Face Off Season 8 Episode 10: Superheros in the House!

Published March 20, 2015 by vfdpixie

A Face Off first happened this episode.  This week, the artists gathered at the historic Herald Examiner Building that used to house one of the most highly circulated newspapers.  It is now used as a filming location for movies like The Usual Suspects, among others.  It was here that McKenzie told them about what was probably “the most daunting challenge in Face Off history”.  They had to create a superhero using themselves as the alter-ego and model!   They would also have assistants on application day since applying makeup on themselves would be a bit of a challenge in itself.  Seeing their own lifecasts gave them a good laugh and they were all excited for challenge.  Their guest judge would be the one and only Todd Mcfarlane, creator of Spawn!

Darla described herself as an introvert, and wanted to create a powerful guardian angel superhero that was elegant with a powerful silhouette.  She was inspired by the filigree from the Herald Building and used a trace and transfer technique to get elegant designs on her face sculpt.  Her final concept was really pretty and even though she was a little scared because she could feel her paint cracking in areas, she was safe.

Julian designed an anti-hero for himself.  Calling him “The Reckoning”, this character was a human that made a deal with the devil to take over his duties, but wanted to do good.  Instead of the usual devil horns, Julian came up with a crown shape for the head.  He had a bit a of a time issue, so Coach Laura showed him a “speed sculpting” technique.  Other than that, he had no real issues and his devil anti-hero had some interesting horn details.  The judges liked the nice edges he had for a self-applied makeup and he was safe.

Logan loved dragons and used that for his character.  He created a vigilante called Slayer who was a dragon-human hybrid and an immortal assassin.  He also loved flying and incorporated wings by using foam tubes, latex and cheese cloth to create a believable dragon skin look.  His colour scheme was flesh tone and green paint, and his final look was pretty great.  It reminded me of a character from a video game and looked really menacing.  The judges liked the layered wings, and that Logan was really enjoying playing the character.  They loved his concept and thought the technical work was impressive.  Ve loved the colour palette and the wings, and the face sculpt allowed for expression and movement, while Todd liked the message.  He was in top looks.

Emily went with a nature theme and came up with a Mother Nature healer hero.  Her mom, who is a wig maker and her superhero, taught her about wigs, and so she made a huge one in her honour.  She had to use gelatin instead of latex for her mold due to an allergy, but the gelatin didn’t set right, so she ended up using silicone.  She was concerned because of her lack of experience with silicone, but the edges came out perfectly and she had done a test run of her makeup beforehand, so she was ready for painting with alcohol based colours for a translucent look.  She realized in last looks that she didn’t really look like a superhero, but carried on.  Her paint job was beautiful, but the judges didn’t like the big hair because she had done that before.  They thought it looked like a hedge, or “Marge Simpson as Poison Ivy”, and was not appropriate for the challenge.  Todd thought she looked uncomfortable in her skin. Because she didn’t seem to evolve with challenges, she was in the bottom.

Ben was inspired by his five years working as a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic.  He wanted to make a villain of himself, so he went with a superhero that crashed and was rebuilt into a war machine.  He was the last person on Coach Anthony’s team, so he could get full attention from his coach.  He felt a lot of pressure in this position.  Ben created a cool helmet from vaccuform, a skeletal sculpt for a more villainous look, and a black, leathery looking paint job.  His finished villain was really cool and mean looking complete with a blood gag for the mouth.  His tons of fabrication got him a safe spot this week.

Adam loved this challenge and decided to go the comedy route.  His superhero would have his powers by accident, bumbling into some cannon arms, and destroying a city while trying to save it.  He used buckets and vaccuform for the arm cannons, making them larger than life, and took cues from his bright red hair to create a red suit of armour for his character, the Crimson Wave.  I loved the concept and the judges loved the comedic proportions.  Glenn though he hit the superhero note with his design, and Todd really liked the overall character and thought it was action figure ready.  This was my favourite makeup of the night and he was in top looks.

Stephanie also wanted to do an anti-hero, but was stuck for an idea again.  She came up with a half-demon character that would jump out of the pages of a comic, and would be in black and white, but the face details were still foggy for her.  She decided to do a small brow piece and aim for a flawless makeup for her pretty “Doll Face” demon.  Her paint job ended up looking grey instead of black and white, and she thought it looked more like a vampire.  On the reveal stage, the judges thought she could have sculpted the ears better, and Todd thought the mask she fabricated was underused.  Ve thought it looked like her Lost Boys concept and was boring as well as the old lady paint job, and Glenn thought it was derivative.  She was in the bottom looks.

The artists all thought this was the hardest challenge yet, but I thought they all did well.  Because he created mystery with his character and looked like he stepped out of another century, Logan was the winner!  The person going home was Stephanie.  The judges didn’t feel she was inspired for the challenge.  She was happy she had made it this far, and was proud that she was in the final 7, and left looking like a bad-ass demon!

Team Tally:

Team Anthony:  Ben

Team Laura:  Darla, Julian and Emily

Team Rayce:  Logan and Adam

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