Face Off Season 9 Episode 12: Creepy Quirky Families

Published October 24, 2015 by vfdpixie

Although the remaining artists were sad to see Stevie go, they were also gearing themselves up to get to the finale.  For their final Spotlight Challenge, they met with McKenzie and her dad, Mr. Westmore on the Universal Studios Backlot in front of the original Munsters house.  We learned that The Munsters was Mr. Westmore’s first T.V. show where he made Herman Munster’s head and Eddie’s ears.

This challenge would be the semi-finals which meant that there would be 2 people eliminated, leaving the final three for the grand finale.  The artists had to create a quirky family member from a macabre family using the Munsters and the Addams family as inspiration.  Mr. Westmore told them to be creative and blend horror and fun when thinking up their character.  The artists chose their family member from gravestones in the yard of the Munster house by placing a rose on the marker.

Evan picked the bully older brother.  He decided to make a mean looking bull-nosed jock.  When Mr. Westmore saw his design, he liked the nose but felt it needed more whimsy and less anger.  He also told Evan not to use wardrobe to convey the concept.  Evan scrapped his sculpt and started over to make a softer version of the face.  He had to catch up with time in order to start his cowl.  As he painted the bully, he realized the paint was the same as his wedding makeup and panicked as he repainted his character.  The judges liked his forms, and concept but felt the paint was too blotchy and the edges around the mouth were rough.  He also covered all his cowl work with a wig.  He was in the bottom looks.

Jordan created a spinster aunt.  She was a meany too, and her nephews got fed up and tied her up with her own yarn, sewing her mouth shut.  He created a nephew from armature wire, cotton and latex, but started to wonder if his makeup was too cartoony.  He toned down the purple makeup with a bit of white, and hoped for the best.  The judges thought “Mean Irene’s” story was good, but she was too much like his other makeups, and the nephew was also unnecessary.   Glenn wanted him to go over the top with the cartoon aspect.  Jordan was also in the bottom.

Nora went for the black sheep cousin.  She went for a cousin that was part of a Satanic cult family, but she was the eternal optimist and a super bubbly goat.  Mr. Westmore told her to focus the paint towards the center of the face.  She also sculpted an evil brow but would contrast it with a cheesy smile.  She really focused on fixing little issues since in the semi-finals, every detail would count.  Her makeup was great!  The judges loved the profile, sculpting and character.  They felt she could have used more transition between the colours, but they were still impressed.

Ben took on the inappropriate uncle.  He went for the archetypical creepy uncle and sculpted a funky nose and low brow.  Mr. Westmore told him to get some whimsy in the design and have fun.  Ben mixed some clay slurry, and applied it with a syringe to create lumpy bumps on the nose for an extra gross look.  He layered colours to get the skin tone right, and knocked it out of the park.  His creepy uncle makeup made the judges cringe (in a good way).  they loved the hairline, ears and forehead, as well as the texture on the nose.  Ve was creeped out but thought it was a great makeup.

Scott got the stern father.  He modeled the makeup after his own father who had passed when he was in high school.  This zombie dad would have a zombie lobotomy so he didn’t crave brains.  He sculpted hands with a bite on one of them, and was pleased with how his edges turned out.  His “Walking Dad” character was a treat for the judges, but they wanted more colour and contrast.

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When it was time to choose the finalists, Nora and Ben made the cut, but the remaining 3 artists would have another hour to apply the critiques the judges gave them.  Only then would they choose the final artist going to straight to the end.  It was difficult for them to break it down, but the judges agreed on Evan as the third artist going to the finale because of his growth.

Scott and Jordan would be going home.  Jordan would stay true to his style, and Scott was proud of himself for getting this far.  They both would go home with great memories and a great experience.

Until next week when the finale would be another first for the show!

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