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Face Off Season 6 Episode 2: Alien S.O.S.

Published January 24, 2014 by vfdpixie

At the start of the second episode, Matt expressed a bit of remorse because of Margaret’s elimination. He felt bad that she got voted off even though he took responsibility.  The judges have their reasons, and this is a competition.  People have to be eliminated.

Without a moment to lose, the artists went to a farm with crop circles to find out what their next challenge was going to be.  McKenzie presented the fact that over the last 30 years, 10, 000 crop circles have been found all over the world.  Some think that they are intergalactic distress signals.  With that in mind, there were 7 briefcases with a photo of a crop circle design and a dire message.  The artists were to choose a briefcase and work in teams of two to illustrate a life form that could have sent this distress message.  They had to make sure that there was evidence of the dire circumstances in the makeup.  Their guest judge for Elimination Day was Scott Stewart, writer and director for films like Priest, Dark Skies, and the T.V. series Defiance.  He thought everyone did a great job, considering the limited amount of time they had.

Rashaad and Tyler picked “global famine”.  Their concept was a greedy race that looked frog-like.  The two guys worked really well together and created what I though would be a top look because it was a great alien!  Their colour scheme was interesting and the look was cohesive, but the judges had little to say about it.  At least they were safe and made it to next week.

Niko and Corrine got the message “we need water”.  They created a dehydrated creature.  Niko was concerned that they weren’t going big enough, but ended up in the top looks.  The judges really like the paint job and the back of the alien’s head.  Ve also loved the green fingernails and Scott Stewart found the look to be seamlessly cohesive.

Tess and Daniel got “overcome with disease”.  They wanted to have an alien with mushrooms and fungus growing from its skin.  They judges felt they could have used more surface area for mushroom placement, but these two were safe.

George and Bethany got the message “polluted and toxic environment”.  Their concept was an alien that was a gatherer scavenging the land for food.  the cowl George made ripped right down the middle, so he improvised by turning the rip into a wound.  He was terrified that he would be going home.  the judges felt that from afar, the makeup looked impressive, but up close, the details in the face were unrefined.  Ve also wanted to see the character with evidence that she had been gathering food.  They ended up in the bottom looks.

Cat and Matt worked with the message “the sun is dying”.  They had trouble coming up with a concept and design.  What they eventually came up with looked too much like an animal, or “too elephanty” as Cat put it.  After some though, they came up with an alien that had to adapt to a planet that got hotter and hotter.  Their paint job was pretty terrible and took away from the work, as the judges pointed out.  Glenn also noted that the character had a “Swamp Thing nose” that was better left, well, on the Swamp Thing.  I thought they didn’t quite mesh together on this challenge, but tried their best to cooperate.  The judges thought that they didn’t do their solid concept any justice with the paint job and sculpt.  As a result, they were in the bottom looks as well.

Tanner and Daran worked with “ice caps are melting”.  Their concept involved an alien that used its fingertips to filter water.  I liked how they got forms for the hands, with Tanner using his own hands for a mold.   I wasn’t sure about this one myself, but it definitely was unique.  The judges thought the face of their alien was creepy and weird in a good way, and that the look was organic and rational.  They found it adventurous, fascinating and a well executed makeup.  They were in the top looks.

Chloe and Graham picked “gravity is changing”, and went for an alien that was dealing with an expanding gravity.  They made her a lanky, stretched out creature.  Chloe had some trouble deciding on a couple of design aspects, but in the end they came together to create a great alien.  I like the creature’s interesting, almost high fashion look  The judges liked the silver tones of the paint and thought it had good texture and depth.  They were safe.

The top team was Niko and Corrine.  The judges felt they worked extremely well together and executed one of the nicest paint jobs they had seen.  Corrine was the winner as they thought she was the driving force behind the team.

In the end, Bethany went home.  The judges felt that her face sculpt was an issue, but wished her the best.

I am always fascinated with what the judges look for in a makeup.  For the last few seasons, concepts that I thought were a top look ended up being “safe”, in fact, some of the winning looks have surprised me.  I have to remember that these industry leaders have an extensive background that guides them in their choices for camera ready concepts.   I still think that Rashaad and Tyler were robbed this episode.  That was a gorgeous alien!

I’m curious to see who will start to shine on the show.  Rashaad is really showing his skill and confidence with sculpting.  Chloe and Corrine both won a challenge, so looks like the ladies are leading the pack!

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