Face Off Season 6 Finale: Aliens at the Disco!

Published April 23, 2014 by vfdpixie

And here we are!  The Face Off Season 6 Finale!  The three remaining artists worked their fingers to the bone to get to this point.  The judges recapped the strengths of each of the artists:  Tyler had a large frame of reference that made his concepts and designs incredible; Rashaad was an “amazing painter”; and George was a sculptor extraordinaire.  These qualities were going to make it hard to pick just one winner.

The guys got a surprise from back home:  a Skype session with their loved ones.  George saw his sweet wife’s baby bump and she gave him an emotional message of love and encouragement.  Rashaad also got to see his lovely girlfriend’s baby bump and heard about his adorable and naughty son, and Tyler got a pep talk from his proud parents and cute dog.  It was a well needed boost for them to go for the big prize and give the final challenge their all.

For the last challenge of this “Season of Extremes”, McKenzie took from shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Defiance which all introduced fans to new alien races.  The artists were to create 2 rival alien races inspired from a choice of constellations McKenzie provided them with.  These makeups also had to withstand a dance performance at an “underground dance club”.  As an added surprise, D.J. and music producer Rusko appeared.  He was going to provide the music at the performance, and since he uses laser lights for his shows, called for the artists to incorporate lights into their designs and makeups.  And of course, the finalists got to create their makeups with a team of their former contestants.

Tyler chose the Leo constellation.  His concept was light vs. dark, a gentle, elegant and peaceful female against an aggressive, darker male.  With his team of Graham and Chloe, they got to work.  Mr. Westmore liked his idea to use dreadlocks as an alien light mane for the male creature and suggested Tyler create a muzzle for the face.  He became stressed out when the face sculpts weren’t ready for molding.  He had many factors to consider, so to speed things up, he and Chloe sculpted while Graham cranked out the molds.  Tyler felt confident going into the performance.  I thought they were really beautiful makeups and performed well.  The judges thought the teeth were “wild”, and loved the paint job and chest form on the male character.  They also thought the male chest looked like a functioning organic armour, and Neville loved the placement of the female’s nostrils.  They loved the female iridescent paint job and male sculpting and the “incredibly successful” lighting.  To them, it was a cohesive makeup.  They thought he had been strong all season, and was a “visionary”.

Rashaad picked Ursa Major for his constellation, and for his team, Daran and Cat.  He came up with a bio-luminescent female and a male who hunted them for their light.  Mr. Westmore warned him that his paint job should project from afar so you could see detail.  When molding time came, his key piece for the female face didn’t set properly and had to be left to dry overnight.  The opened mold revealed a slightly scarred prosthetic that he worked with.  The end result was beautiful and really colourful.  I thought the female was stunning and “outshone” the male during the performance, and was worried the judges wouldn’t get his back story, but they loved his creations.  They thought the female face lighting was “celestial”, and raved over the male creature’s colours.  Ve pointed out that the scars on the female character that Rashaad was about to faint over were successful, and her lighting design and integration was excellent and the strongest out of the bunch.  They also thought the male definitely looked like a rival.  For them, Rashaad got stronger every challenge, and was in the bottom only once throughout the whole challenge.

George got the Cetus constellation and worked with Niko and Corrine.  He went for an aquatic theme, with a light source coming from both the character’s chests.  The red light he incorporated was their source of power from a dying red star.  Mr. Westmore advised him to make the female’s lips more pretty and feminine.  After dealing with some major ripping with his face appliances, he rushed with the paint job, which he was not happy with.  I thought the sculpting was stunning, but didn’t like the uniform look of the paint.  The judges loved the complicated sculpt (especially on the male), the “extraordinarily subtle” lighting, and the “awe-inspiring” forms.  They did say that the character didn’t look like rivals due to the similarity of their colours, and some of the paint obscured the light features on the male.  The judges agreed that George had been a consistent sculptor who was gifted with the knowledge of anatomical forms.

I have to comment on the performance.  D.J. Rusko played his hit “Lift Me Up” as the alien races floated in the dark to the infectious beats.  I love electronic music, so this was right up my alley.  The makeups looked great, but my favourites were Tyler’s creations, and Rashaad’s female alien.  I loved seeing the artists flip out over how good their aliens looked on stage as they boogied to that big tune.  Oh, and the artist for the back-up dancers? Daran’s sharp eye caught Greg Cannom creating their alien looks, a veteran SFX artist who has won 3 Academy Awards and worked on a long, long list of productions like Titanic, Mrs. DoubtfireThe Watchmen, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl to name a few.  I love this show for all the surprise guests!

The judges were thoroughly impressed and loved the amount of work and detail that the artists put into their designs.  So who was the big winner?  Rashaad!!!  I was so happy!  I knew he had it in him to win!  He stayed focused and even-keeled through the whole competition,  really improved and took guidance well, and was just a stand-up guy.  He wins $100,000, a V.I.P. trip to one of Kryolan’s international locations, and a freaking Fiat 500!  This was by far my favourite season because of the attitudes of the artists and the incredible work they created.   I also think Rashaad, George, Tyler, and the rest of the artists this season are big winners because they all came out as friends.  Congrats dude!  You deserve it!!


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