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Face Off Season 6 Episode 1: Beauty’s Beast

Published January 15, 2014 by vfdpixie

Face Off is back for its sixth season, and as resident and radiant host McKenzie Westmore announced, it will be the “Season of Extremes”.  There was no time wasted as things ramped up for first Foundation Challenge.  The contestants:  Cat and Niko (who are in a relationship-a Face Off first!), Chloe, Rashaad, Daran, Daniel, Tess, Tanner, Bethany, George, Matt, Margaret, Corrine, Tyler and Graham all greeted each other and headed to a runway where there were 15 models wearing elaborate and huge wigs.  The artists had to create an extreme character that represented themselves as an artist.  The winner would be granted immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.  Their guest for the 2 hour challenge was Tami Lane, Oscar-winning artist who worked on films like  The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey.  Her advice was to create good makeup to complement the hair so that the look would be cohesive.  Her favourites were Bethany’s Fairest Lady which was a balance of beauty and grotesque, and George’s golden queen for the use of prosthetics and colour choices.  George won, gaining immunity.

For the Spotlight Challenge, they all went to the Hollywood Castle where they met with 7 Belles and pictures of castles.  The artists had to create a Beast that matched not only the Belle, but the style of castle.  To give them advice was director and writer of The Mummy films and G.I Joe, Stephen Sommers.  He wanted to see a scary but sexy beast that Belle would want to kiss.

Paired up in teams, the artists headed to the lab, and after the initial glee of seeing all their supplies and workspace, got to work. Of course there were the first day jitters and stuck molds, as it to be expected with this show.  it was nice to see not too much drama on the first major challenge.  Let’s hope that continues, but I doubt it.  Stephen Sommers joined them once again to judge the final looks on Elimination Day.

Tess and Niko went for a dragon based beast.  When Mr. Westmore came around to check out their work, he cautioned them to make the scales large so they would show up and there would be areas to create shading.  The judges liked the head shape and they ended up being safe.

Tyler and Bethany created a beast who was a human sacrifice.  They incorporated elements of their castle (Taj Mahal) on the beasts head, and used red and a sky blue for colour.  Sorry, but I thought it looked like a booby head.  Boobs all over the beast’s head.  The judges didn’t like because it wasn’t huge, scary, terrifying or sexy.  I believe they used words like “mousey”, “teddy bear” and “a cat with blueberry ice cream on its head”.  They were one of the bottom looks.

Cat and Daniel decided on a more refined looking beast that had a partially human face.  After a slightly rocky start (I detected a bit of attitude on Daniel’s part), they worked well together.  The judges thought their beast looked a touch too horror with the blood defining the monster/human face.  I thought it matched their Belle, and they were safe.

Daran, Graham and George worked on a beast who was trapped in a castle with a 100 year curse.  The longer he stayed, the more he transformed into a castle.  This was a great design.  I thought the back of the beast’s head had great detail.  Glenn liked how the chest flowed into the wardrobe which implied bulk without being actually bulky.  They also liked the sculpt and back story.  They were in the top two.

Corrine and Tanner created an Abominable Snowman type beast.  Mr. Westmore advised them to use ice to signify where he was from.  The judges felt the ears were problematic and Neville felt the nose sculpt made it look diseased.  They were safe despite the errors.

Matt and Margaret had an alien concept that I personally hated.  I thought there was no dimension in the paint job and no real texture.  The judges thought the shape of the head was weird, not sexy, and Stephen thought the lips would not be kissable.  Glenn just said it was “beyond unacceptable”.  Yikes!  They too were in the bottom.

Finally, Rashaad and Chloe went for a lizard type beast.  It was really beautiful and had such amazing detail.  Although Rashaad did the body and Chloe sculpted the face, it was really cohesive.  The judges loved the detail and thought it looked really professional.  Glenn said it was “stellar”, and Stephen said it was scary but kids would like it as a toy.  They all felt it was the most complex and complete makeup for the first week ever on the show.

The winning team was Rashaad and Chloe.  With their beautiful work, they impressed the judges and proved their talent.  Chloe won the challenge for her incredible face sculpt. The bottom team was Matt and Margaret.  Margaret was chose to go home because her face didn’t make sense sculpturally or anatomically.  They told her to hold her head up high, since her sculpt would have made it through to the next week in a previous season (whatever that means).

So we are off to another whirlwind season, and this one involves international travel and what seems to be a lot of surprises and challenge twists!  Can’t wait!

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