Face Off: Season 5 Episode 6: Everyday is Halloween!

Published September 19, 2013 by vfdpixie

The gang was sad to see R.J. go home last week.  Roy and Laura took stock of the last people to leave and noticed that the vets are dwindling in numbers as the newbies’ talent blossoms…in Roy’s words, “Not a dud in the bunch”.  The competition is really heating up!

This Foundation Challenge, each artist had a box at their station with a set of teeth inside.  These teeth were the only basis for the artists’ creations.   This would also be an immunity challenge.  Their judge for this challenge was Valli O’Reilly, makeup designer on films like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Her advice was to keep the designs human and not “cartoony”.  I thought they all did great jobs, with Miranda’s prisoner, Tate’s gunslinger, and Roy’s reptile man standing out.  I also liked Frank’s space virus astronaut.  Valli chose Roy’s as the winning design because of the human element.  He created a great concept using fishnets to create scales for a reptilian look.

On to the Spotlight Challenge where it was a Halloween theme (but isn’t every challenge Halloween on Face Off?!).  The group was ecstatic as they chose from classic Halloween costumes of the Devil, Scarecrow, Skeleton, Vampire, and Clown and reimagined them as creatures of the night with a surprise element to the design.  Roy and Alana chose the Devil.  Roy had immunity, but that didn’t stop him from trying.  His design incorporated a gorgeous orange and black colour scheme with huge bat-like wings.  The judges loved his non-traditional colour palette, paint job and sculpt.  Alana went for a more albino, pale demon with a ram’s face.  It didn’t quite turn out as she expected, with the face looking more rabbit-like.  The judges felt her concept was not communicated with her execution, and Glenn thought it was “uninspired and inadequate”.  Ouch!

Frank and Eddie picked the Scarecrow.  Eddie used a bleeding chest with his design, and Frank added glowing eyes.  They were decent takes on a classic, and they ended up being safe.

Tate and Miranda worked on a Skeleton costume.  Tate had an original story of a corpse coming out of the grave; the shepherd of spirits.  The judges loved his visual storytelling, rotting flesh detail, and how creepy it was.  His trick element was a beating heart.  Miranda did a Day of the Dead inspired look.  She had trouble with designing a concept, but in the end, she pleased the judges with a costume that looked great up close.

Lyma and Laura got the Vampire.  Laura’s vampire was pretty gruesome looking and spouted blood from a wound on his arm. She was safe from elimination with this week’s design.  Lyma created a man/bat vampire with glowing eyes.  The judges didn’t like the eyes, the form of the head, and they felt it needed more sculpt and paint detail.

Scott and Laney both had the Clown.  Laney used real cotton candy for the hair, and even though it melted, the judges loved the powerful graphic look and character choices.  It was really creepy looking for sure.  Scott’s idea incorporated a serial killer clown with rivets in his cheeks.  The judges thought it was a lopsided sculpt, and it looked thrown together, although they liked the rivets in the cheek.

Top looks went to Tate, Laney, and Roy.  Tate won this challenge as the judges thought he made smart artistic decisions.  Bottom looks were Scott, Lyma, and Alana.  Lyma was the one to go home this week.  They didn’t like the anatomical inaccuracy of her design.  Neville felt she would go far though.  So do I, and I am sad to see her go.  I wanted to see how she would blossom, as she took each week’s critiques to heart and really listened.  The pressure is on for the remaining artists and I wish them luck!

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