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Face Off Season 11, Episode 1: Green Screen Aliens!

Published January 25, 2017 by vfdpixie


And just like that, Face Off is back for season 11.


This time, it’s an all-star show, with artists from previous seasons coming together in teams of two to show their prosthetics prowess.

The gang waited by a seaside lighthouse as they waited on a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter that held the lovely host McKenzie Westmore. This season, she promised twists and turns, the first being that the contestants would win and lose as a team, meaning if they were eliminated, they would both go home. There would be plenty of chances to show their skill however, a team will be eliminated every other week. This means immunity for the winners and another chance for the bottom teams.

For the first Spotlight Challenge of the season, the teams would have to draw from The Abyss, War of the Worlds and unusual deep sea creatures to create their own alien beings. In order to give their creations that otherworldly look, they would incorporate green screen technology-a Face Off first-to remove any part of their model’s body in order to make a creature no one has seen before.

Michael Westmore would be back to mentor and advise. He looked amazing as ever, and seems to never age. Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page were also back as the resident judges we know and love so much. Of course the grand prize would be a trip to one of Kryolan’s international locations, a spiffy new car and $100,000 cash.

Cig and George (Season 7). These self-professed “loveable goofballs” are friends and had a real bromance going. They used a Rough Back Batfish for their aristocratic alien.   They created extra skin with cling wrap to fill gaps that when the appliances didn’t match up and came out with a cool looking, whimsical alien that the judges liked. I thought the concept was great and loved the face along with the judges. They were safe.

Niko and Cat (Season 6): This cute couple are still together and going strong. They picked a Vampire Squid for their alien, and used George’s belly as a reference for their sculpt. As per usual, it was their turn for a mold got stuck, but they broke it to save time. The end result showed that they had a good concept but the judges thought the design could have been better. I liked the squid skirt they created, and the judges liked the paint. They were also safe.

Logan and Adam (Season 8): These guys created an alien from the Veined Octopus and worked really well together. Their great head sculpt got them a safe place too.

Ben and Evan (Season 9): Their alien Japanese Spider Crab would have a green screen effect to emphasize giant crab legs. The sculpt was so heavy with clay that it fell over, leaving them a bit of a mess and more time wasted fixing it. The alien looked cool but the giant legs put the judges off. Neville thought the creature was badly proportioned, and Ve thought the legs looked like totem poles painted by 3-year-old. Ouch! They were in the bottom.

Gage and Rachel (Season 1 and Season 7): Calling themselves Team Rage, these two picked a Skeleton Shrimp to build a bioluminescent alien from a water planet. They teamed up well with Rachel focusing on details for the sculpt and Gage good with large body work. Their design impressed the judges, leaving them thinking it was the best use of green screen to convey space and the fabricated claws were well done. Glenn thought the sculpt was a tad rough but it worked for the challenge. They were in the top looks.

Emily and Tyler (Season 8 and Season 6): Their Deep Sea Dragonfish was to become a seductive alien who lures her prey. Mr. Westmore told them to steer away from doing a beauty makeup as it would be too distracting. They ended up with a great paint job and I liked the face too. They were safe.

Jasmin and Stella (Season 9 and Season 7): Their alien would also have no legs and would be inspired by the Helmet Jellyfish. The final look was a little messy looking, and they also had proportion issues. Glenn didn’t like the way the arms kept crossing, taking away from the green screen effects. They were in the bottom looks.

Keaghlan and Melissa (Season 7 and Season 10): They wanted to take bold risks with the Flying Gurnard inspired alien. She would be a psychic alien queen with a large floating head. The judges loved the paint and face, graphic elements and design, and Ve just thought it was “bitchin”. They were in top looks.


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The winner was Keaghlan and Melissa for the gorgeous head and the background they chose to show their makeup. They have immunity for next week. Ben, Evan, Jasmine and Stella have another change to step up their game at the start of an interesting season!

Face Off Season 9 Episode 3: Whimiscal and Macabre Weddings for the 100th Episode

Published August 13, 2015 by vfdpixie

I can’t believe Face Off has been on for nine seasons!  And this episode was the 100th!  As the show opened, we got some fun facts:  there has been 120 artists on the show and a staggering 1157 makeups done to date.  I’m so glad this show exists because it opens up a whole world of creativity that some may take for granted.  Congrats to all involved for bringing this innovative and exciting competition to viewers everywhere!

