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Face Off Season 8 Episode 3: Animal Plant Hybrids

Published January 28, 2015 by vfdpixie

This week, the artists headed to the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the Super Bowl 7, the 1959 World Series and the 1932 and 1984 Olympics took place.  They met Ve Neill, McKenzie and Glenn Hetrick who stood by a selection of flowers with animal medallions attached.  Inspired by movies like The Hunger Games and The Running Man where characters had to fight for their lives in deadly competitions, the gang had to create a predator which was a hybrid of a deadly animal and an exotic plant.  They would create in teams of 2 which were randomly picked.  Ve told them to make the creature scary-she wanted to be frightened, and Glenn added that they should integrate elements of plant and animal, not just slap a flower on the creature’s head.  They also got a neat surprise:  Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games was going to be a judge on the reveal stage! The artists were all pumped when they heard that and headed off to create their plant/animal killers.

It was great to see all the teams meshing really well.  They collaborated and problem-solved in the best ways possible during this challenge.  The judges also applauded the coaches for their input, because it was definitely noticeable with all the great work, and Josh was really excited to be there since he is a huge fan of the show.

Anthony and Logan got the Warthog and American Pitcher Plant.  They decided to use the warthog’s large nostrils as eye holes for the model and give it open rotting flesh.  They didn’t have too many issues, and they were satisfied with the large menacing creature.  The judges liked all the details, and Josh liked the eyes.  They were safe.

Kelly and Daniel chose the Scorpion and Delphinium.  They planned to created a hard shell with petal forms.  By now we all know there will be trouble in the mold room, and Kelly started off with rushing to make hers.  Daniel helped her out and wasn’t as worried about their time crunch, but she didn’t want to end up in the bottom again.  Daniel fabricated a cool sectioned tail, and their scorpion hybrid looked really scary and had a great profile.  The judges liked the paint job, and the look was enough to keep them safe.

Ben and Darla picked the Ram and the Cactus.  Mr. Westmore loved the unique concept and just warned them to not make the eyes too human.  Ben was the other mold room casualty.  The mold got stuck and when they eventually got it opened, they ran out of time to clean it out.  They cowl was also too big, so they had to cut it down to fit the face piece.  The end result was a menacing creature with a great shape.  The judges liked the face and horns, and Neville liked the unique form.  Actually, Neville thought it was the best makeup on the show, like, ever.  Ve thought the paint job was “awesome” and Josh thought it was scary and demonic.  This put them in the top looks.

Julian and Adam had the Bat and Sugar Bush Protea.  After Mr. Westmore told them to change the nose on their sculpt to look more bat-like, they toiled away, but the final makeup was too light.  It had a nice profile, but Glenn thought it looked like a “batichoke”.  Ve called it a “psychedelic artichoke with a bat face”, and Josh wanted to see the face a little darker.  This not very scary creature put them in the bottom looks.

Emily and Regina worked on the Hyena and the Shampoo Ginger.  Early on in the sculpting phase, Regina’s cowl wasn’t matching Emily’s face, so after Mr. Westmore’s input and hashing it out, they switched so that Regina sculpted the face and Emily did the cowl.  Emily also coloured hemp in different earthy hues to create texture.  Even though they were running out of time, and hot gluing in last looks, their hybrid was a scary sight!  The judges thought it was demonic looking and liked the palette.  They thought the proportions worked well, liked the organic colours and cohesive concepts.  This beautiful character with a gorgeous silhouette was in top looks.

Stephanie and Alan had the Thorny Dragon and Cockscomb.  They decided to use the flower colours on their creature.  Their foam cowl was a total mess and he spent a long time patching it up.  The sculpt ended up being interesting but there was no dimension with the bright yellow colour.  The judges thought there was a lack of detail, and the sculpt was too soft.  It needed more texture, and the venom sacks that Alan devised looked like a goiter to Neville.  Glenn felt there was an anime feel to it and this yellow, far from ferocious creature put them in the bottom.

Rob and Jamie chose the Piranha and the Blue Thistle.  They wanted to do a Gill Man type creature but Mr. Westmore felt the face was too literal and he wanted more interest there.   Rob created a “dreadlock” look with leaves he made out of L200, and they created a pretty scary creature.  Jamie and Rob had some really cool details in their makeup and the judges loved it.  This toothy hybrid kept them safe this week.

The top team was Ben and Darla.  The judges felt the Ram was one of the most incredible concepts ever seen on the show, and the bold concepts and the back of the cowl put them at the top.  Ben was the winner since he sculpted the amazing cowl.  He promised that if he ever won a Spotlight Challenge, he would propose to his girlfriend, so he did!!  I’m thinking she said yes.

The person going home was Alan.  The judges had a hard time chosing since all the makeups were great, but Alan’s misguided venom sacks affected the appeal of the character.  The judges told him to hold his head up high, and Josh told him not to give up.  Alan felt he had grown on the show and will continue creating with makeup.  Just to keep a tally, Team Laura has lost one artist, and now so has Team Anthony.  I’m hoping for some more surprises next week!

Face Off Season 7 Episode 5: Animal Hybrids

Published August 21, 2014 by vfdpixie

The episode started off with Damien feeling that he needed to redeem himself and bring his “A” game.  The contestants this season have been all over the place with consistency, so they all needed to pull up their boot straps!

For their next Spotlight Challenge, the gang gathered at the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles, where over 70 exotic and rescued species made their home.  It was a really cool facility where staff showcased a porcupine, red fox, squirrel monkey and a tawny owl.  They were so beautiful and the artists loved getting close to the animals.  Since films like Sharktopus, Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter used animal hybrids, the artists had to choose 2 animals from the center and create a “mash-up” hybrid species.

