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Face Off: Season 5 Episode 12-Bye Bye Birdy!

Published October 31, 2013 by vfdpixie

As the artists look back on the last episode, Roy felt the judges were harsh.  He really wanted to make it to the finale.

For their last Spotlight Challenge, they went to the Burbank Airport where they were met by McKenzie and animal specialist Dave Salmoni.  They had to create a human bird hybrid from one of the birds Dave brought for them to study.  They were all beautiful and unique, and the artists were fascinated by them.

Laura picked the Umbrella Cockatoo.  She decided to create an aging, molting bird/human because these birds tend to live a long time.  She created a lot of work for herself with a separate cowl, face and feet sculpts, as well as making giant feathers, but she managed to finish everything so she could concentrate on the details during last looks.  Aside from the big fuzzy suit, the judges loved the character of the face.  They felt she captured the essence of the human hybrid.  She was the only one the incorporated flesh tones and they thought she was an intelligent designer.

Tate worked with the Egyptian Vulture.  He created a mummy-like body and with the suggestion of Mr. Westmore, a moveable beak.  His sculpt was huge and he wondered if he had gone too big.  Overcoming a slightly big head piece, he ended up creating a great makeup.  I loved this look, and the judges pointed out all the detailed paint work.  They thought it had a great profile, with a theatrical approach and it was an intelligent design.

Roy went for the Blue-throated Macaw.  He decided on a military surveillance bird.  His design was so big, that it toppled over when he was molding it.  He managed to salvage and patch it up.  He was really determined to finish.  The judges hated some black lines on the face, but they loved all the fabrications and recognized the huge amount of work he did.

Miranda picked the Silvery Cheeked Hornbill.  She really wanted to work on her time management and to redeem herself, but once again, she fell behind.  Spending too much time on her face sculpt left her little time to do anything else for the look.  The judges loved her sculpt, but felt the monotone paint job was too basic and the rest of the makeup looked slapped on.

When it came down to the wire, the judges picked well.  Tate was the winner of this final challenge and the first to go to the finale.  They loved his conceptualization and high caliber of work.  Laura was the second to make it due to her aging decision with the makeup.  The third person going to the finale was Roy!  He said he was going to make it and he did!  They like the overall form of his piece and the huge amount of work he did in such a short amount of time.

Sadly, Miranda had to go home.  The judges know what a beautiful sculptor she is but thought she played it safe.  She was grateful for the chance to be on the show again, and would take away a lot with what she learned.  I know with all her talent that she will do really, really well!  And so we’re off to the finale next week!

Face Off Season 5 Episode 11-Dark Elves

Published October 31, 2013 by vfdpixie

The numbers are dwindling!  Roy and Laura were sad that Eddie was gone, and they missed his smile and positive attitude.  Laney told Tate that she wasn’t having fun anymore and was homesick, but she wanted to focus and get on with the competition.

The 5 artists met at Kenneth Hahn State Park where they found their next challenge.  They faced giant stone structures with runic symbols on them.  Vikings believed that runes granted them special powers in battle.  They had to create a dark elf warrior from Norse mythology that had to embody the symbol’s attributes.  The catch was that they would find out the symbol’s meaning only after they chose one.

Laney chose the rune Eihwaz which represented Immortality.  She had trouble getting into this challenge.  She wasn’t into it and broke down in tears.  After an attempt by Tate, Roy finally gave her a pep talk and got her back to work.  The other artists plugged along with their own work, but were really worried about her.  She got through the first day of the challenge, but on day 2, they found a note letting them know that she had gone home.  How crazy is that?  She must have really been feeling the pressure, and she did say she missed her family.  I hope she continues with her talent.  The others were sad to see her go, but they have a job to do and a competition to win.

Tate’s rune Berkano represented Regeneration.  His created a queen of the dark elves who sought out choice elves to reproduce with.  He found it difficult to carry on with Laney’s work sitting conspicuously, like, as he described it, a headstone.  He carried on though, to create something the judges loved.  From her helmet design that blended into her face to the flaky skin and red and silver colour scheme, he went further with the character that showed as a sexy, strong dark warrior elf.

Laura pick Perthro which meant Occult Abilities.  She was all over this challenge as she has studied elves extensively and had a good knowledge of them.  She designed a warrior with runes scarred into her skin.  By the end of day 1 she felt she may have gone too traditional, but powered on to create a look that the judges loved.  Instead of scarring which didn’t pan out in her design phase, she painted on tribal swirls all over the model’s skin.  They thought it was subtle and pretty, and thought the concept was beautifully done.  There was an intelligence behind her choices.

Miranda got Thurisaz, or Chaos.  She went with a more Mayan look, since the symbol had that feel.  Once again she was unsure of her work and that put her behind.  She ended up getting her model to help her finish the makeup, but that didn’t help.  The unfinished paint job, along with the bad ear design, got her a place on the bottom.  The judges thought it was an atrocity and one of the worst examples of bad time management.  Miranda knew that it was bad, and called it the worst makeup she has ever, ever done, and “a disaster”.

Roy picked Laguz which meant Psychic Powers.  He created a character with a large head to represent his abilities.  The judges thought it was “dullsville”.  The proportions were wrong, which made him look like a creature instead of an elf.  They also mentioned that while they appreciated the paint job, it was too far from this challenge’s concept.

Top looks went to Tate and Laura.  They loved how Tate incorporated his rune and took the design to another level. They thought the shapes in the armour and the story was impactful.  Laura impressed them with her well thought out design and edge work.  Roy and Miranda were in the bottom.  They thought that Roy’s proportions and sculpt was way off, and Miranda’s contribution this week was just an “atrocity”.

The judges had a tough decision to make this week.  Due to Laney’s sudden departure, they had to decide whether to get rid of one of the bottom artists, as they thought it would be unfair to keep someone with obviously substandard work.  In the end, they didn’t eliminate anyone!

It was unfortunate that Laney left, but I think once she regroups, she will definitely find work and do well in the future.  It’s now down to 4 vets in a race to the finale!

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