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Face Off Season 10 Episode 8: Evil Sorceresses!

Published March 7, 2016 by vfdpixie

Episode 8 found the artists at the Lobo Castle where their models were dressed as beautiful, evil sorceresses.  The Spotlight Challenge this week was to create a monstrous look for each one, showing their true, evil nature.

Rob picked the Dragon Queen.  His sorceress lured girls to steal their youth.  He wanted to make a back piece as well as hands and sculpt a dragon-like face.  Mr. Westmore advised him to put more of a fantasy look in the old age makeup and flare out the dragon nostrils.  Rob thought the face was too masculine, and with some feedback from Anna, rounded out the jaw.  For the back piece, instead of dragon wings he exaggerated the spine.  With stock horns and an acrylic wash of paint, his Dragon Queen was pretty awesome.  The judges loved the colours, scaling and the blending of the human anatomy in the sculpt.  The details were just right, and he also had great forms in the makeup.  He was in top looks.

Walter got the Emerald Empress, which was not his first choice.  He struggled for a concept, and came up with emeralds growing out of the model’s face and body.  He was told to watch the accents on the cheeks as they could look like a porcupine.  He had a lot of detail work to do, and the emeralds took a long time to paint.  The judges liked the mouth details, but thought there were too many tones.  Melissa’s Wiccan of the Woods had elements of decay and snarled vines on her body.  She had to keep the wood knots in her sculpt painted properly or else Mr. Westmore warned they would look like brown boils.  She created vines from heated plastic tubing and even thought they didn’t stick at first, her makeup was decent, although I did think the eye holes were too obvious, and the judges thought the colour choices were too avant-garde.  Mel picked the Temptress of the Flame.  This sorceress worked with Satan to tempt people.  She would have ram horns accented with flames. Mel had to make sure the flames weren’t too cartoony, and Mr. Westmore told her to go more symbolic with them.  She used latex and coffee grounds to create charred skin, and the judges liked the beauty makeup.  They thought the flames weren’t quite right, but she, along with Walter and Melissa, was safe.

Robert picked the Sea Witch.  This character lured sailors to their death, and Robert wanted to sculpt her face mid transformation into a sea creature. He had to fix her nose to make it less perfect, and created a gelatin eel that was a little weird-looking, and, um, limp.  He also added some spiky quills to the brow.  The judges thought the character was a little kooky and needed more symmetry.  Neville didn’t like the fin on the side of her face, and Glenn liked the forms but thought they could have been realized differently.

Anna created a monstrous look for the Shadow Enchantress.  This character’s seductive but demonic nature would be represented with horns.  Anna had issues with time, so she did a fast face sculpt which she wasn’t happy with. She also had to patch some of her foam and ran out of time.  Unfortunately, you could see edges in the final makeup and I thought the paint job looked flat.  The judges didn’t like the proportions, teeth and the clichéd Maleficent look.  Neville thought the stalagmite forms on the head-piece were confusing, and Ve didn’t like that she covered the model’s ears.  Anna was in bottom looks.

Yvonne got the Corpse Conjurer who became a corpse when she conjured the dead.  She exaggerated the neck bone and was worried about keeping the anatomy realistic, which can always mess you up on this show.  She painted the character with an airbrush, and made sure to use a lot of highlight and shadow to make the colouring pop.  Her makeup was very cool.  I loved the cowl, and the judges thought it looked even better up close. The subtle sculpt and creepy paint got the judges attention, especially since the skull still retained some beauty.  She was in top looks for this beautiful, symmetrical makeup.


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The winner was Rob once again as he accomplished a lot in very little time.  The person going home was Anna.  They felt a lot went wrong from the concept to the technical execution.  They were impressed with her talent and glad she made it on the show.  She left feeling inspired and ready to make her mark on the makeup world.


Pixie’s Best of 2014 and 2015 Picks

Published December 30, 2014 by vfdpixie

Theatre 13…where all horror films should be seen…Wooooo!!


2014 in review made me a little nervous to be honest.  I feel like I didn’t see nearly enough films, or maybe it was because I feel like I didn’t review a lot this year?  Who knows, but I did come up with a few.  A lot of them are indie films, and a lot I saw on the festival circuit.  Some have been released and some you may have to search for on demand, but I recommend seeing them!  Click on each film title for my reviews or links to trailers, and if you have any to add, please comment!  I’d love to know what your favourites were!

