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Face Off Season 10 Episode 8: Evil Sorceresses!

Published March 7, 2016 by vfdpixie

Episode 8 found the artists at the Lobo Castle where their models were dressed as beautiful, evil sorceresses.  The Spotlight Challenge this week was to create a monstrous look for each one, showing their true, evil nature.

Rob picked the Dragon Queen.  His sorceress lured girls to steal their youth.  He wanted to make a back piece as well as hands and sculpt a dragon-like face.  Mr. Westmore advised him to put more of a fantasy look in the old age makeup and flare out the dragon nostrils.  Rob thought the face was too masculine, and with some feedback from Anna, rounded out the jaw.  For the back piece, instead of dragon wings he exaggerated the spine.  With stock horns and an acrylic wash of paint, his Dragon Queen was pretty awesome.  The judges loved the colours, scaling and the blending of the human anatomy in the sculpt.  The details were just right, and he also had great forms in the makeup.  He was in top looks.

Walter got the Emerald Empress, which was not his first choice.  He struggled for a concept, and came up with emeralds growing out of the model’s face and body.  He was told to watch the accents on the cheeks as they could look like a porcupine.  He had a lot of detail work to do, and the emeralds took a long time to paint.  The judges liked the mouth details, but thought there were too many tones.  Melissa’s Wiccan of the Woods had elements of decay and snarled vines on her body.  She had to keep the wood knots in her sculpt painted properly or else Mr. Westmore warned they would look like brown boils.  She created vines from heated plastic tubing and even thought they didn’t stick at first, her makeup was decent, although I did think the eye holes were too obvious, and the judges thought the colour choices were too avant-garde.  Mel picked the Temptress of the Flame.  This sorceress worked with Satan to tempt people.  She would have ram horns accented with flames. Mel had to make sure the flames weren’t too cartoony, and Mr. Westmore told her to go more symbolic with them.  She used latex and coffee grounds to create charred skin, and the judges liked the beauty makeup.  They thought the flames weren’t quite right, but she, along with Walter and Melissa, was safe.

Robert picked the Sea Witch.  This character lured sailors to their death, and Robert wanted to sculpt her face mid transformation into a sea creature. He had to fix her nose to make it less perfect, and created a gelatin eel that was a little weird-looking, and, um, limp.  He also added some spiky quills to the brow.  The judges thought the character was a little kooky and needed more symmetry.  Neville didn’t like the fin on the side of her face, and Glenn liked the forms but thought they could have been realized differently.

Anna created a monstrous look for the Shadow Enchantress.  This character’s seductive but demonic nature would be represented with horns.  Anna had issues with time, so she did a fast face sculpt which she wasn’t happy with. She also had to patch some of her foam and ran out of time.  Unfortunately, you could see edges in the final makeup and I thought the paint job looked flat.  The judges didn’t like the proportions, teeth and the clichéd Maleficent look.  Neville thought the stalagmite forms on the head-piece were confusing, and Ve didn’t like that she covered the model’s ears.  Anna was in bottom looks.

Yvonne got the Corpse Conjurer who became a corpse when she conjured the dead.  She exaggerated the neck bone and was worried about keeping the anatomy realistic, which can always mess you up on this show.  She painted the character with an airbrush, and made sure to use a lot of highlight and shadow to make the colouring pop.  Her makeup was very cool.  I loved the cowl, and the judges thought it looked even better up close. The subtle sculpt and creepy paint got the judges attention, especially since the skull still retained some beauty.  She was in top looks for this beautiful, symmetrical makeup.


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The winner was Rob once again as he accomplished a lot in very little time.  The person going home was Anna.  They felt a lot went wrong from the concept to the technical execution.  They were impressed with her talent and glad she made it on the show.  She left feeling inspired and ready to make her mark on the makeup world.


Face Off Season 10 Episode 1: Alien Bounty Hunters!

Published January 17, 2016 by vfdpixie

Back for its 10th season, Face Off got the new set of artists going right away.  McKenzie presented the very first Spotlight Challenge of the season to the 14 eager contestants:  create a rogue alien bounty hunter, like that of Riddick or Guardians of the Galaxy.  Inspired by wanted posters with details of the alien’s ship and their last known whereabouts, the artists were split up into teams of two to work on the challenge.  Thankfully, Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page would be back at the judges’ table to guide, critique and whip the artists into shape.

Melissa and Anna had Tolo Ezulon who lived a life of crime after his world dies. They worked well together and plotted out their game plan to save time.  Melissa sculpted some details for the alien’s armour that mimicked his ship, and even though they had issues in last looks with peeling lips, they were one of the top looks.  The judges liked the cohesive character and the nice profile.  They liked the subtle ship detail in the amour, and the “intricate and interesting” sculpting.