Cig picked the armadillo and alligator.  His concept was a super soldier called “armagator”.  He really enjoyed this challenge and went for it.  He really did well for time and only had to remove some of the cowl’s innards otherwise it would have been too heavy for the model to wear.  His final makeup looked great.  It was obvious how great his sculpt was, and Neville loved the shapes and beautiful forms of the mouth jaw line and gullet of the creature.  Glenn loved the silhouette and felt he captured the shapes of both animals.  He was in top looks.

George also choose the armadillo and alligator, calling it an “alladillo”.  he wanted to create a “quadroped” type hybrid, and during the walk-through, Mr. Westmore warned him against the face looking too much like a prop.  He called it a “beautiful undertaking” and wished him luck with the ambitious design.  George decided to use L-200 foam for the scales because it was easy to shape, and tried on his armadillo back which was hilarious!  During the application, his model was allergic to one of the glues used to affix the appliance, so he had to use a less effective adhesive that would come loose if the model perspired.  Of course he did, so George ended up taping on the face and hoped that it wouldn’t fall off on the reveal stage.  His final look was finished, but the judges though it was too big of an idea and he lacked the time to complete it.  Luckily he was safe.

Sasha did a Bobcat and Tawny owl hybrid.  Her creature was a witch that wanted the 9 lives of a cat and the ability to fly.  She decided to sculpt the feathers on the face which she thought was a huge risk because they wouldn’t have any movement, but went for it.  She was worried that her model’s costuming lacked feet and she wasn’t happy with the brown leggings she found, but she shouldn’t have worried.  The face was really striking.  The judges acknowledged the huge amount of sculpting and when Glenn asked her what she thought of her design, Sasha said she didn’t like the end result.  He told her she should work on her confidence, because her control over colour placement was “phenomenal”.  Lois thought she used her time wisely because the eye went to where it counted and she shouldn’t worry about the leggings.  She was in the top looks.

Jason worked with the Redtail Hawk and Fenec Fox.  He wanted to avoid wings and fur on his hybrid.   His process wasn’t really focused on, but his face sculpt was interesting even though the eyes were a little rough in my opinion.  He didn’t like the paint but ended up safe.

Rachael created a Coatimundi and Fenec Fox hybrid.  She used the ears and colouring of the fox and the face of the coatimundi for her design.   Mr. Westmore told her to bring out the creature’s nose a bit more.  It had an interesting face, but she was not in love with her hybrid.  She was safe.

Keaghlan picked the Eurasian Lynx and the Kinkajou to create an experimental animal from a lab.  She used vacuform domes for the large eyes of a kinkajou, and made long fingers with L-200, attaching them with tape cotton and latex for a quick and secure application.  She also airbrushed the eyes to look  like a lynx.  the judges didn’t like the eyes and they thought the colours were flawed and the paint didn’t work.  The facial forms were good, but the paint and textures didn’t work making the design too cartoony.  Keaghlan agreed with them, and she was in the bottom looks.

Damien blended a Coatimundi with a Tawny owl.  He made a full fur/feather suit, and loved that his model had a dance background which would help with the makeup.  He liked how it looked and so did the judges!  They liked how the fur and feathers blended well, and Neville thought it really worked overall.  Glenn thought it was exquisite and the feathers and fur were well done.  Damien was in the top looks.

Stella picked the Serval Cat and the Kinkajou.  Mr. Westmore advised her to redo the nose and create more detail around it.  She really had trouble this time around, and thought her design looked dumb.  She felt really lost.  On day 2, she started over even though that would put her behind with her time.  When she finally got the face and suit on her model, she realized the paint and the suit colour didn’t match, and to create more panic during last looks, she ran out of brown paint.  She was embarrassed on the reveal stage.  The judges didn’t like the hard edges in the face sculpt, and the anatomy didn’t make sense.  They thought she didn’t work with her strengths which is colour and paint, and it was called “an unacceptable makeup” by Neville.  She was in the bottom.

Dina came up with a miner prairie dog/red fox hybrid because both animals dug holes.  For her creature suit, she wanted to use red fur, but there was none left, so she had to paint white fur to capture the red fox colouring.  She did a great job with painting the fur, but the judges thought it was too cartoony.  I liked the face, and luckily she was safe.

Doc combined a Bald Eagle and a Squirrel Monkey.  Mr. Westmore thought the nose was good.  Doc decided to take his time with the mold even though it cost him time.  It really did.  He only had one leg finished and had to make the other one on application day.  He was really scared.  His flying monkey didn’t have a proper tail, and the judges noted that he had one problem after another with this makeup.  The shape of the face was a mess and the paint was muddy.  Neville called it “heartbreaking”.  He was in the bottom looks.

Drew  blended a Red Fox and Squirrel Monkey.  Mr. Westmore wanted him to change the shape of the head.  He decided to use hydrocal plaster because it set faster but because of this speed, the layers of stone could come apart.  He was worried that it was a potential disaster, but things worked out.  The judges thought his makeup had beautiful forms and he was safe.

The winner was Damien.  They loved his character and the great choices he made with the feather/fur costuming.  they loved that his true talent finally came through.

The loser?  Doc.  Sadly, his promising forms were overshadowed by his bad decisions, concept and poor execution.  The judges admired that he knew his concept and design wasn’t working, and ultimately he just needed more experience.

It’s interesting to see the flux of the artists and their confidence and skill.  So far, it’s been a crap shoot with somewhat loaded dice since the editing kind of lets the viewer know who will come out on top.  Pixie no likey, so I hope they will stop with the hints and leave some element of surprise.  Jeez!!



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