Face Off Season 9 Episode 7: Shakespeare’s Ladies

Published September 9, 2015 by vfdpixie

This was a full circle episode (you’ll see why later).  The gang had their second Focus Challenge on tap, and this time it was kind of fun.  At the Farnsworth Park Amphitheatre, McKenzie reminded them that 400 years ago, female roles were played by men, most famously with Shakespearean plays, so this challenge would have them turn their male models into leading ladies from Shakespeare’s works.  Their advisor this time was Ve Neill, resident judge and 3 time Oscar winner who created Robin Williams’ look for Mrs. Doubtfire.  She told them to focus on edges, cover beards with peachy colours and have fun.  The artists randomly chose their characters from a selection of Shakespeare-worthy scrolls.

Jasmine got Hermione, the pregnant queen from A Winter’s Tale.  She wanted to create a crown and elegant hairstyle with a fishtail braid, and also made tears from dried hot glue.  She wanted to take her time with the edges of the face appliance to make them perfect, but when she applied makeup to the face piece, it started to get gummy and fall apart.  She had to remove the entire thing and quickly do a beauty makeup on application day.  She was now relying on her painting skills to get her through.  This worked in her favour as the judges like that she didn’t use prosthetics.  She was safe.

Jasmine & Hermione

Jasmine & Hermione

Jordan picked Lady Macbeth. He wanted to create a full facial sculpt to hide the male model’s features.  Mr. Westmore liked the nose he sculpted and on the reveal stage, the judges thought it looked like a female even though some of the sculpt wasn’t glued down.  Scott was pleased he got Cleopatra and wanted to work on details which he said he thrived on.  He went for a beautiful look, and was confident.  His male to female makeup was really nice, and the judges thought so too.  Ben created a look for Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  She was the queen of the fairies, and since Ben had done a drag makeup on himself to audition for the show, he was comfortable doing this challenge.  He softened the forehead and added mass to the model’s cheeks and some filigree for a feminine touch.  These looks kept the guys safe this week.

Scott and Cleopatra

Scott and Cleopatra

Nora ran into some trouble when she worked on Sycorax, the witch from The Tempest.  She wanted to create an old and ugly sculpt but was stuck with how to start, and was terrified as old age makeups tend to be doomed on the show.  After some guidance from Mr. Westmore, she came up with a decent and scary character.  Kevon’s makeup for Joan of Arc was accented with a scar on her cheek.  He used Stevie’s face as a guide, and even though the judges thought it was rough, it still looked like a woman, and he, as well as Nora, ended up safe as well.

Nora & Sycorax

Nora & Sycorax

Evan and Ricky were both in the bottom this week.  Evan wanted to go for a scary-pretty Hecate, the witch from Macbeth.  Mr. Westmore told him to create a beauty makeup to look feminine.  He went for an undead texture and ran it in silicone, but that proved to be a problem.  His edges were too thick and he had issues painting it.  He was really disappointed with the end result, and agreed with judges when they told him it looked like a drag makeup with muddy colours.  Ricky attempted to turn his male model into Ophelia, but he also ran into trouble.  The young girl look he was going for was sidelined by wrinkles in the face piece, so he created scabs since Ophelia’s character was mad.  It made thing worse, and the judges weren’t happy with his rough edges and lack of female forms.

Evan & Hecate

Evan & Hecate

Ricky and Ophelia

Ricky and Ophelia

Stevie got Hippolyta, the Amazon queen from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This would be a first for a couple of things with Stevie.  She had to turn a male into a female for the first time, and worked on extending cheekbones on her male model.  She would also have to work on an “ethnic” skin tone for the first time as well.  Her finished character was complete because the male model did look like a woman, and her technique was great, however, I had to disagree with the judges as they raved about her makeup.

Pixie rant in 3…2…1:  As a makeup artist, you have to be prepared to work on any and every skin tone, especially on this type of show where they throw everything at you.  It is Makeup Artistry 101 basics.  When I first started out, I did as many makeups on as many people as I possibly could.  My first wedding makeup was on an Asian bride, and being a person of colour myself, I experimented with foundations on myself and my friends and family.  If there was a skin tone I wanted to conquer, I sought it out, and practiced all the time.  People sometimes scoff at retail makeup artists, but that’s where I learned how to match skin tones, and yes, I got it wrong sometimes, but I learned how to fix my mistakes and that prepared me for my career; and most importantly, I worked on it before I was center stage on a shoot.  I think Stevie is really talented and seems like a great gal, but I felt the skin tone on her makeup was way off, terrible actually, and the judges should have pointed that out.  Scott did a much better job with a darker skin tone, and captured the undertones of his model properly.  Anyway, Stevie was in the top looks.

Stevie and Hippolyta

Stevie and Hippolyta

Meg created a Queen Mab that was pretty amazing.  She went for fantasy with an insect angle by creating a spider leg crown.  Her model actually looked like a woman.  The judges praised her for her decisions, and thought it was sexy, feminine and hit all the right notes.  She was in top looks.

Meg & Queen Mab

Meg & Queen Mab

The winner was Meg!  Going back to my full circle comment, she rose from a 3 time spot on the bottom to a winning look!  The judges loved her choices and outstanding character.  The person going home would be Ricky.  He missed some major components for the challenge, but he would go home happy because he learned a lot and made friends, and the experience will stay with him for a lifetime.

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