Face Off Season 6 Episode 6: Orcs and Creepy Cryptids!

Published February 20, 2014 by vfdpixie

This episode, Cat congratulated her sweetheart Niko on his win.  She was worried about being on the bottom and wanted to prove that she had what it took to succeed in this competition.

For the next Foundation Challenge for immunity, the gang had to create a lead Orc and 9 of its warriors.  I love Orcs!  They are nasty, short-tempered and lots of scary fun.  BAFTA and Emmy award-winning makeup artist Howard Berger was the guest judge and he wanted to see great detail, attention to design, application and to make sure that the orcs were nasty looking.

In teams of two the artists got to work.  Chloe and George, Matt and Corrine, Graham and Tyler, Rashaad and Cat, and Niko and Daran all worked quickly to get their orcs finished.  Berger really like what Chloe and George did, as well as Matt and Corrine.  In the end, he chose Matt and Corrine as the top team because he thought they worked well together and the looks were film ready.  Corrine won immunity because of her paint scheme which lead the way for the entire concept.  After, the Orc clans charged the lot of them!

For the Spotlight Challenge, mysterious creatures, or cryptids, like Big Foot and the Loch Ness were the topic.  Once again in teams of 2, the artists had to choose location coordinates where a cryptid has been sighted, and bring it to life.  Their guest judge for this challenge was Doug Jones, creature actor extraordinaire! With films like Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth under his belt, his advice was to make sure the makeup was organic, felt natural, and easy to move and perform in.

Graham and Rashaad picked Australia’s Bunyip.  With tusks, feathers, flippers and a man’s body, they had a mixed bag of parts to work with.  They worked well together and did well with their time.  Doug thought that the concept worked.  With so many elements, the judges thought it came together cohesively and they exhibited great sculpting, as well as a great paint job and profile.  Glenn liked that they chose their elements well, calling it a “cool exercise in picking and choosing everything”.   They also liked the creature’s multiple rows of teeth and this put them in the top looks.

George and Niko picked Russia’s Vodyanoy.  With frog-like features and a fish body, the guys went aquatic all the way.  They scrambled to finish, battling a tough mold that everyone helped them open.  I still think this is one of the best bunch of artists for courtesy and good nature.  The guys incorporated Barracuda teeth for a cool, vintage looking creature.  The judges liked that there were details that had a reason, like the finned forearms.  Doug liked how the fins were consistent and the whole makeup looked balanced, and they all loved the “gorgeous” shapes on the head.

Chloe and Tyler created my favourite creature.  Hailing from the Amazon, the Mapinguari is an ape-like creature with one eye, red fur, and, wait for it, a mouth in its stomach.  Tyler had some fun and took a picture of Rashaad’s tongue for reference.  They really went for it and created something cool!  Glenn said he wanted to see Captain Kirk fight this monster.  He was so right!  This makeup also had a vintage feel that just worked.  The judges liked that they took ridiculous elements and made them believable. Doug loved the mouth and though it would perform well and Neville liked that the creature’s nipples implied eyes in relation to the stomach mouth.  Ve liked that the fun fur was matted, and they all loved the paint job in the mouth and tongue, in fact, Glenn thought it was the best ever paint job period.  They were in the top looks.

Daran and Cat worked on Mexico’s Chupacabra.  This dog-like creature has a snake tongue and leathery skin.  This paring was a mistake.  From the get-go, they had problems seeing eye-to-eye.  Cat had trouble getting her point across as Daran basically ignored her input and treated her like his assistant.  I had a little crush on him, but now he’s out in my books. He was borderline offensive, and Cat regretted not speaking up more.  Their makeup was not so great.  The judges thought it was sloppy and the spine was off-center.  The proportions were off, and the facial structure looked bad.  Doug also said there was limited mobility for the actor, and Glenn thought it was profoundly uninteresting and not creative. They were in the bottom looks.

Corrine and Matt got New Jersey’s Jersey Devil.  I’m not sure what happened, but it seemed like Corrine took it easy because she had immunity.  I think it was unintentional sabotage as Matt isn’t the strongest artist in the bunch.  He had trouble sculpting the animal features of the dog-like, part-man, part-kangaroo, winged creature.  She ended up taking over the sculpting, and while Matt wanted to do more with the makeup, Corrine decided to go more minimal, but she did manage to make a large set of fabric wings.  She hoped they would be safe, but the judges were not pleased with the results.  They thought there was too little done compared to the other designs, and that the wings looked like drapery, creating an unscary,”curtain winged demon”.  It also didn’t read dog-like to them.  They found themselves in the bottom looks.

The winning team was Chloe and Tyler.  The judges loved that the makeup was funny but believable and that all the elements came together to create something balanced.  Tyler won for his fantastic belly mouth.

In the end, Matt and Corrine were the ones in the hot seat.  Matt went home because he didn’t step up to create a signature element in the makeup.  The judges liked how he thought and wished him the best.  I couldn’t help feeling bad for him even though I wasn’t a huge fan of his.  I felt that he was left to flounder while Corrine took over with a half-hearted attempt that sent him home.  Oh well, I’m sure he learned a lot from the show and that he is fueled to carry on in the industry.

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