Katie and Robert didn’t work that well together.  Katie took charge after enduring Robert’s several ideas for their alien Honorin Fallador.  They came up with a decent character, but weren’t on the same page and didn’t really trust each other.  Njorobe and Rob worked on Sansar Ceptis, a bounty hunter who went after political targets.  Rob did some creative steaming and painting of feathers, and they worked well together.  The judges liked the profile even thought the beak looked stuck on.  Jennifer and Mel worked on Delta Indemna, an ex-military bounty hunter.  They created some sewn on dreads and although the judges were confused by the some details, they, along with the other two teams, were safe.

Yvonne and Greg picked Jinxx Bargess.  She was to be a bio-mechanical character.  They had trouble creating a cohesive design, and Mr. Westmore told them to make the jaw bigger and to make the character look more alien and less simian.  This put Greg into panic mode, and he re-sculpted parts of the face.  After molding, their edges were pretty bad, and they lost time fixing those.  The judges thought the look was unsophisticated and blocky.  This put them in the bottom.

Kaleb and Walter chose Maas Rossi, a reptilian alien who came from a dry planet.  Mr. Westmore told them to change the Jay Leno chin, and they wanted to have light-up horns, but it didn’t quite work, so they scrapped it in last looks.  The judges liked the decisions they made, from the paint to the eye cavity which looked very much like the Texan horned lizard they used as inspiration.  They were in top looks.

Ant and Johnny created a female bounty hunter called Yourek Jess.  They had to put their heads together after Mr. Westmore reworked their design.  Johnny switched up who did the sculpting as well because they were worried about the outcome.  They really didn’t work well together, and the judges saw it in the finished character.  The paint was flat, the sculpting didn’t reflect a proper biology, and the was no flow with the forms.  They were in the bottom looks.

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McKenzie revealed that there would be a one time immunity that the judges would grant if they thought the artist could redeem themselves after a bad makeup, but it would be used at their discretion.

The winning team was Anna and Melissa.  Their character was original, and Melissa won the challenge because of the great cowl she sculpted.

The bottom team was Yvonne and Greg.  They made bad choices, and Greg went home due to his poorly sculpted nose and chin.

This season looks like it will be great.  Every season I say “This will be my last recap season”, and then they go and bring people like Lance Henriksen and Paul Reuben on the show.  What can a gal do but watch, comment and recap?

See you next week!


Face Off Season 9 Episode 10: Sideshow Freaks!

Published September 30, 2015 by vfdpixie

It was time for the artists to work for immunity again.  For this Foundation Challenge, they would have to create their own intimidating tribal warrior by mimicking scarification, tattoos, piercings and body paint.  The makeup would have to be applied to the model’s entire upper body instead of just the face, and they would use the unique and treacherous weapons each model carried as inspiration.  Their guest judge was makeup artist Robin Mathews, who won an Oscar for The Dallas Buyers Club.  She told them for that film they had a low budget, so she had to use “paint and powder” to highlight and contour the actors instead of facial prosthetics.  She would be looking for resourcefulness with their use of products. They all did some great warrior makeups, but the ones that stood out for Robin were Meg for her simple but detailed and realistic magenta warrior, and Scott for his organic, earthy cracked clay warrior.  The winner was Scott for his ingenious use of the clay.  He now had immunity for the Spotlight Challenge and was definitely relieved.

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The Big Top was the inspiration for the next challenge.  Like over the top carnival sideshows, the artists would have to create their own sideshow freaks, but with a more fantastical approach.  Their choices were put on a carnival wheel, and they spun it to get their characters.

Stevie got Icicle Irma.  She went with a woman who had a blue skin condition with a melting icicle face.  She realized the icicles would be tough to sculpt, and Mr. Westmore pointed out that her icicles looked more like boils.  He suggested that she do only half the face as well.  She revised the icicles by using dried hot glue drippings and added them to her face sculpt.  She had to apply them to the model’s face as well as paint and do a beauty makeup in last looks.  The judges liked the concept and she was safe.  Jordan did an Elephant Lady makeup.  To create this look, he used sheet foam, foam balls and spandex to create a lumpy elephant arm.  The judges thought he did a nice paint job, although Neville thought the finish looked more like stone than elephant hide.  He too was safe this week.

