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Face Off Season 9 Episode 8: “The Gauntlet”

Published September 16, 2015 by vfdpixie

Face Off is always a whirlwind of makeup and tension, but it came to a head this week.  McKenzie described it as the most difficult challenge in Face Off history and she wasn’t kidding.  Called simply “The Gauntlet”, the artists would have a 3-staged challenge and the winning artist for each stage would be ranked from highest scoring to lowest.  Their overall ranking would determine who won the entire 3 challenges and who would go home, and our resident judges Glenn, Ve and Neville would determine the best and worst looks.

The first stage was inspired by films where characters were exposed to the elements like in Cast Away and Alive.  The artists had to create a look based models and their wardrobe, the major themes being frozen or sunburned.  They all did great jobs, and the top looks came from Nora and Jordan.  Nora ranked #1 this first stage, as her frostbitten look was the most accurate portrayal of exposure.  The bottom looks included Evan, Jasmine and Kevon.

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Stage two involved models who were already in costume and had prosthetics applied to their faces.  The challenge here was to create some incredible paint jobs.  Glenn advised them to not apply big blocks of colour and go for realism instead.

Stevie’s medieval goblin had a fantasy look, but the judges thought it was too flat looking.  Ben’s sea queen impressed the judges with pretty colours and soft variations of paint.  Jasmine’s fun alien had an overly airbrushed look like body painting but it was fun.

Kevon and Ben were in the top looks.  Kevon, who felt defeated by the challenge, ended up creating a paint job the judges loved and won him first place in stage 2, followed by Ben.  The bottom 3 were Scott, Stevie and Evan.

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The third and final stage had them create a hero or feature makeup and two background makeups, within the following randomly assigned categories:  Witches and Warlocks, Goblins and Angels.

Meg, Ben, and Jordan all got Witches and Warlocks.  Meg made a third eye with a taxidermy fake eye in the witch’s forehead to break up what she thought was a boring look.  The judges didn’t like it and they noticed that she did the same paint job as her last challenge.  They also thought she should have swapped out characters because her background male witch was a better makeup.  She was in the bottom.

Jordan went for a traditional Halloween trio of witches.  The judges thought the makeups looked rough up close, and needed more detail, colour range and gloss for dimension.  Ben did a skin abnormality that looked like a Rorschach test, which was weird but well done and kept him out of the bottom rankings.

Kevon, Evan and Jasmine did Angels.  Jasmine had a fallen angel and his 2 angel prisoners.  She wanted a metallic finish to the main angel, but the golden-bronze colour was too solid.  The judges thought it was too intense, like a street performer with no dimension and the female background characters too subtle.  Evan, on the other hand, got their approval for his two fallen angels and their angel prisoner.  They felt he had the strongest hero character and liked the beautiful female angel.  His “elegant array of characters” with lots of details got him top rankings.  Kevon also did well with his beauty makeup inspired angels, and although his brow piece was a tad low on his feature makeup, he was safe.

Finally, Scott, Stevie and Nora worked on Goblins.  Scott impressed the judges with all the detail he got done in such a short amount of time.  Stevie went for a fantasy look and had a male “pimp” goblin and his “ho-blins”.  She fixed her paint job from looking muddy to having dimension, and the judges noticed.  They liked her painting techniques down to the broken capillaries in the nose.  Nora really went for it and made my favourite trio of the night.  She painted the heck out of her goblins, adding translucent jelly for a gooey look.  She was inspired by the movie Legend, and Neville could see the influence.  The judges thought her choices were successful and liked that the goblins were cohesive.

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The winner for stage 3 was Evan for his well painted hero, but the overall winner was Nora who showed growth and had the most covered and well-rounded makeups.  I thought she also showed consistency in all three stages.

The bottom three in stage 3 were Meg, Stevie and Jasmine, and unfortunately, Jasmine would be the one going home.  Her different approach to the first stage in which she created a poisoned look instead of a frostbitten or sunburned look; the airbrushed look of her fun alien; and finally the one-toned fallen angel kept her in the bottom too often.  Neville was inspired by her and sad to see her go.   The good thing was that she was inspired by the show and glad she got as far as she did.  She vowed to carry on and kick ass, which I’m sure she will very soon!

I Heart The Hobbit

Published December 17, 2012 by vfdpixie


The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey (2012, 2 hrs 49 mins)

Once upon a time in the village of Bloor West, when I was a wee pixie, I picked up a book called The Hobbit.  I read and I read, unable to put the book down, and also because my parents never let me do anything fun.  Fast forward to today, and this pixie went to see the movie adaptation, The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey.  I’ve got to say that I loved it!  It was action packed and really funny.

A young Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) is recruited by Gandalf (Ian McKellen) to help the heir to the Dwarf throne, Thorin (Richard Armitage), regain his kingdom.  Who’s got it?  Smaug,  a gold loving dragon who got a whiff of the former Dwarf King’s significant horde of gold and took over.  It was nice to see new and old characters throw down in Middle Earth.  Hugo Weaving and the stunning Cate Blanchett as Elven royalty were amazing as usual, but I am biased.  I’ve loved Hugo Weaving ever since his earlier work in Proof and The Matrix.

This pixie likes a monster, and there were plenty.  From giant rock monsters to giant Orc wolves and goblins (with herpes), I definitely got my fill.  We also get our intro to Gollum (Andy Serkis) and the ring, and we see our Hobbit surprise us with his courage as he endures some epic fights with orcs and goblins.

Martin Freeman is just perfect as Bilbo.  I fell for his adorable face when I first encountered him on The Office.  His performance will inspire nerds everywhere to do something courageous.  Actually, all the Dwarf-portraying actors gave great performances.  Richard Armitage as the Dwarf King heir managed to enchant my friend as she whispered to me, “That Dwarf King is so sexy”.  See?  Short guys do have game!

Quite honestly, old age has affected my pixie brain, and I only remember snippets of the book, but I have faith in director Peter Jackson.  He has made a thoroughly entertaining film, and I can’t wait until the next installment in the series.  One thing I was not happy with was the reported deaths of some animals during production.  There is controversy about the number of animals, and whether or not the source of the information is reliable, but the allegations are disturbing nonetheless.  I just hope this will bring safer conditions for animals to film sets in the future.

Most Memorable Line:  When the most articulate Goblin King I have ever seen (actually, the only Goblin King I have ever seen) decides to pummel the captured Dwarves, he shouts, “Bring up the mangler!  Bring up the bone crusher!”  Appropriate in this instance, but maybe not at your next board meeting.

Favourite Scene:  A tie between the Dwarves and Bilbo getting caught in the middle of  a mountain/rock monster scrap and the gang lighting pine cones and using them as fiery bombs as they fight the Orcs.

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