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Face Off Season 9 Finale Part 2: Short Film Frenzy!

Published October 29, 2015 by vfdpixie

After waiting a whole, long week, we finally got to see the second part of the finale.  A third character was added to the three short film scripts the artists chose from last week.  Along with the added character came extra help from former contestants Libby, Jason and Ricky.  The finalists were stressed but they were pumped to work on a film set and rose to the occasion.

Evan added Libby to his team, and Patrick added a mutated infected character to the film Quarantine Zone.  That meant Evan had to rework his infected captive so he wouldn’t look so far gone, and bump up the mutant so he looked grotesque.  Patrick liked the concept for the mutated infected, and they made giant mutant arms for the makeup.  Working on a film set was Evan’s dream, and this challenge was fulfilling it for him.

On set, Evan and his team worked well together to get the mutant painted and finish all the makeups.  When Patrick saw the wanderer, he wanted to remove the coat she was wearing, so Evan had to go in and cover her exposed skin with makeup to make her look dirty and camera-ready.  The judges said they loved the captive’s veins, the mutant arms and how on the ball they were as a team.  Glenn liked how well Evan worked with Patrick.  Ve loved the paint jobs and cohesive characters, and Neville liked that he rethought the characters and managed to pull off the looks.

The cast of Quarantine Zone

The cast of Quarantine Zone


Ben added Jason on his team and they had to create a sacrifice victim that seduces the creature.  She needed to be beautiful and more human-like.  They had lots of pieces to apply, but there was some trouble with the victim.  The edges around her mouth lifted, so they added blood to make the flaw look like a wound.  Ben pre-painted most of the pieces, and although Jason was freaking out about the female character, Ben was happy.  This night shoot was really dramatic by the light of a fire, and the priest and creature got a lot of praise for their cohesiveness and forms, but the judges did notice the issues with the female victim (no victim picture available).

A shot from Ben's short Resurrection

A shot from Ben’s short Resurrection


Nora added Ricky to her team.  She had to create a giant ally for the prey in order for them to trick the hunter.  Nora was really psyched to get her makeups done.  She did a great job controlling every detail, and drew the best out of her team. On set, she had to water proof the makeups due to a last-minute directing decision, but she took it in stride.  Neville loved the giant and thought he was badass, and Glenn loved how the mud and water worked well with the makeup.  It was a great shoot, and Nora got emotional over the whole experience.

The cast of The Prey

The cast of The Prey

The winner was Nora!!  They loved how she worked well on set and how cohesive the giant and prey were.  She wins a Fiat 500, $100,000, and a VIP trip to one of Kryolan’s international locations.

Hats off to all the finalists, and congratulations to Nora, winner of Face Off Season 9!  I’m sure she’ll blaze a trail in the movie makeup world.

I’ll see you here in January when Face Off comes back for a 10th season!

Face Off Season 7 Episode 13: Monster Mayhem!

Published October 27, 2014 by vfdpixie

This episode, we found out who was going to be in the finale!  The remaining artists headed to DC Studios where shows like The X-Files and Alias were shot.  They came upon some old-fashioned newspapers with sensational headlines.  McKenzie was there as usual, ready to tell them about their last challenge before the finale.  She told them the newspaper headlines were inspired by movie monsters like Godzilla and King Kong.  Each headline involved a landmark devastated by a creature.  Their challenge was to pick a newspaper and create their own giant monster from that headline.  She advised them not to hold back as this was the last chance to show the judges that they belonged in the finale.  There was also a guest judge:  Clifton Collins Jr., a great character actor that everyone has seen, most recently in Pacific Rim.  He loved monster movies for the nostalgia and the fun.  His advice to them was to be original and pay attention to detail.

Dina picked “Mantis Preys on Paris!”  She wanted to created a female praying mantis who ate so many of her male counterparts that she grew into a giant monster, and to show the judges that she could do creepy.  Dina used plastic globes for the large eyes, and Mr. Westmore liked the face and told her how to shade for detailing.  She had quite a lot to do, and created extensions that added 2 feet to the model’s arms.  She also pulled out the piping bag for spikes on the arms.  After painting like crazy, she ended up with a beautiful giant monster.  The judges loved the teeth and the way she incorporated eye holes in the head’s nostrils.  The head itself was powerful for them, and with all the details, they felt every square inch of the makeup was addressed.  This put her in the top looks.

Cig went for “Yeti Crab Crushes Kremlin!”  His monster was a by-product of Chernobyl that escaped.  He wanted to fabricate a whole suit and start with a basic ape sculpt.  When Mr. Westmore saw his design, he told him it looked like a gorilla in a crab suit.  Cig had a moment where he needed a breather to rethink the sculpt.  He was running out of time, and he needed to sell more crab in the makeup, so he added antennae on the sides of the face.  This made him feel more confident, so he went on to make the suit with couch foam and L200.  He loved his paint job and the end result was a unique face and great overall shape.  The judges thought the face forms and profile worked well.  Clifton liked the fur, shell and shading.  The literal melding of crab and yeti also had a Japanese design and feel.  Cig was also in the top.

