Face Off Season 10 Episode 5: Foreign Bodies

Published February 15, 2016 by vfdpixie

What a treat this week!!  The lab was turned into, well, a lab, where beakers and petri dishes galore surrounded the artists.  Their special guest tonight was Lance Henriksen!  Of course, everyone thinks of  him as Bishop in Alien, but I will forever associate him with Pumpkinhead as well as his intense character Frank Black in the TV series Millennium.  Lance was there to help with the next Spotlight Challenge:  create an alien parasite bursting from its host.  The artists would work in teams of two, and Lance advised them to pull from their experiences in order to create scary parasites and use anticipation to build fear.  There was also a surprise Foundation Challenge in the mix.  The teams had to make custom slime for their parasite.  Lance would be judging this challenge and the winning team would gain immunity.  They had fun mixing ingredients to get the best texture of disgusting slime, and when judging came around, everyone had a blast splatting their models to test the consistency.  Lance loved Johnny and Walter’s slime because they “mastered the chunk”, and Mel and Melissa’s because the slime looked sinister or childlike depending on the light.  Ultimately, it was Mel and Melissa who won, walking away with immunity for the both of them!

Robert and Katie teamed up again, despite Katie’s misgivings about butting heads with him.  Their microorganism parasite would be born from food poisoning.  Along with their neon yellow slime, they wanted to make tumors as well as a worm bursting from the model’s head.  This would be the first time Katie would mold a cowl while Robert worked on his worm, who he named Hans.  When it came time to apply the cowl, they realized it was too heavy and created a ridge that looked like a bald cap line on the model’s forehead.  Robert hated the makeup because of the frustrating ridge issue.  This makeup was seen as a missed opportunity by the judges, and they also felt the colours of the cowl and the model’s face were mismatched.  Robert and Katie were in the bottom.

Anna and Yvonne worked on a parasite that burst out the side of the model’s face.  They wanted a scary looking makeup and changed the colour of their slime to a caramel hue.  Mr. Westmore told them to make the parasite look like it was bursting out more, but in the end the parasite looked more like a transformation.  The judges didn’t like that there was a clear line down the center of the face, and Neville felt it was contrived and boring.  They too were in the bottom.

Johnny and Walter’s parasite burst from the model’s chest.  Johnny was set on a moving chest gag, so he used a drill motor to make the parasite rotate.  Their first chest piece mold didn’t work, so they scrambled to make another one, using more polyfoam.  The judges thought it was a great concept, but the cowl looked like a floppy orange beret to Ve, and Neville felt the parasite emerging from the head and chest didn’t work.  They were in the bottom.

Kaleb and Rob’s parasite burst out of the back of the head.  They had an applesauce based slime, but Rob also got overwhelmed by the time it took to sculpt and mold.  He didn’t have too much to worry about though.  The guys applied all the prosthetics and painted the whole makeup at once.  The judges liked the unique way the parasite burst out of the model, and the back was alluring to Neville.  They were in top looks.

Mel and Melissa’s parasite would burst from the person’s mouth, splitting the skin in two.  Mel had trouble with the face sculpt and decided not to go too literal with the design.  They had to adjust the face appliance and painted together on separate parts of the makeup.  Their infected lab tech was a favourite with the judges.  They loved the colours and the human head flap.  There was lots of forms and details going on, and the paint job was great.  They were in top looks and enjoyed their immunity status.

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The winning team was Rob and Kaleb.  The judges loved the sense of movement  with the alien.  Rob won again for his amazing sculpting of the alien.

The bottom team was Robert and Katie.  Katie would be going home for the lumpy cowl and bad paint job.  They judges loved Katie for her great attitude and work.  She was proud to have made it to the show, and I’m sure she’ll power on to more makeup gigs.

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