Face Off Season 8 Episode 9: Face Off’s Miss Intergalactic Pageant!

Published March 12, 2015 by vfdpixie

This week, the artists had a cool Foundation Challenge.  They all headed to Long Beach where they found models and bowls of coloured powder.  They had to create a colourful makeup inspired by the Hindu Spring festival of Holi using only their hands.  Dealing with a windy beach, the artists ended up as covered by the powder as their models, but had a blast creating finger-painted and splashed up makeups.  Their judges were the team coaches, and they picked blindly, based on the makeup only.  The winner was Stephanie!  Coach Rayce liked how she transitioned blue and orange and the way it looked in terms of lighting.  Her prize was immunity which made her really happy since she was in the bottom last week, and this win kept her safe.

For the Spotlight Challenge, they had to create their own alien beauty pageant contestant to participate in Face Off’s Miss Intergalactic Pageant.  Their advisor this time was Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler.  She told them that the presentation of the makeup was important and also to make sure the look exuded a friendly attitude.  The artists chose from different galaxies named on pageant sashes which were draped on dress forms.  The winner of the pageant would have a full-page spread in Entertainment Weekly, and their guest judge was senior writer for the magazine Darren Franich, so they were really excited to get started.

Emily picked the Pinwheel Galaxy.  Her concept involved an asymmetrical dress and a pinwheel wig.   She made foam tubing swirls for the dress and just had fun with her design, adding day-glo paint and glitter on her model’s skin.  I loved the colours, but the judges thought the mouth looked slightly injured.  Darren thought the character did tell a story however, and Emily was safe this week.

Ben got the Andromeda Galaxy.  He created an alien with three points on her head and used a four piece mold for the cowl to get a sleeker prosthetic.  His edges were great but it was a lot of work ahead of him as he scrambled to get his three-pointed eye mask on.  I thought the face was too flat in terms of colour or lack there of, and the judges thought some of the details looked stuck on.  Although Neville liked the chin, he also felt it looked like a 60’s Japanese superhero, and they all thought the texture and colour could have pulled it together but something was missing.  He was in the bottom looks.

Logan created a contestant from the Comet Galaxy.  His concept was a beautiful face and chaos in the back.  This put him out of his comfort zone.  The face wasn’t looking right to him, so he worked on subtleties, and created a beautiful alien that the judges thought was brave and original.  Stephanie had the Tadpole Galaxy and designed an alien with a tail feature.  The colours were cool, but Glenn thought it looked like a microwaved peep, and the back and front didn’t quite work together.  They were both safe.

Julian worked on the Whirlpool Galaxy.  He came up with an elongated head and a green colour scheme.  His cowl was indented, so he had to use a foam patch to fix it.  He had also never done a beauty makeup before, so Coach Laura helped him out with it.  He was worried, but the judges loved it.  They thought it was simple and effective with a beautiful face shape, and balanced alien beauty.  Ve liked the eye makeup and balanced cheekbones.  His stellar use of forms got him into tops looks.  (I would just like to add that I thought she looked like a beautiful brussels sprout.  There I said it.  That’s why I’m not a judge on this show).

Kelly picked the Sombrero Galaxy.   Her concept was an amphibious alien that hid from the hot suns of the galaxy.  She at first wanted multiple eyes, but Coach Anthony helped her realize that it would look too spider-like.  She started to panic and felt lost.  They came up with tentacles instead that would wrap around into an updo.  She had a lot of work with the tentacles so they would look defined, and in the end, it was not what she wanted.  The judges thought it was too busy with no focal point, and even though the sculpt was nice, it looked like a mask.  She was in the bottom looks.

Darla got the Sculptor Galaxy.  She wanted a spiral shape at the back of the head, but after consulting with Coach Laura, she moved them to the side of the head as it would be more symmetrical and beautiful.  After she fixed a minor crease in the nose, her makeup was just amazing!  She is finally showing her talent!  The judges thought it was gorgeous and the beauty makeup widened the face to make it pretty.  Darren thought it was glamorous in and old Hollywood way, calling it a space Norma Desmond.  Her classy, elegant and stunning makeup put her in the top looks.

Adam created an alien from the Cigar Galaxy.  He designed a crested head and wanted old Hollywood elegance as well.  He had a lot of appliances to put on the model, and in last looks, he came up with a great way to cool down hot glue with just air from the airbrush.  I loved the head and the judges thought it was a brave design with shapes they had never seen before.  Ve thought it was elegant from the side, and Darren liked the lava and rock look that carried onto the model’s cheeks.  He was in top looks.

The winner was Darla!!!  Yay!!! I was so happy!  Her alien would be in Entertainment Weekly because of Darla’s flawless makeup and application.  Kelly was the one going home.  The judges felt the rough paint and placement of details showed that she struggled to put things together.  I was sad to see her go but she has a lot of confidence and she is amazing, so she’ll get noticed for sure.

Team Tally:

Team Anthony: Ben (yikes!)

Team Laura:  Darla, Julian, Emily and Stephanie

Team Rayce:  Logan and Adam

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