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Face Off Season 5 Episode 5: Earthy Mamas!

Published September 12, 2013 by vfdpixie

I loved the opening scene for this episode!  Scott and Roy discuss their close call as the worst looks last week.  Scott made me laugh when he felt there were going to be 2 middle-aged men with heart attacks on elimination day.  Roy took it in stride despite his feeling embarrassed over the whole thing and pledged to get serious in the upcoming weeks.

The gang all convened at the L.A. Arboretum and Botanical Gardens seen in movies like Jurassic Park, and Tarzan.  The Spotlight Challenge this week was to create a Mother Nature goddess and incorporate features that represented the contestants’ mothers.  The special guest this week was Anthony Kosar, winner of last season’s Face Off!  It was so good to see him and he gave them great advice.  He  told them to make sure their designs had feminine features, that were subtle, soft and elegant.

Alana went for a big hair feature as her mother was all about her hair (big surprise!).  She created a gorgeous giant flower headpiece with a subtle colour palette.  Eddie incorporated thorns to create a warrior goddess that represented his mother’s strength.  I personally did not love this creation.  I thought it was too bulky looking and not refined.  The judges thought it looked like a big rubber suit and that he didn’t execute a beauty makeup.

Laura really showed her confidence in her choices this week.  She used roses, music and Buddhism to represent her mom, and came up with a beautiful colour palette and sculpt that was pretty breathtaking.  the judges were floored by how beautiful it was, and her “sublime palette” inspired Neville!  Miranda also created a gorgeous leaf inspired goddess that had another great colour scheme.

Lyma came out of her shell this time around.  She created an interesting concept because she really bonded with her mom when she was pregnant.  She made a see-through pregnant belly with a rabbit in it and a huge hair piece with branches.  It was really beautiful and the judges really felt it was a bold design choice that really paid off.  Roy also impressed them with his tree goddess.  They thought he made smart decisions and that it was a balanced and elegant design.

Laney and Frank had their own individual struggles this episode.  Laney’s mannequin broke in the mold.  The head was torn off by Tate who was lending a hand, so he had to fix it on the fly.  Then her costume was not exactly what she wanted.  Then her model felt ill with all the paint spraying, but her butterfly design looked great in the end.  And poor Frank!  I really felt for him, as he was dealing with the recent death of his father, and his ailing mother.  It proved to be too much for him as he couldn’t focus, but he created a simple and effective design with some nice colour choices and a good sculpt.  On a personal note, I understand the pain he is going through and wish him the best.

Tate came up with a doe-eyed goddess because his mother raises deer.  It was a tad odd-looking and not really my taste, but he ended up being safe.  R.J. really screwed himself this week.  Because he had created an earth goddess for the show in a previous season, he went completely opposite to the challenge, which is ALWAYS a bad idea.  Always.  Every time!!  He used his quirk to create a 60’s inspired beehive goddess that the judges hated.  Words like “unnerving”, “curiosity” and “total failure” were bandied about as they looked at his design.  Oy vey R.J.!  Scott also came up short with his wood and farm inspired goddess.  It was all orangey-red and the judges did not like the chest plate.  They thought it had more of a horror look.

The top looks came from Roy, Laura and Lyma.  The judges loved Roy’s colour palette and overall balance of his smart design.  They felt Laura seamlessly blended colours and her makeup was stunning.  Lyma impressed them with her bold choices, and I am glad she finally made it to top looks this week.  I think she just needs to keep making smarter choices and her position this week will boost her confidence.  Laura ended up with the win, which I thought was well deserved.

Bottom looks came from Eddie, Scott and R.J.  Eddie just went for too much and he didn’t give them a beauty makeup.  Scott’s design wasn’t feminine enough for the judges and they felt he didn’t have experience with beauty makeup…and R.J.?  Well, they said he dismissed the core elements of the challenge, so of course, he was the person to leave.  I think we all know that he is talented, and I admire him for thinking outside of the box.  He will definitely go far!

This was my favourite challenge so far, and I would like to note  that I really like the maturity of the artists this season.   Age means nothing when looking for this character trait, and it’s nice to see that they all have a great camaraderie, decency and friendship while they compete.  It gives the show a totally different vibe this time around, and I am relieved that there aren’t any major squabbles…well, so far.  There are a few episodes to come, so we just have to wait and see!

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