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Dark Moon Issue #3 Scares up Sci-fi Horror for Halloween!

Published October 28, 2015 by vfdpixie


Dark Moon Issue #3

Art by Benedick Bana

It’s almost Halloween and Dark Moon Comic is all about the treats.  To Freematik, creator of the innovative motion comic, this holiday is about sharing creativity, and to celebrate the launch of the first comic last Halloween, the third and last part of their introductory sci-fi horror trilogy will be released for free on October 29th.

The first two issues brought us a team of survivors beamed to a mysterious moon as the Earth is hit by a deadly meteor.  They are led by Dante, the scientist responsible for saving them, who finds the moon has perils of its own in the way of hostile and hungry creatures.  Surrounded by these beasts, they discover an alien outpost and take cover while trying to figure out their next move.  As they explore the base, they find out what the beasts are and how they got to the moon.

The third installment finds the group’s numbers dwindling and Dante reflecting on the remaining survivors fate.  His inner process comes to the forefront as he feels the guilt of placing them all between a rock and a hard place, and he is desperate to get them off of a planet teeming with bloodthirsty creatures.  And if some of you were wondering, we also learn what has happened on Earth after the meteor hit.

Once again, Dark Moon transports you to a brutal place.  We see aliens run amok and a conflicted leader who wills himself to save this random group of characters.  It was nice to see more back story for both the Earth’s fate and Dante’s relationship to each of the fallen.  Of course, the artwork is absolutely stunning with all the near 3-D detailing accented by bursts of vibrant colours, and the sensory experience is completed with the trippy soundtrack.

I think the average comic reader could get used to this, spoiling them with HD visuals, an engaging story and the added hip-hop fusion scoring.  These mini movies will keep you wanting more story and more creatures, so here’s hoping Freematik and artist Benedick Bana will surprise us with something in the near future (but not like, death by meteor near future…)

Check them out on Twitter : @DarkMoonComic

and their deviant art site: to check out issues 1 and 2 so you’ll be ready for the alien chaos in issue 3…all for free!

Face Off Season 9 Episode 6: Alien Landscapes and Evolutions

Published September 2, 2015 by vfdpixie

Things got rolling with another Foundation Challenge this week and the prize was the coveted immunity status.  This time McKenzie had a series of alien landscapes for the artists to use in order to create their own retro alien.  They had to think Lost in Space and Star Trek as references, and who better to advise them than their mentor Mr. Westmore, who has been Star Trek’s alien designer for decades.  He told them that in the 60’s, there was no time for intricate appliances so the artists of days gone by used patterns and stencils.  He wanted them to be imaginative to find that retro vibe.

They came up with some interesting aliens, and Mr. Westmore liked Evan’s Avatar inspired makeup as well as Jordan for his use of green and orange which mimicked the era.  Evan won immunity because of his clean, camera-ready application.


Evan’s retro alien


This makeup would be the first step.  The Spotlight Challenge would incorporate the Foundation Challenge aliens they created, but this time they would have to evolve the retro alien into a modern aesthetic for today’s movies.  They had the evolution of Klingons as their reference this time,  and since Ve, Neville, and Mr. Westmore have all created versions of the Klingon over the years, they would be consulting on the evolved concepts.  Neville also reminded them that today’s audiences are savvy and they would have to turn up the volume with the realism to create a successful makeup.  Oh, and on the walkthrough, Jonathan Frakes from STNG showed up to give a critical eye.  And wait a minute!  Michael Dorn, Mr. Klingon himself, would be a judge on the reveal stage.  It was Star Trek old home day on Face Off!

To make her alien more badass, Meg changed veins into hair and was advised to bring colour up the alien’s body.  She had trouble as she was the last one in the mold room, and was scared as she had to use polyfoam for the first time since she was behind.  She ran out of time trying to put dreads on the cowl, and had no paint just before last looks.  She was terrified and named herself “Queen of the Bottom”.  She went into “beast mode” to get her makeup painted, and lucky for her it came together.  She created an interesting rebel alien that put her in the safe zone.

