Face Off Season 5 Episode 4: Going Underground

Published September 8, 2013 by vfdpixie

Things are going quite fast on Face Off.  After Laura’s close call at the bottom last week, she took it hard and used it to fuel her to “dig deeper” and do her best.  That koi fish pond Laura sat by was really beautiful and glad to see there was a kitty in the mix at their house!

This week, the remaining 12 artists went to the Glendale Utility Station where they were introduced to their first Individual Spotlight Challenge.  Using the stations abandoned tunnels as inspiration, they were to create a subterranean creature in the tradition of films like The Descent (a pixie fave!), C.H.U.D. and H.G. Well’s The Time Machine.  There was an added twist:  in those tunnels were rooms with different themes:  Sea Life and Kelp, Tentacles and Ink, Toxic Waste and Bones, Chains and Electrical Panels, Broken Door and Hair, and Scratches and Chains.  The artists had to interpret what beasts might have lived in these rooms.  The guest judge was Jordu Schell, concept designer and master sculptor on films like Avatar, Hellboy, and Alien Resurrection.  His advice was to make the creature look believable by paying attention to features that evolved as the creature live underground, i.e., pale skin and no eyes.

Alana created a mermaid creature from the Sea Life and Kelp room.  Her delicate sculpture had a great profile.  Tate chose the same room and created a weird creature that had a neat greenish-neon multiple eye effect that kept him safe from elimination.   Roy found himself in the Tentacles and Ink room, and had an ambitious design of a worm/octopus creature.  His mold was massive and required help from the other guys to life.  After a terrible mishap with the wrong type of foam, he had to scrap the idea and put something together on the fly.  The result was a squid-headed creature with tentacle arms, or “the worst piece he’s ever done”.  He couldn’t defend it during judging, stating ” you can’t polish a turd.”  Roy, I love you!  From the same room, Scott made an octopus/human hybrid which the judges found to be messy with a poor paint job.

Laney created a lady creature with roaches coming out of her skin that came from the Broken Door and Hair room.  It was truly nightmarish and gross and one of my favourites.  From that same inspiration room, Miranda created mole/rat creature.  She was concerned when she realized that R.J. and Laura had similar concepts, but they all came out with different looking creatures.  Miranda’s was a judge favourite, as they thought it was perfectly proportioned and the sculpting of wrinkles was natural and organic.  Frank had an original idea inspired by the Chains and Electrical room.  His was a prisoner who had no eyes and teeth all over his body.  Really creepy looking and it looked organic to me.  The judges found his sculpt and paint job to be really strong, and his design choices were intelligent.   Adolfo had the same room and created a convict who had been electrocuted but survived.  Unfortunately his paint job turn orange.  The judges also felt his sculpt was too mask-like. Eddie and Lyma had the Toxic Waste and Bones room.  Eddie created a creature with mandibles and a military look, and Lyma’s creature had razor-sharp teeth and a great scary look.  They managed to stay safe and move on to next week’s challenge.

Laura came up with a rat lady from the Scratches and Chains room that was really great.  She had a great rat nose that wiggled, and the model really played up the rat-like behaviour.  the judges loved the proportion of her forehead and her large claw-like hands.  I loved how R.J. dissed his own piece.  He said his bat/armadillo creature from the same room looked part Ferengi, part artichoke.  I don’t think it looked that bad, but he ended up being safe.

The top looks came from Frank, Laura, and Miranda.  The final judgement found Miranda in the winner’s seat yet again.  She is just tearing this competition up!  And to be judged and approved by her hero Jordu Schell!   The judges loved the paint job and sculpting, and was just blown away.  Poor Adolfo got eliminated.  His paint job was his demise, but he is determined to carry on with all that he’s learned.  Can’t wait to see what makeup madness is in store next week!

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