Face Off Season 6 Episode 5: Shadow Demons

Published February 13, 2014 by vfdpixie

Some of the artists, like Rashaad, were starting to feel homesick.  What fueled his will to go on was his family.  Although he has not won a challenge, he has been in top looks 3 times.  The “bridesmaid” status motivated him to keep going for a win.

This episode took them to a creepy warehouse.  McKenzie introduced the artists to the concept of not being scared by the obvious, but something creeping in the shadows, building fear in the audience.  For the Spotlight Challenge,  McKenzie and writer, director and producer Oren Peli of films like InsidiousThe Lords of Salem, and the creator of Paranormal Activity presented the artists with large creepy silhouettes.  They had to pick one and create supernatural entity that casts the shadow.  Oren’s advice to them was to create a full head to toe design that invoked fear.

Rashaad created a seductive female fawn that causes mischief.  He was ahead of the game as usual, and put in a lot of work sculpting her horns with Styrofoam.  The outcome was a cohesive makeup that looked more pretty than scary to me.  The judges liked it enough to pass him through to next week.

Tanner’s design was a demon whose horns curved around and grew through his chest.  While the idea was cool, it ultimately didn’t quite work.  He used plastic cups to create the horns, and they proved to be too heavy.  He also wrapped his model with cling wrap rather than doing a body paint.  On the reveal stage, the horns didn’t connect to the model’s back, and the cling wrap started to rip.  It was, unfortunately, a hot mess.  Mr. Westmore had also warned him to be careful of the face as it looked too cute.  The judges noticed this, as well as Oren noticing it was not camera ready.  He ended up in the bottom looks.

Matt created an Angel of Death that collected souls.  I thought it was a mixture of good and bad.  To me, the face looked slightly amateurish, but the body makeup looked grotesque and scary.  Maybe I just don’t like his aesthetic, but I’m not sure about this guy.  He needs to start kicking ass, but he was safe this week.

Graham made a Bogey Man with bug parts, since he hated cockroaches.  He created an intricate face sculpt with many legs around the mouth.  It was pretty gross and creepy, in fact Ve called it “creepylicious”.  Glenn loved the face sculpt; Ve loved the chest piece and the way it transitioned into the sternum; Neville thought it was very off-putting and Oren thought it was a cool, creepy design.  He was in top looks.

Cat worked on a bug-like creature with preying mantis hands.  After her hand sculpt ended up being too much work, she scrapped it and did what she could to finish the makeup.  The paint job looked sloppy to the judges, and the overall look was more alien than supernatural.  Oren felt the head looked mask-like and not scary, while Glenn pointed out that he’d seen her do better.  She was in bottom looks.

George’s demon matched the shadow really well. I though it was dramatic and had a Hellraiser look.  He didn’t run into any problems, and the judges seemed to like his design because he was safe.

Daran made a weird demon thingy with a mouth in its hump back.  It looked creepy but the judges thought it looked like a diseased homeless man.  They also thought it wasn’t supernatural enough and that the idea was too abstract which made it overly simplistic and complex at the same time.  I’m going to say it since the judges were probably edited for T.V.  The mouth looked like lady parts.  There.  Had to be said.  Anyway, he was in the bottom.

Corrine created a goblin.  She was doing well until her mold locked.  She had to walk away and regroup to a plan B which involve a killer paint job because she knew that the makeup would not be as prosthetic driven like the others.  Her strategy paid off because the judges loved the paint job and the character.  Neville said it was a beautiful, subtle makeup and Glenn felt she nailed the supernatural entity and fulfilled the challenge accurately.  She was in top looks.

Chloe went with a demon that collected human skins and wore them to reclaim the person it once was.  She also had a smooth go of it, and I liked the cow skull face.  It looked really pagan to me and creepy.  The judges liked it too because she was safe.

Niko designed a minotaur.  He went big and this time it paid off.  The judges liked the paint job as well as the fact that he didn’t use the actor’s eyes, using fake ones that were seamless.  They also thought it matched the shadow and to Oren, it was one of the scariest of all the makeups.  He was in the top looks.

Tyler created a weird creature with egg sacs on the back.  He made them clear so you could see baby scorpions inside.  I liked this one and I thought the mouth was disgusting.  Tyler was also safe this time around.

Out of the top looks, the judges loved that Corrine created a beautiful, believable makeup.  They thought Graham’s cockroach inspired creature was something they’d never seen before, and Niko’s minotaur was big but proportionate and scary.  In the end, Niko won for his big and imposing attempt.

In bottom looks, they did not like Cat’s sloppy paint job and that her design lack the supernatural quality, Daran’s weird back mouth that was unfinished because of the paint, and Tyler’s horny hot mess.  Tyler was the one to go home.  They loved his great attitude and felt with his raw talent that he would go far.

I must have a mini rant.  How is it that Rashaad and Tyler keep getting passed over?  At least Tyler won the dragon challenge, but I think Rashaad has shown he has incredible talent.  They both have a quiet confidence that is centred and far from obnoxious.  They both do a lot of work in very little time and their looks are always complete.  From what I see, they both have a great rapport with everyone and do consistently great work.  I want to see more of Rashaad and Tyler winning.  Hope this happens next week!

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