Meg's retro alien

Meg’s retro alien


Meg’s evolved alien



Kevon recreated the mountain range of his landscape on the alien’s brow. He wanted to exaggerate them on the evolved alien, and Neville advised him to make sure his forms had a purpose.  Jonathan Frakes loved his sculpt, and Kevon went so far as to make prosthetic eyelids that were tricky to apply, but he got them on.  His alien was very red, and he noticed how big his head was on the reveal stage, but he was safe.


Kevon’s retro alien



Kevon’s evolved alien



Jordan decided to go with what he knew, and fabricate most of his space bandit’s makeup.  He had just a few face appliances and relied on the paint and costume.  Although he was pleased with the fabrication, he noticed on the reveal stage that it looked a little too costume-y.  Ve was disappointed with it because it was not cohesive.  The judges also thought there was too much fabrication this time and no evident evolution.  He was in the bottom.

Jordan's retro alien

Jordan’s retro alien


Jordan’s evolved alien



With his immunity, Evan was on easy street.  His bright blue alien would evolve with a sloped cowl and venting at the back of the head.  Mr. Westmore and Jonathan Frakes wanted more obvious venting, and he created a great evolution and a nice beauty makeup to boot!


Evan’s evolved alien


Nora’s alien was brightly coloured and she decided to tone the colour down.  Ve told her to be careful of the nose, and Mr. Westmore told her to change the neck of the character.  She didn’t really have any problems until the reveal stage, where the cowl slipped and created a large wrinkle that looked odd.  The judges noticed this made the eyes look heavy, but despite the technical difficulty she was safe.


Nora’s retro alien


Nora’s evolved alien



Ricky’s blue alien had tentacles that were incorporated into the skull, giving it an asymmetrical look.  I liked the colours he used and he was also safe this week.


Ricky’s retro alien


Ricky’s evolved alien



Ve thought Stevie should cover any modifications on her alien’s prominent brow with hair.  Jonathan Frakes and Mr. Westmore had a lot to say about tweaking her sculpt, which meant she had a lot of work do to.  She did an intricate paint job that included yellow, purple and plenty of paint splatter.  The end result got huge praise from Glenn with the paint job and her technique with her sculpt.  Neville thought the forms were alien and authentic and Michael Dorn thought bringing the makeup into the neck was a good choice.  She was in top looks.

Stevie's retro alien

Stevie’s retro alien


Stevie’s evolved alien



Ben had a spot of trouble in the first challenge.  He tried to mimic the cracked earth of his landscape, and ended up doing a stencil.  He didn’t like what he created, so he was glad he had a chance to change it, even though he felt he was “polishing a turd”.  Neville advised him to avoid getting too literal with his landscape.  The cracks became a membrane that was a filter for the alien, and he scaled back the paint so that it had more humanoid.  He felt better with the changes, and the judges loved it.  Ve liked the textures on the head, and Michael thought it was a great transition as he got rid of the unnecessary stuff.  Neville thought it looked like a big screen makeup.  This put Ben in the top looks.

Ben's retro alien

Ben’s retro alien


Ben’s evolved alien



Scott’s alien would become an underground water-dwelling creature.  He wanted to make it more feminine with a beautiful profile.  Mr. Westmore told him to make the lips less glam, and even though he seemed to run out of time, he gave the judges an alien they gushed over.  They loved the symmetry of the cheekbones, and the colours.  He was in top looks.

Scott's retro alien

Scott’s retro alien


Scott’s evolved alien



Jason’s bright alien would evolve with more horns to signify status and age.  He ran into trouble when his appliances wouldn’t stick to his model and had to move on to paint before he ran out of time.  The chin was also coming off, so he camouflaged as best he could with jewels.  The judges saw lots of technical errors and what was called a catastrophic sculpt (ouch!).  Neville liked the concept and evolution but not the execution.  He was in the bottom.

Jason's retro alien

Jason’s retro alien


Jason’s evolved alien


Jasmine’s alien had flat spikes on his face, so she decided to create a 3D look for him.  She was stuck with her design, but carried on.  She realized in last looks that the sculpt looked worse in the center of the alien’s face.  The judges thought the forms were flawed, especially the nose and lips.  Surprisingly, she was in the bottom this week.

