Face Off Season 6 Episode 13: International Vamps

Published April 9, 2014 by vfdpixie

As Rashaad enjoyed the buzz of his first win, the guys were also all sad that Daran had to go home.  They realized how real the competition was getting as they closed in on the finale!

The next Spotlight Challenge took them to the beautiful, Taj Mahal inspired Angeles Abby Mausoleum where McKenzie and one of my favourite Face Off alumni, Patrick Tatopoulos, met them.  They had to open one of four coffins and choose a stake with the name of a vampire from a different part of the world on it in.  They guys had to not only create and enhance the characteristics of this international vamp, but introduce a new extreme ability not typical to this iconic monster.  With his heart-melting French accent, Patrick advised them to pay attention where the vampires were from.  He also let them know that the great Len Wiseman from Underworld fame was to be a guest judge on Elimination Day, which was pretty cool!  I don’t care what anyone says, those movies were slick and sexy!

Tyler chose the Sasabonsam from Ghana.  This vampire had 20 foot wings, small arms and horns.  His extreme feature was to put fangs on the tips of the creature’s wings.  Mr. Westmore advised him not to got too dark with the paint job as he would lose details of the sculpt.  Tyler decided on a big mold for the body, but that proved to be a time eater.  He had planned to create large wings, but instead created spandex folded wings that would imply largess.  This time, Tyler started to feel the pressure of how much he had planned for his creature, and the reality of what he could actually accomplish.  In the end, his vampire didn’t quite work.  I thought it was really busy looking, and the judges weren’t thrilled.  Len thought the paint was flat and Neville thought it was “visually muddy”.  Ve thought the proportions were not right, looking like “a tree trunk on a little person’s body”.  They liked the paint job on the face, the nose sculpt, and the detail on the back, but overall, it was, as Glenn called it “dreadful”.  Shockingly, Tyler was in the bottom looks.

George picked the Australian Aboriginal Yara Ma Yha Who, a creature with a big mouth, no teeth and fingers that sucked blood.  He went for a red skin tone that Mr. Westmore felt should be mottled to break up the colour.  He also created these sausage like fingers that he applied even though they looked terrible.  When the judges looked at the makeup up close, we heard a “Really?!”  from Glenn.  They felt the fingers looked like a last-minute addition, but Len liked the menacing presence that made it really look like a creature.  Glenn liked the vampire’s head, and after Ve made George take off the fingers and weird sash, Neville said the creature was beautiful and elegant.  He was in top looks.

Rashaad got the Jiang Shi from China.  This vampire was a reanimated zombie-like monster that sucks the chi out of its victims and captured them with vines that came out of his hands.  He took Mr. Westmore’s advice and stretched out the features of his vampire to create a more aged look, but his face prosthetic was torn at the eye and mouth.  Luckily, he had time to recast another face, and things smoothed out.  The judges loved this vamp!  They thought it was menacing and creepy, and Len felt it was camera ready and he also represented the culture well.  The makeup had a face that the actor could emote through, and the paint job accentuated the sculpt.  Even though Ve wanted rattier looking hair, and Neville hated the vine shooting hands, Rashaad was in top looks.

Niko got the Aswang from the Philippines.  I actually saw an episode of Grimm recently where there was an aswang wrecking havoc in Portland.  This vamp had a giant tongue that poisoned and drained its victims.  When Mr. Westmore asked him what his extreme ability was, Niko was genuinely stumped.  He eventually came up with claws on the head and fangs in the tail of the creature.  I thought the mouth was really gross.  The judges thought he missed some design opportunities, and the vampire needed to be more scary and intimidating.  Ve thought it was scary, and she had never seen a creature like his before, but Len thought the tongue was too clownish.  His “loose sketch of a good idea” and sloppy paint job put him in the bottoms looks.

The winner of the challenge was Rashaad!!  They thought he did a great job of melding elements of zombie and vampire.  So who went home?  As Niko and Tyler shook in their boots, McKenzie revealed that there was a second part to this challenge, so no one was leaving!  They were instructed to head to a van where they would find out the second part of the challenge, and the results of the second part would determine who would go home.  A cliff hanger?!  Seriously?! Jeez…


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