Drew got “Giant Sloth Destroys Shanghai!”  He wanted to go big by emphasizing the sloth’s long arms and claws.  He had to make sure the creature didn’t look too cute.  He started layering hair on the arms and then realized it took too much time, so he created a burn on the other arm to look like a war wound.  He was worried that it would look silly.  At the last minute, he thought the hair looked bad and ripped it off to create burns on both arms.  The judges liked his paint textures and felt it successfully met the challenge, but he could have handled the burns better.  They liked that he modified the creature to show gigantism, as well as the head and claws.

George picked “Deadly Squid Destroys Dubai!”  His idea was to sculpt a scary beak in a chest piece.  Mr. Westmore advised him to stay away from muddy colours and use purples and reds instead.  His chest piece didn’t cure properly, so he had to run it in poly foam which is more rigid, but it was key for the makeup.  He had a lot to create with the bodysuit, and it wasn’t quite working out, realizing that he had bitten off more than he could chew.  George wasn’t proud of this makeup and started to throw paint onto the suit which was a little alarming since they had to do their best for this last challenge.  Luckily, he ended up liking his paint job.  I thought it was sloppy looking, but the judges overlooked that because they liked the 60’s feel of the makeup and the profile transition from mouth to shoulder.  They felt the colours were more playful, and Glenn liked the Sarlacc pit mouth.  Lois though it looked like a creature from Dr. Who.

After lots of deliberations, the judges chose Dina as the winner and the first person picked for the finale!  I was so happy.  They thought the amount of work she did by herself was impressive.  Cig was the second person picked.  The loved the throwback nature in his concept.  Drew was the last one going to the finale.  They thought he made smart decisions to focus on the sloth elements and did a successful sculpt and paint job.  That meant George was going home.  They thought he was a great artist but this week just not up to par with his peers.  He was disappointed but proud of his work and intended to  go back to work on his shop and keep creating.  I think the right people are in the finale, but I would have loved to see Stella in that lineup.  We got a bit of a hint of the upcoming finale challenge with swords, armour and a return to the Life or Death theme.  Looking forward to all the surprises they have in store!



Face Off: Episode 5 Season 4: The Giants

Published February 14, 2013 by vfdpixie

Happy Valentine’s Day ghouls and gals!!  Hope everyone is scarin’ up some good lovin’!  This week’s episode, “Two Heads are Better Than One” bored me to be honest.  The challenge and the results didn’t really grab my attention.  Sure, the contestants worked hard at their creations, and I will always respect that, but I guess the subject matter seemed like a shameless plug for some big budget giant slayer movie that I doubt I will see.  I have standards, you know.  If it doesn’t have an obsure vintage or some quirk to it, I ain’t watchin’, but I digress.

The gang head to Six Flags Magic Mountain to get their instructions for the latest spotlight challenge.  Create an original giant character with at least 2 heads.  Their guest judge was Bryan Singer, director, producer, and writer extraordinaire.  Once again, they get split up into pairs, and once again, there were some that found this a huge advantage, and some that cringed when they saw their partner.  Alam and Eric Z teamed up to create a giant with heads growing out of its feet.  Wayne and House go for broke and decided on 3 heads, but after seeing everyone else doing the same thing, scaled back to 2 heads.  Kris and Eric F. went big.   Really big.  Autumn and Anthony work on a giant with a contorted faces in front and back, and Meagan and Jenna tried for a stacked head effect.  The models this time were big guys and an inspiration for the makeups.

I liked how Alam and Eric Z. worked together, as they are both pretty cool-headed and easy-going, but unfortunately, the judges couldn’t wrap their heads around the concept of the foot/heads and pretty much panned it (although I thought it was pretty creative).  Eric F and Kris really worked well together, and cranked out a pretty outrageous double-headed giant with creative use of their model.  It made the judges laugh and they really enjoyed the effect.  Jenna and Meagan were just not meshing as a team, and due to Jenna’s hand and Meagan’s irritation, their design and execution suffered.  House and Wayne’s giant turned out really well.  I think the removal of one head from the design saved them time, and the judges really like the sculpting inspired by the redwood at Magic Mountain.  Oh yes, and Wayne was finally able to say there was a good paint job.  Autumn and Anthony’s design was good as well, but it irked me to hear Autumn say she was “on vacation” because she was paired up with him.  Really?!!  There’s honesty and then there’s laziness.  Let’s at least try to look like you want to work.  Anthony had to deal with her as best he could, as she does love herself a lot.

Eric F and Kris’s giant was the winner.  I really liked Kris’s integrity when he rightfully gave props to Eric’s skill and concept.  That ultimately made Eric F. the winner for this episode, which I was happy about, since he deserves a win.  Jenna got sent home.  This was a logical choice since she was suffering with her hand issues and feeling bad about team situations.  I hope she gets better soon, and I hope next week brings us more excitement!

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