Jasmine's retro alien

Jasmine’s retro alien


Jasmine’s evolved alien


The winner was Ben!  They loved his believable, minimal makeup and convincing transformation.

Jason would be going home.  There were too many things that went wrong to overlook, but Neville was confident he would go far.

As always, the challenges can knock even the most talented artists out of the running, or give them a scare as they end up in bottom looks.  Hopefully everyone’s A game is on point next week!

A Scary and Stranger Slice of Life

Published April 27, 2015 by vfdpixie

A good horror or sci-fi movie can scare or fascinate us on the big screen, and most of us can leave the fantasy in the theater.  But what if the overly-friendly neighbour or that strange light in the sky happens in our real lives?  Some of that real life horror has been committed to film, documenting the stories of ordinary people, or seemingly so, who have lived these very experiences.  For them, especially those who lost loved ones, it is worse than any Hollywood nightmare, and for those who stand by their convictions it is a lesson in tenacity.  Here are a few titles that resonated with me, and although they may not be your first choice for a Saturday night flick, they give a voice to folks that either lived through some real horrors, or had some allegedly real, and really weird, experiences.



My Amityville Horror (2012, 1 hr, 28 mins)

This documentary focuses on Daniel Lutz who lived in the famed Amityville House with his family when he was a child a year after the gruesome murders. I missed this doc when it screened at Toronto After Dark Film Festival a few years back, so I finally sat down to watch a very strange and eerie account of what he went through.  His reluctance to reveal his true feelings and the damage done to him is evident in his large blue eyes, and I cannot tell you what I believe other than his life was a tortured existence for many years during and after his Amityville experience.  It is a must see if you want some understanding of the media storm surrounding this famous haunting.





Cropsey (2009, 1 hr, 24 mins)

I was completely drawn into this Staten Island, N.Y. story.  The filmmakers and natives to the area, Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio, explore the small town legend of Cropsey, a crazed killer of children said to roam the wooded area around the abandoned Willowbrook State School.  Their quest to find the truth behind the Cropsey boogeyman reveals stories of missing children, heartbreak, a terrible history of mismanaged and abusive hospital facilities, and the slow but sure persecution of real suspected killer Andre Rand.





The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012, 1 hr, 16 mins)

Short but informative, this film, with the help of reenactments, forensic and personal accounts, shows us how a seemingly friendly but introverted man charmed his neighbour and the detective in charge of questioning him despite being one of the most notorious serial killers of our time.  Don’t expect a grand exposé here, rather it gives you a snapshot of what people thought of him, how they related to him, and how he got away with murdering his victims for many years due to the shortcomings of the police.  This documentary will definitely make you paranoid when a stranger is unusually nice to you.





The Hidden Hand:  Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up (2013, 1hr, 20 mins)

Abductees and scholars speak on the presence of aliens on Earth in this 2013 documentary.  What may sound like loopy hoo-ha ends up coming from some more than credible witnesses like military officials and the sixth American astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell, as well as celebrated authors like Whitley Strieber, Jim Spark and David Icke.  Several accounts of alien abduction likened to being “tagged like deer” and many cover-up conspiracies fueled by greed are discussed, and details on ties to The Vatican and Area 51 will peak your interest in this hotly debated subject.  If you follow the vein of thought, this slightly dry but interesting film will lead you to think that alien visitation is more common than you think, making the Fox Mulders of the world proud.





The Billy Meier Story (2009, 1 hr, 34 mins)

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier has been in contact with aliens for most of his life, and is known for his prophetic messages that he relays from the Plejaren alien race.  With an early life that James Bond would envy,  Billy Meier has seen other worlds and world leaders; he has opened his own organization that publishes the prophecies of his alien friends and their spiritual teachings among other things, and he has allegedly seen the future.  This documentary takes you from experts who try to debunk his U.F.O footage, to mental health officials that try to certify any kind of craziness, and testimonials from his faithful followers.  It will certainly make you stroke your literal or figurative beard and scratch your head in wonder as you listen to some compelling information.  Despite the somewhat cheesy looking spacecraft footage and drawings of his alien informants that look like the European Jesus and Beyoncé (which would explain a lot), this movie really strikes a nerve as the world goes to Hell in a hand basket, and sadly, we don’t need aliens to tell us this.