Godzilla:  I don’t like remakes, but I really enjoyed this one.  Big ol’ monsters smashing things made up for a so-so storyline, and it was a fun blockbuster event for me.

Maleficent:  Another blockbuster movie with one of the best makeup looks.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of Angelina Jolie’s beautifully altered face, and the effects were great.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  So much fun. Just so much fun.

Lyle:  This 65 minute film is pretty incredible.  Shown free of charge for a brief time to raise funds for his next project, writer and director Stewart Thorndike serves up a modern version of a Rosemary’s Baby-like suspense horror that is deeply moving.  A lesbian couple move into a brownstone with their baby Lyle, and mysterious neighbours coupled with a family tragedy gets the paranoia going full speed ahead.  Gaby Hoffmann, the current indie film darling of the moment, shows why she is in such demand.  Her portrayal of a mother on the brink is memorable, and I loved the haunting score.  You will have to follow the film’s Facebook page to find out when and where you can see it, as it is currently not available online.

Wyrmwood:  The zombie movie for action movie fans.  It is going to be released by IFC on February 13, 2015, so keep your eye out for it!

Predestination:  A wonderful spiralling tale of time travel and love.  This has a limited release date of January 9th, 2015.  Find it!

Housebound:  I’m not a comedy horror movie gal, but this one is superb!  Great pacing and a great cast.  Seems like it was released on DVD this past November, so again, find it!

Oculus:  a slow burner with a cool story, and one I will be adding to my collection.  Done by Mike Flanagan, the man behind Absentia, which I also loved for its unique story.

Two Canadian films I recently saw were Black Mountain Side and Berkshire County.  Both take on classic horror fare and make it their own.  Berkshire County seems to have an April 2015 limited release date, and Black Mountain Side will hopefully come out in 2015 as well.

Another Canadian gem was Hellmouth.  Starring Stephen McHattie, one of my favourite Canadian actors (whom I finally met this year! Yay!), this surreal quest for redemption will take you away with its visuals and retro feel.

The Babadook:  One of the most talked about films that actually lived up to the hype.  Tense, scary and dark, this is a must see for all horror fans out there.

Only Lovers Left Alive:  Starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, this beautiful love story about lonely vampires will make you ponder your existence and purpose.


What will 2015 bring us?  Apparently a ton of sequels and remakes (big surprise!), but I’ve sifted through the fluff to find a few that seem to have a bite that is just as good as the bark!

First up is It Follows.  This film has made the festival rounds and is getting quite the buzz as being a refreshingly terrifying addition to the tormented teen horror roster.  After a steamy date, a girl is now being followed by a creepy unknown.  Love the Carpenter-esque score.  I will definitely see this one in March when it comes out in wide release!

Z for Zachariah has my interest because I still have my dog-eared copy of the book I loved as a teen.  Chiwetel Ejiofor stars and I hope they do the story of post-apocalyptic survival justice.

Chappie is about a robot with heart, intelligence and innocence.  Directed by District 9‘s Neill Blomkamp and starring Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, and Sharlto Copley, it is sure to be one of the bigger films with the great special effects that Blomkamp is known for.

Directed by Hostel and Hemlock Grove‘s Eli Roth, Knock Knock is a “horror/thriller” about a man terrorized by two gorgeous girls.  Not really sure about this one, but Keanu Reeves is in it.  All I can say is:  Don’t. Hurt. My. Man.

Insidious 3 and Sinister 2 are on their way.  I feel like I need to see them because I was there from the start.  Also from the producers of  the Insidious, Paranormal Activity and Sinister series comes another Amityville movie, which I also have to see because, again, I was there from the start.  In this case, Jennifer Jason Leigh stars in Amityville The Awakening, so there will be guaranteed intensity with her performance.

The aforementioned Mike Flanagan is coming out with a new one called Somnia, about a kid whose nightmares become real.  He is known for creepy atmosphere, so I expect something great.

I need to see Jupiter Ascending just for Channing Tatum in those ears, and Mad Max Fury Road because it looks like totally insane and brutal fun.

I would really, really love to see Pixie Dust realized in 2015!  Check out my interview with writer and director Damon Colquhoun and donate to get it made!

