Face Off Season 7 Episode 11: Greek Gods

Published October 9, 2014 by vfdpixie

The artists went to the lab this week as usual, but this time it looked like a coliseum.  For the Foundation Challenge, they had to create one of Medusa’s victims.  Their guest judge was Michele Burke, who has worked on The Cell, is a 6 time Oscar nominated makeup artist, and 2 time winner for Dracula and Quest For Fire.  She wanted them to pay attention to the way they duplicated textures of stone and the expression of fear on the victim’s face.  The prize was a Paasche spray booth worth $2000.  The winner was Stella who came up with a creature that wanted to kill Medusa.  Michele thought it was creative and she liked the use of prosthetics, the fierce expression and her paint job.  Since they had created victims of a Greek mythological beast, the Spotlight Challenge would have them reimagine a Greek god and use that god’s individual powers to create a supernatural fantasy character.  They also had to create a severed head of a mythological monster that the god had conquered.  The guest judge was none other than Scott Wilson, or Herschel from The Walking Dead!  He would know first hand what a severed head should look like, since his character bid farewell to his noggin on the show.

Drew picked Hades, god of the underworld.  He went for a desiccated corpse-like makeup with the severed head of an imp.  He made a nasty neck stump for his imp head which he was happy with, and his Hades was sufficiently gruesome, with a terrible pallor to his skin.  The judges liked the ragged 3 spired crown and this makeup kept Drew safe.

George got Zeus, god of the sky.  He wanted a Renaissance oil painting look, and designed an attractive mediterranean god with the severed head of a titan.  He made some armour by heating L200, shaping it and laying a shiny epoxy over it.  He was at first happy with his face sculpt, but ran out of time and had to scramble to paint the body armour so that it looked like the sky.  The end result was kind of “meh!”.  The judges liked the look of the face but the costume made the character “look like a crossdresser”.  They would have liked him to have used the model’s body instead of covering it up, they felt the facial hair didn’t match, and the armour looked like “man boobs”.  In the end, judges thought the character didn’t match the god’s powers so this look put him in the bottom.

Stella took on Poseidon who carried a sea creature’s head.  She aimed for a seahorse look, and Mr. Westmore told her to overemphasize the gills on the face and mouth of her design.  Her major issue this time was opening her mold.  She didn’t put in pry points which makes opening the casting easier, so with a slow and steady hand, she chipped away until it finally gave.  On application day, she had to cut her face piece so that it fit the cowl and didn’t cover the ears of her character.  I really liked the sculpt of this makeup and the judges like the sea greens and blues she used.  Although the severed head looked like a “Fraggle Rock fish” to Glenn and a potato to Lois, Stella was safe.

Dina got Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love.  She was going to use the sea element as well and her severed head would be a giant Angler fish.  Mr. Westmore advised her to sculpt larger eyelids to do a good beauty makeup.  Dina really took her time perfecting her cowl and created a truly beautiful character.  The judges loved the detail and symmetry, and they also thought her use of the model’s features was triumphant.  Scott thought that all the details flowed, and along with the great creature head overall good use of colour and shell forms, Dina was in the top looks.

Sasha chose Athena, the goddess of war.  Once again she was stumped.  She thought of using an owl which is associated with Athena, but she had already done that this season.  She finally came up with Athena being turned to stone and controlled by Medusa’s head.  Um, yeah, sure.  Sasha hated the idea, but went with it anyway.  Mr. Westmore told her that she had to make Medusa’s head look alive and not like a Halloween prop since she was basically going against what the challenge called for.  Sasha sculpted snakes for the head, and a helmet out of L200 for her goddess.  Medusa’s head was not looking good at all, and during last looks, she had to scrap the helmet because it didn’t fit over the facial prosthetics.  Her character was not good.  The Medusa head looked like a doll, or as Neville called it “an anime sex doll head”, and Scott thought the stone effect looked like dried clay.  It was unacceptable to them, and didn’t satisfy the challenge because the god being affected by the creature didn’t make sense.  She was in the bottom looks as a result.

Cig worked on Apollo, god of plague, carrying the boiled covered head of pestilence.  He wanted him to be aflame since he rode a chariot of fire.  His flame sculpt started to look like his alien from a past challenge, so he had to tweak it.  He did an interesting paint job, starting with black followed by gold; layering paint to get a great highlight effect.  It looked really regal with the flames.  Neville thought it was a cornucopia of forms which was a good thing, and they all thought it was successful and captured the glorious nature of a god.  The only thing that Lois noticed was the flames on the shoulders which looked like a lady’s puff sleeve to her.  She felt the shoulders should have been broader.  He was safe this week.

Scott Wilson loved all the makeups and took his hat, er head off to all their hard work.  There was only one top look and that was Dina!  She was “head and shoulders” above the others and the judges loved her sculpting, paint job and severed head.

The bottom looks belonged to Sasha and George.  Because of her flawed concept, Sasha went home this week.  The judges thought she was really talented, and she was grateful for the experience and was determined to work on her confidence.  It’s coming down to the final artists.  At this point, anyone could make it to the finale, but I’d like to see Dina, Stella and Cig make it to the end.  We shall see in the coming weeks!



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