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Face Off Season 10 Episode 9: Valkyrie Goddesses and Genies!

Published March 10, 2016 by vfdpixie

This was another cool episode.  The show started right into a Foundation Challenge where the winner would walk away with immunity.  The artists found models with gorgeous wings waiting for them.  McKenzie told them they had to create a Valkyrie warrior Goddess and draw on Norse mythology.  Their guest judge would be Emmy-award winning makeup artist Douglas Noe, who worked on Thor and Pulp Fiction.  He wanted to see shapes, angles and a colour palette that wasn’t garish. He also wanted to see a story without using words.

Robert had an interesting concept.  Instead of a beauty makeup, he emphasized the warrior aspect and used blood splatter as on top of the warrior paint.  Walter used reds and blacks for his goddess who collected dead warriors that died by fire.  Melissa created a fallen warrior who transformed into a Valkyrie with a white forehead and ring detail.  Yvonne went for a mother Nature vibe.  Douglas like her use of colour, Melissa’s concept and clear vision, and wanted Walter to go further with his colour choices.  The winner was Melissa, who would now have immunity.  She’s been lucky with bypassing the gauntlet and this immunity win.

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For the Spotlight Challenge, genies were the dish of the day.  The gang had to choose from different vessels to create a mischievous genie character.  Bill Corso would be their next guest judge for this challenge, who worked on Deadpool, Star Wars:  The Force Awakens and Foxcatcher.

Rob chose a heavily carved vessel with Mayan details.  His concept involved a primitive culture that finds the vessel and releases a genie who becomes a deity.  Mr. Westmore told him to make the nose more prominent to mimic the Incan or Maya detailing.  Rob liked his concept but realized creating symmetry was really difficult.  He wanted perfection but was running out of time.  He ended up with a ton of details to finish in last looks, and didn’t get all of the body painted, but it was a great look regardless.  The judges thought it was unique and successful up close.  He made solid and daring decisions, and Neville thought the Mayan details and cultural references were great.  Bill thought the colour and design was smart and beautiful.  He was in top looks.

Mel’s gazelle covered vessel inspired her to create a human/gazelle hybrid.  She was having a hard time sculpting something that didn’t look like a cat.  Mr. Westmore suggested she use the patterns in the vessel which were a bit more obvious than the  animal concept.  This would eat some of her time up, but she used cups and plastic tubing to mimic the designs in the vessel.  She wasn’t thrilled, but it was something.   She used teal, bronze, gold and silver with black to give the paint finish an aged look.  Gluing on the lips was a bit of an issue, but she finally got the makeup finished.  The judges could see the rough application, and the arbitrary design.  Neville thought it wasn’t an attractive makeup, and Bill thought it wasn’t anatomically feasible.  She was in bottom looks.

Walter picked a vessel accented with dragons.  He wanted to do a reptilian-witch character.  He was in his element since he really loved the fantasy genre, and really wanted a win this challenge.  Mr. Westmore liked the witch nose he sculpted, and Walter was happy with his work.  He ran into some trouble when he was molding his cowl.  He had to rush it and with the help of the other artists, cracked it open but thankfully it came out nicely.  His paint job consisted of black and gold, and the makeup turned out amazing!  The judges loved the sculpting, consistent scaling and metallic paint.  Glenn thought it fulfilled the challenge with the mischievous genie and told a story.  He was in top looks.

Yvonne created an elephant genie to match the vibe of her vessel.  She didn’t really have any problems except for some patching on the cowl.  She did another amazing paint job with lots of highlight and contour to give the character a lot of dimension, but the judges didn’t think it read genie and it wasn’t appropriate for the challenge.  Melissa’s genie was just weird.  She had a metallic finish with what the judges thought looked like a disease detailing.  She was lucky she had immunity.  Yvonne was also in the safe zone this week.

Robert went weird again, and decided on a cat genie demon that partied a lot.  Mr. Westmore told him to go more fantasy instead of a literal cat, and Robert suggested to add horns to the face.  He didn’t do a cowl; focusing on the genie’s face.  He had some issues with the chin staying down, but was able to sort it out.  His genie was….interesting.  The judges thought it was inappropriate for the challenge, and too goofy.  Bill felt the ears were coming out of the eye sockets and wanted brighter colours.  Glenn thought it was a successful makeup but didn’t fulfill the challenge at all.  This put him in the bottom looks.


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The winner was Walter!  He finally got his win by proving he had talent with “successfully integrated references” and a fantastic paint job.  The person going home would be Robert.  They thought his humour sent him down the wrong path this time, but loved his uniqueness.  His final thought was that his final look was a symbol of creative freedom and a gift to us all.  Oh, and he says, “You’re so welcome” in advance.  Um, thanks Robert…I’ll miss that kooky dude!

Face Off Season 6 Episode 3: Dragons!

