Face Off Season 8 Episode 5: Sounds Like…

Published February 11, 2015 by vfdpixie

The lab was the stage for the next Foundation Challenge.  The 12 artists left had to work in teams of 3 at four different stations:  Orange, Purple. Green and Blue.  They were to work in a relay race-each artist had 2-20 minute slots to work on a makeup, and they had to hand a new prosthetic to the next artist to continue the makeup without talking to one another.  Their inspiration for the looks were claws on the models, channeling infamous characters like Freddy Krueger and Edward Scissorhands.  Their guest judge was Julie Wagner, from the show Wipe Out and one of the stars of Teen Wolf.  She wanted to see flow between the claws and the whole makeup, and lots of detail, especially around the mouth.

This was a cool challenge because as McKenzie pointed out, on a real Hollywood set, makeup is usually done by several artists in a somewhat chaotic environment, so it was great to see the artists running around getting things done with no communication,  There was a burnt cyborg (team Orange), and Egyptian goddess (team Purple), a toy factory explosion victim (team Green) and an alien ice queen (team Blue).  Julie loved the alien ice queen, and Adam won immunity for his choice to add a wig and chin prosthetic.  Before they headed off for the day, Rayce told them that he had to deal with a client, so to take his place was R. J. Haddy from Season 2.  The gang was happy he was there.

For the Spotlight Challenge, they met at the Fox Studios historic Newman Scoring Stage, where legendary films like The Sound of Music and Jaws were recorded.  They met 5 time Emmy winner and 2 time Oscar winner Erik Aadahl, the Hollywood sound engineer.  This time, they would be creating a character inspired by a distinct sound made exclusively for them by Aadahl, which was pretty cool!  He wanted them to find the personality and soul of the character through the sound.

Logan and Rob had an intense snarling.  They wanted to create a large bog creature with multiple, snotty nostrils.  It would be a head-to-toe character with a lot of fabrication.  They had to refit the bodysuit for the model, and had to actually put the entire thing together in last looks.  The mouth had issues but because the model was tall, they figured the judges wouldn’t see it.  The judges felt there was too much texture in the big mossy fella, and a tad messy.  They ended up safe though.

Jamie and Emily got a clicking and water sound.  They created a prehistoric bird creature with porcupine spines on the head.  Emily created a latex and paper towel shell to insert the quills, as well as a full body paint job.  Their character was really cool and looked like it lived in the Amazon.  The judges loved it and thought the profile was amazing.  They were safe too.

Adam and Regina worked with an electronic robotic voice.  Regina was dead-set against a robot, and she also didn’t want to deal with a lot of fabrication, so that left them struggling for a concept.  R. J. really got on them to work out a concept because they were running out of time, and they came up with an alien super soldier.  They were behind but managed to get to the mold room by the end of the day.  Adam fabricated some arm pieces, and Regina created a clear visor for the alien.  In last looks, She couldn’t find the paint colour for the helmet, so just went with something else.  She was nervous about some of the “missed steps”.  The judges felt it was not successful because the face sculpt was rough although Neville liked the visor.  They were in the bottom.

Anthony and Darla had a ghostly moaning sound, and they created a cool concept of Satan’s servant that collected souls and wore their faces, and as Darla put it “make Hell”.  Anthony cleverly used imprints of Face Off models to create multiple faces of the tormented souls, and they seemed to be doing well with their makeup, but when they got to the reveal stage, it was a different story.  Although it may have looked cool to the untrained eye, the judges felt the head was well rendered but the jaw line was weird.  They also thought it was directionless and the face was too big.  The animation of the faces was also seen as silly by Neville.  They were in the bottom looks.

Julian and Ben had a hard time figuring out what to do with their sound.  It consisted of heavy breathing and scraping metal.  Coach Anthony and Laura helped them brainstorm until they came up with a demon executioner that wore the face of his victim.  Julian was worried that the stretched face was too tight over the model’s eyes, but the end result was pretty scary!  The judged liked the “Face Off” demon and thought the sculpt and the proportions were well done.  They were in the top looks.

Stephanie and Kelly had a clockwork ticking sound.  They skipped doing a clockmaker, instead creating a back story about how he made a clockwork doll of his dead wife.  They wanted a 5os feel with a weathered cracked look to the “porcelain”.  Stephanie even created a small portrait of the couple for the doll to carry.  It was a stunning makeup!  The judges thought the profile and female forms were beautiful, and the story motivated the decision with the aged look.  Ve thought the portrait detail was adorable, as well as the screw earrings, and  Neville felt it was a beautiful graphic look.  They were in top looks as a result.

Before the final judging, the team leaders spoke up for Darla, Anthony, and Regina who were in the bottom, to remind the judges of what they could do.

The winning team was Stephanie and Kelly.  They matched their sound the best and Stephanie was the winner with her concept and portrait detail.  The person going home was Regina.  They liked her concept but felt the character was confused.  They were sad to see her go, but knew she would go far.  Regina said she found her heart, voice and passion, so I wish her the best!

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