Face Off Season 7 Episode 12: “Fairy”-ly Disasterous!

Published October 16, 2014 by vfdpixie

As Drew put it, the “top 5” artists were left to battle it out to the finale.  For the Spotlight Challenge, they went once again to the Universal Studios backlot, where they found the set of the plane disaster from the 2005 movie War of the Worlds.  In the ruins of an actual 747, McKenzie introduced their new subject:  Fairies!  They had to create a beautiful elemental fairy, but this fairy had to be born of a disaster courtesy of Mother Nature.  The gang had to run through the set to find a t.v. monitor showing a natural disaster of their choice in order to create their fairy.

George chose the earthquake.  His fairy lived under the earth’s crust and came out to fix the damage created by earthquakes.  He had a plan for the nose and chin sculpt but wasn’t sure about it.  He felt out of his element with this challenge.  Mr. Westmore advised him to use silicone and scrap the cracked, magma look because this makeup called for beauty, and the lava might look like gore.  George had to make a good casting and mold so that the silicone would look flawless.  He used giant banana leaves for wings and during last looks, realized there was an odd wrinkle on the corner of the prosthetic mouth.  He made it into a crack, and hoped for the best.  The outcome was interesting, and the judges loved his fairy.  The cracked shoulder detail and balance between angular and softness in the face impressed the judges.  The thought the facial prosthetic was beautiful and a good use of silicone.  Lois thought she looked like a fairy from the movie Legend.  What a compliment!  His sophisticated alteration of the nose and chin put him in the top looks.

Stella picked wildfire.  Her fairy spread fire, but also inspired regrowth.  Stella wanted to sculpt flames for this makeup.  Mr. Westmore told her to focus on the paint job and to avoid black.  Her mold of the flames didn’t fill out, so she had to redo the cowl.  She had to power wash her mold to get all the clay out which wasn’t what she wanted.  If her mold got wet, that would lead to air pockets in her cowl.  Unfortunately her flame points ripped right off and she had to patch them frantically.  She was late to start her paint job, but her fairy looked better than expected.  The judges could see her edges but liked the colours of her makeup.  Generally speaking, her fairy fulfilled the challenge, had a good concept and image, but it was not inventive enough and her transitions were too abrupt.  They also felt she should have incorporated wings.  She was in the bottom looks.

Drew got an oil spill.  His fairy cleaned up the aftermath of oil spills and he wanted a high fashion runway look for her.  He took Mr. Westmore’s advice to turn the fairy’s nose up and he took a selfie with him, as did everyone else!  Drew experimented with creating a drippy, oily look, and after trial and error, decided on creating a dress with the drips on it so the model could move freely.  He created some lovely wings with sheer fabric and peacock feathers, and his paint job incorporated the rainbow iridescence found in oil slicks.  The edges on the facial prosthetics started to crack, and they were quite visible. His fairy was pretty but missed some impact.  The judges noticed the edges right away and thought it looked like a Venetian carnival mask.  They wanted to see more oily gloss on different parts of the fairy and darker eyes.  They thought it was disconnected and this put him in the bottom.

Dina went with floods.  Her fairy would bring life back to flooded lands.  Mr. Westmore took her idea of creating sandy looking skin and told her to use gelatin crystals to get that effect.  She also added pebbles and bark into the makeup too.  She used chocolate syrup as part of a concoction to create a workable mud, and painted her fairy from head to toe to ensure a beautiful makeup.  She did a great job, and the judges thought it was “rad”.  They liked all the transitions of a large range of colours and how she used the model’s beauty and captured a lightness to the makeup.   It was dark without being muddy and graceful.  She was in the top looks.

Cig got the avalanche.  He was a little worried as he had never done a beauty makeup before, but he approached it like a beautiful piece of art.  Mr. Westmore reassured him that if he kept it soft, he would be fine.  He wanted to add ice spires in the makeup, and created some great wings out of vaccuformed clear plastic.  His fairy was really beautiful.  The judges liked the use of warm and cool tones in his colour palette.  Lois called it delightful, and they loved the sculpted wings.  They thought he made excellent decisions and sustained consistent harmony with his forms.  He was in the top looks.

The winner was Cig!  He really deserved this win because his fairy was so beautiful.  They thought it “oozed fairy”,  was a well-handled makeup and picture perfect!  The person going home was Stella.  They thought she captured the essence of the challenge, but it was unfinished, and at this point in the competition, she couldn’t afford tiny stumbles.  They were sad to see her go, as was I, but they knew she would do well.

it’s coming down to the wire!  Can’t wait to see who makes it to the finale!

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