too poodle like).  They also thought it was the best work from Alana (who sculpted the face).

Rick and Eric worked on the Crooked Six Pence, or The Crooked Man, which looked scary to me, not really whimsical.  Glenn felt the sculpt was not anatomically correct, and they all agreed it lacked whimsy or fantasy.

Lyma and Adolfo created a Lady Gaga inspired Humpty Dumpty.  It looked really editorial and was beautiful.  The judges thought it looked camera ready and was a beautiful rendition of the storybook character.  Looks like Lyma really paid attention to the judges critiques, but Glenn warned against her use of stencils for paint jobs.

Miranda and Tate did a take on Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.  The character had a pumpkin head with vines and stringy pumpkin guts and seeds hanging everywhere.  The judges also loved this look, stating that it was whimsical, fantastical, and a complete makeup.  They loved the sculpt and paint job.

Scott and Eddie created a Woman in the Moon that I felt was total whimsy.  She was kind of adorable, had bits of different lunar expeditions stuck on her, and it was a fun makeup.  Neville felt her skin didn’t look quite like the moon’s surface.  I think they should have been one of the top looks, but whatever.  They too were safe from elimination.

Laura and Frank took on Little Miss Muffet, and decided to create their own story with a cursed prince turned into a spider.  It was interesting, but the judges thought the sculpting and paint job was not up to par.  They felt it didn’t fit the challenge, missed the fantasy and whimsy, and just didn’t play well.

Rick, Eric, Laura and Frank were all in the bottom.  Rick and Eric ended up going home due to their sculpting.  I wanted to see what Rick had to offer, but maybe he’ll show up again in the future.  I was sad to see Eric go, and I felt that the judges and McKenzie were a little emotional too.  He’s a sweet guy who is told he is too nice (something I hear a lot myself-and it’s not meant as a compliment), and I wish him the best.  I bet everyone there thinks of him as their friend.  The winning team was Miranda and Tate.  Their “killer design” stood out above the rest, and was said to be the best makeup the judges had ever seen.  Miranda won this challenge due to her paint and sculpting skills.  Good for her!  This is her second win, and it’s looking like she’s the one to watch so far.  Can’t wait for next week already!

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