Face Off Season 6 Episode 4: Guitars Rock!

Published February 5, 2014 by vfdpixie

Niko and Tess chat about the last elimination.  Tess felt off her game and second guessed everything she did.  That will surely be a problem if it continues for her.

The 12 remaining artists got to do a great Foundation Challenge this episode.  McKenzie and  former Face Off judge Patrick Tatopoulos, whom I love because his voice is so dreamy, greeted them along with some really cool motorcycles, each with a different look.  As the resident bike specialist, Patrick was there to advise them on the challenge at hand:  choose a bike and create a bad ass character that would ride it.  He told them to use the bikes as clues to the rider’s world, and be mindful of colours, shape and details to make the character memorable.

My favourite was Tyler’s.  He chose a large, 3 wheeled bike that reminded him of a train.  He created a creepy conductor that had a ticket to hell.  Tanner created a dark, well painted sexy alien character, and Daran worked on a post-apocalyptic tribal queen.  Patrick loved all the concepts, but chose Daran’s as the winner.  His choice of colour and character worked with the bike, so Daran won immunity.

For the Spotlight Challenge, the gang was presented with a selection of electric guitars.  Judge Glenn Hetrick was there to present this challenge.  He told them in Rock and Roll, the best players became one with their guitar.  He had created a custom guitar for Lady Gaga, and being a musician himself, would have good knowledge of that.  The artists had to work in teams and create an extreme rock star character that was literally fused to their guitar.  Glenn wanted to see cleverness of integration with their models, as well as incorporating the shape, colour and personality into the design.  And this time, they got to choose their own partners.

Tess and Matt were the only ones left after the choice of partners, so they obviously worked together.  Their concept was the create a rockabilly goat rocker.  Tess had an anxiety attack after Mr. Westmore critiqued their design, saying it looked more like cat and not a goat.  Matt seemed uninterested in her issues at first, but he had to plug along while Tess had her moment.  It’s understandable to crack a little under that type of pressure.  During last looks, Tess worried that their design was too simple, and ran into trouble with the guitar neck horns which were a popsicle stick away from falling off.  The judges liked the paint job on the arms, but that was about it.  They thought the design was not complex or clever enough, and after the horns fell off during their inspection, they also noted that the makeup would not last through a day of shooting.  Glenn said it was goofy and an excuse to not to do something really good.  They were in the bottom looks.

Cat and Niko, resident real life couple, created a demonic punk rocker with their guitar.  They decided to go with a large, one piece head and chest mold.  It was super heavy, and it locked, but they got it open and  carried on with their work.  It was the biggest thing they had ever worked on together.  The judges though it looked like just a demon, but when the model turned around, the back was cool, looking like the neck, string and frets of a guitar.  They were impressed with the surprise element and that kept Cat and Niko safe.

George and Daran’s creation was truly unique.  Daran’s idea of creating a face where the model’s neck was really daring, and they took that risk.  They went for a heavy metal goddess, but because the guitar they chose was clear, they went with the elements of the guitar instead of going literal.  They used blue l.e.d. lights in the eyes and chest, and a clear, globe-like head-piece.  I liked the colour palette and thought it was weird and different.  The judges were fascinated with the concept, and they thought it had a unique aesthetic , and was a beautiful piece.  They were in the top looks.

Chloe and Tanner created a red and black sexy rocker, the “Queen of shredding”.  They V-shaped guitar gave them the idea for a V-shaped mohawk.  Chloe and Tanner worked well together, and they were both confident with their makeup.  Unfortunately, the judges had other ideas.  They thought it was a striking image, but the idea, not the execution, was good.  Her head was too small and the face too angular, red, boxy and busy.  The seams were also poorly done and they felt that the sculpt was over done.  Chloe muttered that she didn’t see that coming, and they ending up in the bottom looks.

My dream team Rashaad and Tyler created a character that wanted to join a band so he sold his soul to the devil and turned into a guitar.  They had a great idea that involved a clear chest piece to reveal the workings of a guitar.  Glenn loved the aesthetic of this makeup and they all thought the paint job and sculpt was beautiful.  Overall, they thought the integration was the best and that the guys replicated the guitar well.  They were in the top looks.

Corrine and Graham chose a paisley guitar and went for a hippie character.  Graham was worried the paisley design would look messy, but it ended up working out really well.  I thought this was another unique design and really looked the part.  This was a good example of whimsical but still staying true to the challenge.  Ve thought it was “bitchin'”, and the were safe for another week.

Out of the top looks, Daran and George won as a team.  They judges thought they blended so many different elements in one makeup was unfathomable and the design was unlike anything they have ever seen.  Daran won the challenge, even though he had immunity.  I guess that comfort let him really harness his creativity.

Out of the bottom looks, Tess and Matt suffered.  The judges thought the rockabilly goat lacked complexity and the concept was a mismatch for the challenge.  Since it was Tess that came up with the concept, she went home.  She said she learned to be more confident, which will help her in the future.

I’m curious what is up next!  So far, the challenges have all been really interesting, so I hope they keep it up for next week!

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