Scott created a look for Twisted Tom.  After Mr. Westmore tweaked his eye sculpt to look more twisted, he took his time with the makeup because he had immunity.  He sculpted an arm and chest piece, and used a freckling technique as he painted the makeup.  He went for details and even though the judges felt there could have been more skin disease used to cover his edges, they liked his vision.

Nora had Lobster Larry.  Once again, she needed a bit of time to figure out her concept.  She came up with a mobster lobster who was raised by the mob and had to hide out in the circus freak show.  Mr. Westmore told her to sell more lobster with her sculpt, and she created some cool lobster claws.  I loved this look!  The judges felt it was a clean application, excellent sculpt and good story.  Glenn thought it worked for the challenge, and even though Neville thought the face didn’t quite read lobster, he liked the gold grill on Larry’s teeth, calling him a “grilled lobster” which got some groans from the panel.

Meg got Inside-Out Oscar.  She wanted to create an exposed brain for her character who had a disease that made him shed his skin.  Mr. Westmore told her she needed a good muscle sculpt and muscle striation for the paint to stand out. After getting her stuck mold open with Scott’s help, Meg painted away, but felt it wasn’t the best representation of her work.  Her gooey character got no love from the judges.  Ve thought it was too simian looking, and there was no focus due to too many details.  They thought looked more like a ripped off skin instead of an inside-out character, and the skull sculpt didn’t quite make the cut.  She was in the bottom.

Evan worked on Moon Girl.  He went for a swollen acne/crater face with a piece of meteor in the head sculpt for some humour.  Mr. Westmore told him that the acne was too subtle and he needed a more aggressive sculpt.  Evan had to start over and unfortunately his face piece ripped.  He had to fix it as much as he could, and work out the rest with paint.  He was worried because it looked terrible to him up close.  His hillbilly Moon Girl missed the mark with the judges.  They thought it was rough, and although they liked the trailer trash beauty makeup, they thought his funny idea was a mess.  Evan agreed with them and he ended up in the bottom.

Ben’s concept for the Human Peacock was an M.C. for the freak show.  He sculpted a beak-like nose and created a collar with L2oo, warbla and layers of peacock feathers.  He also had to fix his face piece, and patched it in enough time to do a layered paint job.  The judges loved this makeup.  They thought it was the best thing he has done on the show.  Neville loved the texture, balance of the nose, lips and profile, and Ve loved the paint.  Glenn thought he captured the heart of the challenge which was to incorporate fantasy and human elements.

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The winner was Ben.  His was the only top look due to his clean makeup and blending of the traditional and fantastic.  He felt redeemed after a few bad spells.

Meg’s bad choices and improper anatomical sculpt sent her home.  She made it far into the challenge and she was proud of herself.  She did well and the judges could see only improvement from this point on.  Best of luck to her!

Face Off Season 9 Episode 6: Alien Landscapes and Evolutions

Published September 2, 2015 by vfdpixie

Things got rolling with another Foundation Challenge this week and the prize was the coveted immunity status.  This time McKenzie had a series of alien landscapes for the artists to use in order to create their own retro alien.  They had to think Lost in Space and Star Trek as references, and who better to advise them than their mentor Mr. Westmore, who has been Star Trek’s alien designer for decades.  He told them that in the 60’s, there was no time for intricate appliances so the artists of days gone by used patterns and stencils.  He wanted them to be imaginative to find that retro vibe.

They came up with some interesting aliens, and Mr. Westmore liked Evan’s Avatar inspired makeup as well as Jordan for his use of green and orange which mimicked the era.  Evan won immunity because of his clean, camera-ready application.


Evan’s retro alien


This makeup would be the first step.  The Spotlight Challenge would incorporate the Foundation Challenge aliens they created, but this time they would have to evolve the retro alien into a modern aesthetic for today’s movies.  They had the evolution of Klingons as their reference this time,  and since Ve, Neville, and Mr. Westmore have all created versions of the Klingon over the years, they would be consulting on the evolved concepts.  Neville also reminded them that today’s audiences are savvy and they would have to turn up the volume with the realism to create a successful makeup.  Oh, and on the walkthrough, Jonathan Frakes from STNG showed up to give a critical eye.  And wait a minute!  Michael Dorn, Mr. Klingon himself, would be a judge on the reveal stage.  It was Star Trek old home day on Face Off!

To make her alien more badass, Meg changed veins into hair and was advised to bring colour up the alien’s body.  She had trouble as she was the last one in the mold room, and was scared as she had to use polyfoam for the first time since she was behind.  She ran out of time trying to put dreads on the cowl, and had no paint just before last looks.  She was terrified and named herself “Queen of the Bottom”.  She went into “beast mode” to get her makeup painted, and lucky for her it came together.  She created an interesting rebel alien that put her in the safe zone.