Face Off Season 8 Episode 2: Game Changer Part 2!!

Published January 21, 2015 by vfdpixie

We had to wait a whole week to see what would transpire when McKenzie threw a curve ball at the contestants.  Not only did they have to work in teams with a former champ as their leader and coach and create two alien beings, but also come up with another creature!  The aliens didn’t crash-land on Earth, they landed on a planet ruled by primates.  The artists would have to create a tyrannical primate ruler.  Since Rick Baker would be on the judges’ panel, they got an extra day because they had to impress him due to his “primate” body of work (Planet of the Apes and Harry and the Hendersons).

They had to choose from 4 types of monkeys:  the Squirrel Monkey, Brown Lemur, White-faced Capuchin and a Mandrill.  The furry models were all in the lab so the artists could get up close and personal as they designed the third alien.

Team Laura chose the Squirrel Monkey.  Their monkey was a tyrant that hunted the two crashed aliens.  Greg decided to take on the task of sculpting the monkey face and Emily was going to hand-tie the hair for the ape tyrant.  Mr. Westmore was concerned about the time Emily had for ventilating the hair as that usually took a long time, but she was up for the task.  Laura was concerned that Greg was losing sight of the monkey’s proper anatomy.  In the end, their crashed aliens looked great!  The judges loved the sculpts, unique forms on the older alien and the beautiful paint jobs.  Rick Baker thought it was successful.  Unfortunately, the monkey didn’t get a glowing review.  The profile didn’t look like a primate to Neville, in fact, Rick thought it looked like a turtle.  They really noticed the lack of anatomically correct details.  Greg ended up in the bottom for that.

Team Antony chose the Mandrill.  They went with a more realistic monkey look, not a human hybrid.  Alan got the job of sculpting the monkey.  Kelly started with her mold for their male alien and ran into some trouble.  Ben helped her out but scolded her as he did it.  He would soon find his own troubles as he used Alan’s hands for a cast.  They didn’t turn out properly at all, and he had to scramble during last looks, eventually gluing some splitting and covering it with burlap.  Kelly was not happy with the final looks.  The judges saw some issues with the aliens.  The paint wasn’t the same, with one alien being more matte than the other and there was a lack of detail in the sculpts.  They also thought the male alien was too busy.  There was also the issue of the hands.  Rick thought they were distracting and wished they had just painted the model’s hands. They did, however, love their monkey ruler which I thought was menacing and looked like a tyrant.  They thought it was great and liked the largess of it.  Ben was in the bottom because of the hands.

Team Rayce picked the White-face Capuchin.  Their monkey empress enslaved the arachnid alien.  Logan took on the monkey sculpt, while Regina slowly worked on the arachnid face.  Mr. Westmore liked the improvements made by Anthony on the alien sculpt, and advised them to make more of a muzzle for the monkey queen.  Regina also fabricated for the first time and made a cool crown for the queen.  Their arachnid cowl had some tears so Logan had to learn on the fly and fix it.  On the reveal stage, their higher form alien did not look symmetrical.  The judges noticed that but their insect alien was well-managed and had great attention to detail.  The only thing Rick didn’t like was the uniform colour of the alien’s body and costume.  They loved the monkey queen!  They thought she was fabulous, had a great paint job and showed aging well.  Rick liked the variation with the hair colour.

There was a cool moment on this episode.  After the first day of the monkey sculpt, the coaches showed up at the artist house and they had a nice barbecue to get to know all the contestants on their teams.  It was a chance for them to relax after an exhausting day.

The winning team was Team Rayce.  They loved the arachnid insect alien and the monkey queen.  The winner of the challenge was Logan because of his monkey sculpt and the cowl on the arachnid alien.  They also loved Team Laura’s older alien for the colour and transition from front to back and the shape of the head.

The bottom artists were Kelly because she went big but it didn’t work; Ben for those awful hands; and Greg for the bad primate sculpt and the bad paint job.  Greg went home because his makeup didn’t come together.  Rick told him a story of how when he started out, he was told to go home and give up, but he didn’t.  He told Greg not to give up before he left.  What a great guy Rick Baker is!  Good luck Greg, and definitely don’t give up!

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