Face Off Season 6 Episode 10: Roald Dahl’s Whimsical Beasties

Published March 19, 2014 by vfdpixie

Rashaad contemplated his place on the bottom last week with Graham.  It left him feeling “weird” because he thought for sure he was going home instead of Corrine.  He knew he had to “dig deep” because he realized the slightest mistake could send him home.

For the Spotlight Challenge, they all met at the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena where there were lots of hands on activities for fun learning.  McKenzie introduced them to the works of Roald Dahl like James and the Giant Peach and Fantastic Mr. Fox, and his screenwriter daughter Lucy Dahl.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of my favourite books and movies, the artists had to create a wild and whimsical beast from the book and world of Roald Dahl.  These creatures have only ever been described as the “most dangerous beasts in the world” who prey on Oompa Loompas and have never actually been seen.  After they picked a giant crayon with their creature’s name on it, Lucy Dahl advised them to create an exaggerated version of whatever they created, whether it was nice or horrible.  She joined the judges on Elimination Day and was blown away by their talent.

Rashaad picked the Whangdoodle.  He went for a ying and yang creature, with one side being straight and the other more silly.  He wanted to go for contrast, so the colour scheme was black and white.  Mr. Westmore advised him to create a good transition with the paint, so he made sure to go for gradation from black to white.  I love his little self pep-talks as he worked away in his own world.  He seems like a cool, fun guy.  Instead of sculpting his torso, he went for fabrication with LD-200 foam.  The judges liked it and saw how much work he put into the design and execution, and Lucy said the creature’s claws could easily slice open an Oompa Loompa.  He was safe.

George chose a Vermicious Knid.  He created a rabbit-like creature with a strange beastie in its chest.  When Mr. Westmore saw his design, he felt it needed more power and exaggeration.  He warned George that it couldn’t be too subtle or too human.  That freaked him out a bit and he had to rework the design.  I was afraid it was going to look like a Donnie Darko rip-off, but he managed to create a unique looking creature.  I personally didn’t like the paint, but the judges liked the colour choice, and they thought it looked liked a skinned bunny.  They also liked that the face appliance allowed the model to create a good deal of facial expression.  He too was safe.

Chloe made a Vernicious Knid as well.  She designed a venus fly trap-type creature that lured the Oompa Loomas and snatched them up when they got close.  She struggled with her concept and also with her time.  She spent a lot of time tweaking and retweaking her design to the point of desperation, and since she didn’t have time, had to make her cowl out of polyfoam which did not cure properly.  As a result, she had to scrap the cowl and created a costume around her face appliance.  Ironically, Rashaad told her if she took risks, she should do it well.  Unfortunately, time was not on her side, and she was really worried with the end product.  I thought it looked like a head of lettuce with vagina dentata.  The judges said that there wasn’t much to the look compared to the other characters.  They knew she was better than this and acknowledged her struggles with the fabrication.  They noted that some highlighting and shading with the paint would have made the makeup better, but the concept didn’t work overall.   If I heard him correctly, I think Glenn said it reminded him of the Marjory the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock…ouch!  She was in the bottom looks.

Graham chose the Snozzwangler .  He wanted to create an elephant-like, safari hunter character with the nose coming out of the forehead who trapped Oompa Loompas.  The nostrils would serve as eye holes for the model to see through.  Mr. Westmore liked the nose idea, and even though Graham knew the feature had no anatomical function, he thought it was a fun and cool aspect of the makeup.  The end result was a really whimsical and funny creature.  He really added a lot of details like eye stalks coming through the pith helmet, Oompa Loompa skulls on his belt and “snozzberry” Oompa Loompa bait.  Glenn thought it was genius, and felt he proved that it was the right decision to grant him immunity and keep him in the competition.  Lucy thought he channelled her father and knocked it out of the park.  Ve liked the creature’s fun house mouth and thought it was like a scary and bizarre kid’s nightmare. They were satisfied that he embraced the child-like whimsy of the challenge.  This granted Graham a spot in top looks.

Tyler’s take on the Whangdoodle was really great.  Being the adorable nerd he is, he was really excited about this challenge.  He designed a worm/cockroach-like creature that dwelled underground and grabbed unsuspecting Oompa Loompas.  Mr. Westmore suggested he use a drippy wet effect and brown hairspray to get that subterranean look.  He used claws for teeth and rings on wire to get that wormy, segmented appearance to the arms.  Rashaad helped out by doing a hilarious “stress test” with Tyler’s worm arms, which shows how well these contestants get along.  The end product was pretty great.  I loved the face, and the judges thought it was stellar, beautiful and expressive.  They told him it was successful because the colour denoted an evil, but still playful, character.  Lucy loved it and assured him that her father would have too.  They all loved the bit of Oompa Loompa hair in the mouth.  Tyler’s creature made it to top looks.

Niko got a Hornswoggler.  He created goofy looking monster with lots of horns on its back.  Mr. Westmore told him to go wild with the skin texture, but all Niko concentrated on was his large, 200 pound body mold which was a lot of trouble to pull off.  He knew the look wasn’t great, calling it a chicken.  He was short on time and the judges noticed this.  They thought he had bit off more than he could chew, and said there was lack of direction and concept.  The creature’s goofy gaze and alien-like look, as well as the “Easter egg colouring” put him in the bottom looks.

Daran also picked a Hornswoggler.  He went for a horned lizard/frog creature which Mr. Westmore liked.  Daran used feathers for hair and created a colourful, whimsical creature that pleased the judges.  This kept him safe for another week.

Out of the top looks, Tyler won.  They were “wowed” by his beast because it looked like he had more time to create his makeup which was evident with the high level of execution and sculpting.  Because Chloe’s makeup was rough and unfinished, the judges picked her to leave the show.  They appreciated the intention, but the concept didn’t work.  I liked her on the show because she is a great sculptor, and I felt that Niko should have gone home, but that’s just my opinion.  I think her downfall was the lack of confidence.  The judges all thought she would do well though.

So far, in my humble opinion, the contenders are Tyler and Daran.  The guys who will come up from behind are George and/or Graham.  Rashaad hasn’t won a challenge yet even though he is consistent, so who knows?  I’m just sad all the ladies are gone.  Anyway, onwards and upwards as we near the exciting last few episodes!

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