Lastly, Guillermo del Toro’s new gothic horror Crimson Peak about tragedy and a haunted house will probably be a good bet.  Also, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hiddleston are in this.  Yup.  That will get my bum in a seat.

So there you have it.  A 2014 wrap-up and my 2015 picks all in one long-winded package!  Wishing you all a wonderful new year that brings us all good, great, no-FANTASTIC luck in life, love and health!







Maleficent: A Most Fashionable Fairy Tale

Published June 11, 2014 by vfdpixie


Maleficent (2014, 1 hr 37 mins)

I, like most, am no stranger to the Disney phenomenon.  I have watched a fair share in my lifetime, from the oldies like Bambi and the Apple Dumpling Gang, to newer films like Tron: Legacy, and a few others that I had no idea Disney produced.  I know what the deal is with a Disney movie for the most part:  a feel good, family adventure for a larger audience, including successfully animating the most beloved fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  Fairy tales were my first horror stories, and I wonder if parents know how terrifying they actually are.  Disney has managed to sugar coat some of the more morbid aspects of these tales, so it is refreshing to see something darker added to their roster.  I was pleasantly surprised by Maleficent, and dazzled by the spectacle of it all, even though the story is a departure from the original fairy tales by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

This take on the Sleeping Beauty highlights the back side of the story, focusing on the fairy Maleficent, who wasn’t invited to the christening of the new baby princess born to the king and queen because of her past relationship with the king as a youngster.  We all know her as the evil fairy who took revenge on the king by cursing the baby princess for being left out, but this movie gives us Maleficent’s background as a noble protector of  here fairy lands The Moors, betrayed and blatantly violated by her ex-lover King Stephan, and a vilified woman of strength.

As a Disney film, I thought it was not their usual fare but surprisingly good.  What also surprised to me was how dark and gothic it was.  The imagery stayed true to what I have always found to be borderline nightmarish themes in fairy tales, and I thought it was reminiscent of that weird, dreamy gothic classic Legend.   Angelina Jolie was really wonderful as the strong, volatile Maleficent.  With her gaunt personage,  she brought the right amount of cool, rage and humour to a character that has probably made some scary appearances in many childhood nightmares; bringing personality, understanding and dimension to a once-thought evil legend.  She is also flat-out stunning.  Coming from a makeup artist background, I though movie makeup pro Rick Baker created a simple beauty look on her that captivated me every time she was on-screen.  Those ,what I like to call, “anti-smokey” eyes and blood-red lips combined with very simple facial prosthetics made the character.  MAC Cosmetics even came out with a micro-collection of makeup for the launch of the movie.  Talk about marketing to an unsuspecting but willing target!  And those wings!  Beautiful and gothic, a dark cocoon that was Maleficent’s glory and strength.  You should expect some really elaborate cosplay outfits and Halloween costumes in the next few months, if the devoted haven’t already debuted them!

I enjoyed Sharlto Copley’s portrayal as the crazed king, even though he was overshadowed by the other characters.  He has quickly become an unexpected genius at being the bad guy, and has made a great acting career for someone who started out as a producer.  And Elle Fanning was a perfect pristine princess Aurora with her glowy, cherubic face and passable English accent.  My favourite character, however, was Sam Riley as the raven Diaval.  He played Maleficent’s foil well; a handsome supernatural sidekick that didn’t fade into the background.

I had only a couple of issues.  The first involved the animated characters of The Moors.  The CGI became a bit much for me, especially the altered faces of the pixies (represent!) played by Imelda Staunton, Lesley Mannville and Juno Temple, even though the other fantastical creatures were really beautiful.  I much preferred when the fairy lands got dark and dismal.  The darker lighting seemed to showcase them better and hide the unreal aspect of the animation.  The second was Maleficent’s leather pantsuit under her robes.  It took me out of the story and into the present which was not a good thing.  All I saw was Angelina Jolie in a leather catsuit.  I’m not sure if they were going for a powerful look, but to me it looked incongruous with the medieval fairy tale theme of the film’s costuming.

I would definitely recommend seeing Maleficent for Jolie’s performance, her character design and the overall beauty of the film.  I would also recommend seeing it for interesting takes on the fairy tale itself, gleaning elements from the original Disney classic Sleeping Beauty to create a memorable anti-hero, and the haunting rendition of Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey during the end credits.  Definitely one for those of us who want to see the misunderstood independent gal in all of us prevail!


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