To celebrate this milestone, the gang headed to the Pasedena Mausoleum, an historic resting place in Southern California.  There, McKenzie had a table set up with portraits of seven engaged couples.  The Spotlight Challenge called for a whimsical and macabre makeup for each couple, using films like the Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice and the couple’s personality for inspiration so they could get married in costume.  And the officiant would be none other than our lovely host McKenzie Westmore, who is an ordained minister!  It would be a sweet challenge, but the contestants felt the pressure since they would be creating looks for a very memorable day.  They worked once again in teams of 2, but this time the artists paired themselves up.

Jordan and Ricky picked Serge and Charlotte.  This couple shared a love of video games, so the concept involved the couple falling into a pool while playing games, getting electrocuted and coming back from the dead.  Mr. Westmore told the guys to concentrate on whimsy instead of realism, and Ricky decided to really push himself with a beating heart gag in the chest piece.  Jordan created wrinkled skin by using latex and plastic wrap on the bride, and although Ricky had to revamp his heart gag, the couple looked great!  I loved the colour palette, and the judges loved the depth to the sculpt.  Ve called them pop art zombies and felt the artists captured whimsy.  All of the judges loved the forms of the bride, and Glenn also loved the heart gag and felt they pushed themselves and added humour.  They were in the top.

Ricky and Jordan's couple

Ricky and Jordan’s zapped couple


Ben and Jasmine worked with Tom and Lisa, two major cat lovers (yay!).  This team decided to go for Beauty and the Beast with a feline slant, and used yarn as their key detail.  Jasmine had the task of wrapping the bride’s head-piece and the groom’s horns with yarn which took forever, and she also layered paint to get a good opaque finish on the bride.  It was a really fun makeup, and Glenn loved the stellar forms and colour.  Ve loved the bride’s paint job, and Neville thought the details and storytelling stood out.  They were in the top looks.

Ben and Jasmine's couple

Ben and Jasmine’s purrrrfect couple


Scott and Stevie transformed Lia and Andrew, who got engaged at Christmas, into frozen carolers.  Mr. Westmore advised them to create the face appliances in silicone because of the thin sculpt.  Scott decided to do a run of silicone and foam just in case.  The foam came out great (luckily!) and the makeups were really cool (no pun intended!).  Neville liked the subtle icicles and this team was safe.

Scott and Stevie's frozen couple

Scott and Stevie’s frozen couple


Libby and Brittany created a fantastical woodsy wedding look for Rudy and Kelly.  They went with Mr. Westmore’s suggestion to make a crown-like forehead for the bride’s makeup, and save for some stuck molds, had a happy couple and a successful makeup.  They judges felt it looked better up close, and Glenn thought the bride’s forehead could have been blended better, but they too were safe.

Brittany and Libby's couple

Brittany and Libby’swoodsy couple


Also in the safe zone was Kevon and Evan, who went for an angel and demon makeup for Jamie and Chris to illustrate their positive and negative personalities.  Their inspirations were the moon for the angel bride and the couple’s pug for the demon groom.  Evan created large wings out of worbla (a pliable sheet plastic) and dental dam, and although Kevon ripped his face piece and the repair was noticed by the judges, their couple was happy with their looks.

Kevon and Evan's couple

Kevon and Evan’s opposites attract couple


Jason and Missy helped Cassandra and Matthew become a ghoulish couple that jumped off the bridge they got engaged on in the Grand Canyon.  The plan was to have the bride grab her husband’s head atop his broken neck for a kiss.  Glenn didn’t like that the highlights were shadowed and the sculpt was obscured.  Ve thought the paint job killed the makeup, and Neville noted that the broken neck looked more like paralysis.  This team was in the bottom.

Jason and Missy's couple

Jason and Missy’s lover’s leap couple


Nora and Meg worked on Michael and Devon’s wedding look.  Since Michael was artistic, they decided on a drag queen artist who falls in love with her drawing.  Mr. Westmore suggested that Nora push the cartoony aspect, but she felt out of her element.  She sculpted brush strokes onto Devon’s face, but the paint job was not going well.  They both were aware of the issues with their makeups, and the judges thought the story was lame.  Neville thought the concept of a living painting was too subtle, and the drag makeup was not good.  Ve didn’t think it was whimsical, and the sculpted paint strokes were not visible from afar.  They were in the bottom.

Meg and Nora's couple

Meg and Nora’s illustrated love couple


McKenzie performed a nice little ceremony for the done up couples, who had their family and friends in attendance on the reveal stage.  Definitely a first for the show!

The top team was Ben and Jasmine since they combined both whimsy and the macabre really well, along with working the couple’s personalities into the look.  Jasmine was the winner for her beautiful paint job on the bride.  The elimination, however, will be announced in the next episode, since the show wanted to celebrate the newly wed models…there was cake to be had, after all!  I’m dying to know who leaves the show, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next week…

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