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Face Off Season 4 Episode 7: Muzzle Up!

Published February 27, 2013 by vfdpixie

This week’s episode “Howl at the Moon” brings us some bummed out contestants.  They all miss Alam, and so do I!  They quickly cheer up at the Foundation Challenge, however, where they team up again to create a host of zombies.  I loved how their models introduced themselves by stumbling zombie style out of a barn.  Their guest judge was Gale Ann Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead.  That in itself was pretty amazing.  She tells them to think about how their zombies died to create a makeup.  Eric F. and Wayne, Meagan and Anthony, and House and Eric Z. all worked well with each other and banged out some cohesive, complete zombie looks.  Unfortunately Kris got teamed up with Autumn and they could not work as a team.  Autumn had a temper tantrum over her lack of sponges, and I loved how Kris just ignored her and kept going.  Gale Ann said their makeups were not complete because there was no attention paid to the backs of their models.   The winning team of this challenge was Meagan and Anthony, with Meagan surprisingly (at least to me) winning immunity.  Gale Ann said she liked how Meagan took charge of the all the models to get organized, and felt she could hire her to work on a set tomorrow.  Sure, whatever.

The Spotlight Challenge was pretty cool.  Once again in teams, they had to choose a planet and create a werewolf that might exist there.  They gang seemed energized with this challenge, and got together to create their looks.  House and Meagan chose Mars and designed an astronaut in mid-transformation after an attack from a Martian werewolf.  Eric Z. and Autumn went for Jupiter and came up with a werewolf partially made of stone to withstand the gravitational pull.  Eric F. and Anthony get Saturn and go for a design where the model will have to walk backwards for the makeup to be effective.  Wayne and Kris end up with Neptune and create a creature that dwells in darkness and comes out at night to feed, transforming into a werewolf in the moonlight.

Poor Eric Z.!!  His patience was tested to the limit with his partner Autumn.  The usually calm and collected man finally had to step away as their project got steamrolled by Autumn’s overbearing personality and over confidence with her skill.  She even had the nerve to call out Eric when mentor Michael Westmore came to see their progress.  Oi Autumn!  Please shut your mouth!!  The other team members plugged away, casting sympathic looks and shaking their heads at the kerfuffle.  Meagan surrendered full creativity to House since she had immunity, and she seemed to annoy him, but they did work fairly well together.  As always, there was the usual scramble at last looks before the final judging.

The top looks came from House and Meagan and Kris and Wayne.  the judges loved how House and Meagan created a solid back story that was obvious, the proportions that stayed true to a classic werewolf, and a great head sculpture and paint job.  Kris and Wayne got props for an interesting and beautiful werewolf and they loved the detailing of the spine, the paint job and the cohesiveness of the makeup.

The bottoms looks were created by Eric Z. and Autumn, and Eric F. and Anthony.  Eric Z. and Autumn’s werewolf was called “terrier-esque” by one of the judges, and even Eric has mentioned something about the face looking like a chihuahua.  The judges also disliked the sculpting and felt there was no blending of the makeup and no teamwork, and called Autumn bossy (thank you!!) for bullying Eric during the challenge.  The amount of work Eric F. and Anthony put into their design was acknowledge, but ultimately, the judges felt the reversal of the suit would prevent the model from functioning properly and the head look like a Halloween mask.  They also felt that Eric was always going big and hoped the sheer size of his makeup would get him through.

The top team ended up being Kris and Wayne, the winner being Kris because of his great sculpting of the back piece to their design.  I’m very happy that he won because he is really coming out of his shell and it seems like his confidence and comfort level has risen to the challenges.  I don’t want to sound like a mean person, but I actually cheered when they sent Autumn home.  They hated the werewolf from Jupiter, and called her loathsome for her behaviour and throwing Eric under the bus.  So glad!  She was really difficult and deserved to go home.  I think the judges are going to keep an eye on Eric F. and Anthony now, as they are quickly being challenged by Kris, Wayne, House and even Meagan.  And I hope that Eric Z. gets it together and uses some of his calm to step up because the judges noted that he didn’t really defend himself this time around.  Can’t wait for next week as the crunch for a winner get crunchier!!

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