Published January 30, 2014 by vfdpixie

As Corinne and George discuss her win, George expressed how he wanted to do and individual challenge to show his skill.  Ask and you shall receive, sir!

This time around, the artists head to Point Dume State Beach in Malibu which has been featured in films like Iron Man and the original Planet of the Apes.  McKenzie told them the beach could also be the perfect home for dragons.  She presented them with shields damaged by the following:  freezing, corrosion, charring, quills, sandblasting, slime, or tarring.  For the first individual Spotlight Challenge, they were to pick a shield and create a dragon that could have caused the damage.

Daniel created a dragon that had slimed a shield.  His character had been outcast from the other dragons, and waited to reunite with its mate.  The judges did not like this makeup.  They thought the chest looked like armour, and the palette was “uncomfortable”.  Neville thought the kimono costuming ruined the concept.  Glenn also added that there were no dragon elements like horns, teeth or wings.  In fact, one of the judges thought it looked like a sea creature.  He ended up in the bottom looks.

Rashaad picked tarred and created a thick and heavy-looking dragon.  That dude has talent! I really liked this character. It looked like it was straight from a video game.  The judges were floored by all the work he did in such a short amount of time.  They felt it looked like a team effort.  They thought he had a great sense of form, splendid paint technique, and they liked the wings as well.  The sculpt, paint and volume of work really blew them away.  He was in the top looks.

Chloe chose the sandblasted theme.  She created a seahorse type dragon.  Her concept was plagued with problems.  From locking molds to a cowl she had to cut in half, this makeup was barely completed in time.  She was “heartbroken” and felt it was one of the worst makeups she had ever done.  Sadly, she was right.  It was a bit of a mess, but the judges acknowledged the detail in her sculpt.  She was terrified that she was going home, but miraculously, she was safe.

Tyler went with the frozen shield, and created a vulture-like scavenger dragon.  He was really good with his time, and finished his sculpting in such an efficient way that he was able to make wings for his concept.  He also used the vacuform to create icicles for the creature’s head.  His love for dragons showed because it was a great concept.  I really loved the paint job and the teeth.  The judges loved this concept and thought it had “creepy elegance”.  They thought he made intelligent choices and that he had created the best set of wings on the show.  Because of this brilliant concept and smart decisions, he was in the top looks.

Graham picked the slimed shield.  His concept was a gross, slobbering, and dog-like dragon.  He also used vacuform to create bubbles and multiple eyes for his dragon.  I liked how he incorporated slime and stuck debris on the creature.  It was a pretty solid look and kept him safe for this week.

Niko worked on a quilled dragon who was a slave and wanted revenge.  His chest piece cracked, and after helping Chloe with her locked mold, realized he was a bit behind with his time.  I didn’t like the paint job.  The judges liked the profile of the quills at the side and back of the head, but thought the sculpting and application was rough and the design not proportionate.  Glenn also pointed out that the eye couldn’t find a place to go.  He was in the bottom looks.

Matt (tarred), Tanner (charred), and Daran (corrosion), all ended up safe.  I liked Daran’s creature.  It looked rusted and I loved how the jaw was corroded down to bone.  The other two makeups were kind of a mess (sorry, not gonna lie!).  I am surprised that Matt was safe as I thought his middle eastern concept had nothing to do with his tarred choice, and the dragon wasn’t dragon-like.

Corrine worked with corrosion and created a treasure hoarding dragon that spit acid to protect its treasure.  Her dragon had a nice profile, but she was not happy with it.  Lucky for her, she was safe. Cat picked the frozen shield, and created an almost pretty dragon.  I liked her colour choices and the face sculpt.  This design kept her safe as well.

Tess also chose quilled.  She was having trouble sculpting and ended up behind.  Her concept was a dragon that used its quills and feathers as arrows.  Her leg pieces were not coming off the forms, and she had to cut them off.  The judges liked the concept but felt that the gluing and paint was rough.  The head-piece was also crooked and they would have liked to have seen the model’s chin integrated into the makeup.  She was in the bottom looks.

George picked the charred shield, and went with a volcanic look.  His dragon was a knight who had fallen in love with a wizard’s wife and was thrown into the pits of Hell.  The judges really liked the forms, design and horn placement.  Ve thought it looked like a Chinese dragon, with the fire bronzed metal look.  Neville thought the idea wasn’t new but it was a beautiful makeup.  He was in the top looks.

The winner out of the top looks was Tyler.  They thought he had a brilliant concept and made smart decisions.  The person to go home was Daniel.  They thought that the makeup was confused with the sculpt and colour and the didn’t see a dragon in the makeup.

I really enjoyed this challenge. I love dragons, and the contestants really showed their skills this time around.  I can see that despite the nerves, this is a really strong bunch.  Really enjoying the fact that there isn’t any drama too (hope I’m not speaking too soon!).

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