Face Off Season 9 Episode 4: Classic Books and Horror Mashups!

Published August 19, 2015 by vfdpixie

So the last episode left us hanging as to who was going home after the whimsical wedding challenge.  Meg and Nora were in the bottom because their characters didn’t work together, and Missy and Jason got there because of the paint job.  The person going home was Missy because she was behind the bad paint job and shoulder sculpt that looked like paralysis.  I was sad to see her go, but I’m sure she will soldier on in the makeup world.

The next challenge would be something different, and yet another first on the show.  There would be no Foundation or Spotlight Challenge, instead, a new challenge was introduced.  With this new Focus Challenge, the artists had to focus on only the face and they would have just 2 days to complete it.  There would also be more stringent judging and the artists had to have clean makeups, great edges and great painting.  There was no room for error here!  As an added treat, award-winning artist and Face Off guest judge Lois Burwell was back.

Like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the subject matter this time was mash-ups.  The gang had to create their own mash-up protagonist using classic literature and horror.  McKenzie reminded them to mind their edges and pay attention to the faces.  The selected books were:  King Arthur and his Undead Knights, The Scarlet Letter:  Puritan Poltergeist, Gulliver’s Travels in the Underworld, Don Quixote: Monster of La Mancha, The Exorcist of Monte Cristo, Great Expectations of a Serial Killer, and Sherlock Holmes:  Bloodsucker.

Stevie picked Don Quixote and designed a dragon knight who defeats monsters.  She decided to sculpt scales on his face.  She felt a little out of her element since it was the first time she would do a brown paint wash and was unsure about the outcome, but she actually did a great job.  The sculpted scales looked amazing and the judges applauded her on all the detail she did in such a short time.  They liked the character, paint and well blended makeup, and felt she needed to be more confident because she can do the work. She was in the top looks.

Stevie and her makeup

Stevie and her makeup


Jordan worked on Gulliver’s Travels.  He wanted to make a cowl and face piece, but Mr. Westmore told him to scrap it if he was losing out on time.  He needed to focus on the face.  He ended up doing just that, and his demonic character came out really well.  Kevon worked on an undead Merlin, and he used a female model for her smaller face to create a sunken look.  It was weird-looking.  Libby’s possessed Count of Monte Cristo came out with a natural looking makeup, and Ricky, who had the same book to work on, used his angry face pictures to create his own version of the same possessed character.  Evan’s vampire from Sherlock Holmes impressed the judges with the forms and maniacal finish. Nora’s demonic guide for Gulliver and his travels came out nice and clean, and Ben’s goal to have a great sculpt worked on his undead knight of King Arthur.  All of these artists were safe for next week’s challenge.

Scott created a monster of La Mancha, Sancho Panza, as a Frankenstein monster in the Don Quixote mash-up.  He wanted to add layers of decay and different skin tones.  Mr. Westmore really loved the direction he was going in and suggested adding staples to the character’s face.  He was the first in the mold room, and used grease paint to get all the colours of skin.  His makeup was great.  The judges loved the skillful sculpting, and Glenn thought it was the best they had seen from him so far.  Neville said it was subtle and well done with a strong understanding of anatomy.  He was in top looks.

Scott and his Monster of La Mancha

Scott and his Monster of La Mancha


Meg worked on a vengeful Hester from the Scarlet Letter.  Mr. Westmore told her to change the direction of the wrinkles for her character.  She spent a lot of time sculpting, and since she only had 2 days for the challenge, was a little panicked.  She had too much texture on the face piece, and the paint turned out too purple.  It was a rough-looking makeup and she knew it.  The judges didn’t have anything nice to say, and felt she had come off the tracks this challenge.  She was in the bottom.

Meg and her makeup

Meg and the vengeful Hester


Jason chose Gulliver’s Travels and had a lot of trouble with a concept.  He had to walk away and regroup, and once he did, started to like his sculpt.  It was more weird-looking than demonic, and the judges felt the same.  They thought the linear forms were bizarre and looked more alien, or like a weird vegetable to Ve.  He was in the bottom as well.

Jason and his creation

Jason and his creation


Jasmine chose Sherlock Holmes and created his vampire daughter.  She wanted to fuse horror and beauty with this character.  Mr. Westmore told her to stay away from wrinkles to convey youth, and she shaped Styrofoam tubes to create bat-like ears that were covered by hair.  This was my favourite makeup.  It was clean and beautiful.  The judges loved the forms, colour choices, the graphic design and thought it fulfilled the challenge.  She was in the top.

Jasmine and her vampire daughter

Jasmine and Sherlock’s vampire daughter


Britt came up with a serial killer Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations.  She was burned in a fire, so that meant a burn and old age makeup.  Mr. Westmore didn’t like the sculpt and called it high school.  He felt it needed much more detail.  Nora helped her a bit, but Britt was struggling.  She wasn’t happy with the sculpt or the finishes.  The judges felt the burned skin looked like stucco and it went downhill from there.  She had way too many technical problems this time and was in the bottom.

Brittany and her makeup

Brittany and her makeup


The winner of this challenge was Scott.  It was his well thought out concept and skill as a designer, along with his restraint in his sculpt that got him the win.  The person going home was Britt.  They felt the paint job was dreadful and her makeup was just too big and difficult for the challenge.  She was grateful to be on the show, and happy to have learned so much.

I think we are starting to see who the consistent artists are, and my vote goes to Jasmine, who has so far come up with some great concepts and makeups.  And is Stevie our dark horse?  We shall see in the upcoming weeks…

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