Face Off Season 8 Episode 11: Imaginary Friends Come to Life!

Published March 26, 2015 by vfdpixie

As the artists get closer to the finale, their next Spotlight Challenge offered a different approach.  They went to the Brookside Park in Pasedena, where they met on a playground.  They would be working with kids, who tend to have big imaginations, to bring their imaginary friends to life with lots of whimsy.  These six energetic clients would pick the artist they worked with and also be on the reveal stage to see their creations come to life.

Alexandra picked Logan to create her mermaid friend.  Logan hoped for a monster, but instead got a pink tailed, glowing heart-shaped tailed girly character, and he just couldn’t say no to Alexandra’s cuteness.  When Mr. Westmore looked at his face sculpt, he suggested taking some away so that the model’s beauty could be featured.  Rayce also got Logan to scrap his “ugly” mermaid tail due to its bulkiness and he started over with foam and armature wire to make it come together.  In last looks, Logan was still a little unsure of his abilities with beauty makeup, so the model gave him a few tips to get the look finished.  The judges loved his pink and baby blue mermaid, and Alexandra was tickled pink as well.  His shapes and colour choices kept him safe.

Maya worked with Emily.  This little mastermind wanted a bunny called Lulu to be her best friend.  Emily went with this to create a living stuffed animal who inspired creativity.  She was ready for the challenge because she was feeling low being away from her family, and since she had been on the bottom, hungry to make it to the finale.  She wanted to create a flocked look, and tested with a piece of prosthetic and felt for a velvety finish.  She was also going to avoid a big hair this time by incorporating sculpted ears to look like hair and a more subtle wig.  That sad feeling overwhelmed her and she had to step away in tears.  Coach Laura gave her a pep talk to get her back in the game, and despite having a chunk of her mold come off, she carried on.  Strangely, Ve thought a big wig with ears would have worked this time, but Glenn thought her approach with a different shape was commendable.  He also thought it looked like a Saturday Morning TV show character.  Lulu ended up keeping Emily safe this week (Phew!!)

Adam worked with little Lance on a giant alligator with laser eyes, dragon wings, and wanted him to be called Godzilla but settled for the name “Laser”.  Adam decided to create a character that stole toys and went for a ton of fabrication.  He did all the fabrication on day 1, leaving the sculpting and molding until day 2.  The chest piece was made out of a harness with foam padding coated in latex and paper towel to build up texture.  He had a lot to do, and wouldn’t know if the giant head would fit until the last day.  Because he made the chest also the lower jaw of the monster, he had to fiddle with the positioning of the head.  He used coloured hairspray to colour the fun-fur suit, and came up with a big goofy looking monster that Lance loved.  The judges liked all the colour and the amount of work he put in, and his smart direction with the concept; the great teeth and colours made this child-like, “Barney’s nightmare” get to top looks.

Darla’s little designer was Jordyn, who came up with a diamond girl who lived underground.  She wanted her to have a blue diamond-shaped head, curly hair and a sparkly pink dress.  With this tall order, Darla set out to design a kid-worthy friend.  She decided to create button eyes, and Mr. Westmore loved the idea and suggested she go big for whimsy.  She created cool eyes fixed on opera glasses, and a crystal collar layered with cotton and latex to create texture.  Her face piece/cowl had to have clean edges because the model’s face was exposed, and the final makeup was a great imaginary friend for Jordyn.  The judges felt the makeup had Darla’s signature on it which was a gift for simple forms, and they liked the stones and crystals in the collar.  She got the vibe of the challenge, and they loved the glasses, calling them clever.  Her first attempt at fabrication created a “solid and beautiful” character that the judges felt would be great for a children’s film and got her into top looks.

Creature hungry Blayne came up with a 3-headed monster for Ben; one head to have horns and another wings, no legs and the ability to fly.  Ben decided to go big, and Mr. Westmore advised him to concentrate on the creature’s eyes and make sure they were highlighted for animation.  Since he was Coach Anthony’s only artist left, he was glad for the attention and input.  Ben had a lot to do.  Anthony had faith in him because of his sculpting abilities but was worried that the makeup was too large an order.  With his model gluing wings, and Anthony as a human form in the fabricated body, Ben scrambled to get details finished, which he unfortunately couldn’t do.  In the end, Anthony felt like he couldn’t rein Ben’s focus in, and the monster was not up to snuff.  Even thought Blayne loved it, the judges thought the palette was good but the paint job was one-dimensional.  I thought the eyes looked dead, and he bit off way more than he could chew.  With no time for quality, Ben was in the bottom.

Julian created a zombie b-boy for Andrew, who wanted a half-zombie, bloodied and mohawked character with an exposed heart.  Mr, Westmore told him to get a good smile on the face to give it whimsy, and Julian went with a bone mohawk.  He chose his colours carefully to show definition, but the judges didn’t get the character.  While Ve thought it had a good profile, Neville felt it was confused with random shapes.  Glenn thought it fell into design purgatory, and didn’t look like a zombie.  It lacked a child-like quality and because they thought it was basic and rough, it put him in the bottom.

Whittling down the long list of features for these creatures was a tough task, and coach Anthony and Laura spoke up for their bottom artists Ben and Julian about their strengths.  The winner was Adam!  For the judges, he delivered on the challenge.  The person going home was Ben because his sculpt and paint job was unfinished and he needed to streamline his ideas.  That meant Anthony was off the show as well!  Sad to see both of them go, but Neville had complete confidence that Ben will go far.

Team Tally:

Team Laura:  Darla, Julian and Emily

Team Rayce:  Adam and Logan


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