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Face Off: Season 5 Episode 8-“Cosmic Circus”

Published October 2, 2013 by vfdpixie

What a great episode this week!  The remaining artists got a really interesting Spotlight Challenge:  they had to create a dark and sexy alien circus performer.  Their inspiration?  Cirque Berzerk, a dark, sexy and punk rock reinvention of the circus based in L.A.  The artistic director and co-founder, Suzanne Bernel, was there to guide them with their intergalactic circus troupe designs.  The artists also got to use members of Cirque Berserk as their models.  Suzanne stressed that the models had to be able to move in the makeups, and the appliances had to endure the rigorous performances.  This was a team challenge, so Laura & Roy, Eddie & Miranda, Laney & Alana, and Frank & Tate paired up to start their creations.

Laura and Roy came up with an alien creature tamer with a parasite host.  When Mr. Westmore did his rounds, he noticed the face was not sexy.  Laura took heed of what he said and had to rethink her design.  Roy did his fair share with the mechanism for the insect prop.  I thought the head sculpt was beautiful, but the judges felt the insect idea was a waste.  Glenn thought it would have worked better if it was on the model’s back, and Ve didn’t like the amount of blue used in the paint job.

Eddie and Miranda created a galactic contortionist that was a space siren.  Early on in the sculpting phase, Frank pointed out that the head looked a lot like the Angel of Death from Hellboy 2.  Miranda and Eddie made an executive decision to change the design and it paid off.  I thought the sculpting was beautiful, and so did the judges.  They felt it was really symmetrical, with Neville pointing out how well the head shape flowed even though they each did a side.  Ve thought it needed to be more feminine and sexy (which I agreed with), but overall they thought she had an alien beauty.

Frank and Tate designed an alien from a tribe on one of the moons of Neptune.  This alien discovers punk music and becomes an alien punk contortionist.  The judges felt they guys gave a clean execution of the head sculpt and paint, even though Neville felt the design from the neck down was “muddy”.

Alana and Laney dreamed up an alien ring master who was a space womanizer.  Unfortunately early on in the concept design, the ladies could not agree.  They ended up scrapping the cowl that Laney created, and Laney felt Alana didn’t trust her. For the rest of this challenge, they were at odds with each other and you could see the worry on their faces.  Rightfully so, because even though the makeup was colourful, the judges felt the look fell short.  They didn’t like the scales and they thought it looked goofy, and not alien, dark or sexy at all.  The only saving grace was the nose that Glenn sort of liked.

All the looks performed well.  Nothing fell apart as the Cirque Berzerk did an incredible performance for the artist and judges.  I would love to see the entire show, and I hope they come to Toronto in the future.  The bottom looks were created by Laura & Roy and Alana & Laney.  The judges thought Laura and Roy’s makeup had a boring palette and they exhibited poor self editing.  Alana and Laney suffered with missed “opportunities” and there was nary a sexy alien in sight with their character.  The top look came from Eddie and Miranda.   Eddie did a great job blending with Miranda’s beautiful sculpt, and the paint job helped accentuate it.  Miranda won with her brilliant application.  It’s her 4th win, and it was well deserved.  Unfortunately, Alana was chosen to go home.  The judges didn’t like the face sculpt she did, but Neville pointed out that she had hunger and passion and would do well.  Laney was extremely upset which was a huge contrast to how she was feeling at the beginning of this episode.  She was pleased that she had been in the top looks until now, and I think she felt partially responsible for Alana’s elimination.  In a one hour show, we sometimes forget how stressful it is to create such intricate designs on demand in such a short amount of time.  It’s difficult to know if you’ve made the right decision and this is a prime example of uncertainty under pressure.  And the pressure will build in the upcoming weeks as we near the finale!

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival Is Almost Here!

Published October 2, 2013 by vfdpixie

The 8th annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival countdown has begun!  The movie line up has been announced, and we are a couple of weeks away!! 19 great films selected and screened on theme nights for crazy horror fans like myself, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve got my all-access pass, and plan to see as many films as I can this year, but here are some of my top picks:

I am really excited for the Opening Night’s film We Are What We Are, directed by Jim Mickle.  I’ve seen the original 2010 Mexican film about a gruesome family secret, and can’t wait to see Mickle’s interpretation.  Director of Stakeland and Mulberry Street, I think he is smart and has a great eye, so I am over the moon that I get to see his latest contribution at my favourite film festival!

Eega, an entry from India, is another film I’m looking forward to.  As a diehard fan of Bollywood films, this looks like a cool sci-fi man vs. fly addition to the line up on Bug Night.  I also can’t wait to see the Zombie Appreciation Night films, Stalled and The Battery, and check out all the zombies in attendance.  I don’t think this festival would be complete without Stephen McHattie, who co-stars in  the sewage filled Septic Man, one of the features on Gross-Out Night.  He is Canadian horror royalty in my eyes, and I hope he makes it out to the screening.

The Canadian short films that will be screened before each feature are always a treat and bring new directors to the spotlight.  Add the Shorts After Dark screening, where short films from around the world will be showcased, and you have the inside scoop on up and coming talent.

If you are looking for a great festival with unique genre films, Toronto After Dark Film Festival should be at the top of your list.  And now with the Scotiabank Theatre as the new venue, it will be hard to stay away with the great seating and central location.

Check out the full line up here, along with Toronto After Dark Film Festival trailers, ticket prices and general info for this year.

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