Meg's retro alien

Meg’s retro alien


Meg’s evolved alien



Kevon recreated the mountain range of his landscape on the alien’s brow. He wanted to exaggerate them on the evolved alien, and Neville advised him to make sure his forms had a purpose.  Jonathan Frakes loved his sculpt, and Kevon went so far as to make prosthetic eyelids that were tricky to apply, but he got them on.  His alien was very red, and he noticed how big his head was on the reveal stage, but he was safe.


Kevon’s retro alien



Kevon’s evolved alien



Jordan decided to go with what he knew, and fabricate most of his space bandit’s makeup.  He had just a few face appliances and relied on the paint and costume.  Although he was pleased with the fabrication, he noticed on the reveal stage that it looked a little too costume-y.  Ve was disappointed with it because it was not cohesive.  The judges also thought there was too much fabrication this time and no evident evolution.  He was in the bottom.

Jordan's retro alien

Jordan’s retro alien


Jordan’s evolved alien



With his immunity, Evan was on easy street.  His bright blue alien would evolve with a sloped cowl and venting at the back of the head.  Mr. Westmore and Jonathan Frakes wanted more obvious venting, and he created a great evolution and a nice beauty makeup to boot!


Evan’s evolved alien


Nora’s alien was brightly coloured and she decided to tone the colour down.  Ve told her to be careful of the nose, and Mr. Westmore told her to change the neck of the character.  She didn’t really have any problems until the reveal stage, where the cowl slipped and created a large wrinkle that looked odd.  The judges noticed this made the eyes look heavy, but despite the technical difficulty she was safe.


Nora’s retro alien


Nora’s evolved alien



Ricky’s blue alien had tentacles that were incorporated into the skull, giving it an asymmetrical look.  I liked the colours he used and he was also safe this week.


Ricky’s retro alien


Ricky’s evolved alien



Ve thought Stevie should cover any modifications on her alien’s prominent brow with hair.  Jonathan Frakes and Mr. Westmore had a lot to say about tweaking her sculpt, which meant she had a lot of work do to.  She did an intricate paint job that included yellow, purple and plenty of paint splatter.  The end result got huge praise from Glenn with the paint job and her technique with her sculpt.  Neville thought the forms were alien and authentic and Michael Dorn thought bringing the makeup into the neck was a good choice.  She was in top looks.

Stevie's retro alien

Stevie’s retro alien


Stevie’s evolved alien



Ben had a spot of trouble in the first challenge.  He tried to mimic the cracked earth of his landscape, and ended up doing a stencil.  He didn’t like what he created, so he was glad he had a chance to change it, even though he felt he was “polishing a turd”.  Neville advised him to avoid getting too literal with his landscape.  The cracks became a membrane that was a filter for the alien, and he scaled back the paint so that it had more humanoid.  He felt better with the changes, and the judges loved it.  Ve liked the textures on the head, and Michael thought it was a great transition as he got rid of the unnecessary stuff.  Neville thought it looked like a big screen makeup.  This put Ben in the top looks.

Ben's retro alien

Ben’s retro alien


Ben’s evolved alien



Scott’s alien would become an underground water-dwelling creature.  He wanted to make it more feminine with a beautiful profile.  Mr. Westmore told him to make the lips less glam, and even though he seemed to run out of time, he gave the judges an alien they gushed over.  They loved the symmetry of the cheekbones, and the colours.  He was in top looks.

Scott's retro alien

Scott’s retro alien


Scott’s evolved alien



Jason’s bright alien would evolve with more horns to signify status and age.  He ran into trouble when his appliances wouldn’t stick to his model and had to move on to paint before he ran out of time.  The chin was also coming off, so he camouflaged as best he could with jewels.  The judges saw lots of technical errors and what was called a catastrophic sculpt (ouch!).  Neville liked the concept and evolution but not the execution.  He was in the bottom.

Jason's retro alien

Jason’s retro alien


Jason’s evolved alien


Jasmine’s alien had flat spikes on his face, so she decided to create a 3D look for him.  She was stuck with her design, but carried on.  She realized in last looks that the sculpt looked worse in the center of the alien’s face.  The judges thought the forms were flawed, especially the nose and lips.  Surprisingly, she was in the bottom this week.

Jasmine's retro alien

Jasmine’s retro alien


Jasmine’s evolved alien


The winner was Ben!  They loved his believable, minimal makeup and convincing transformation.

Jason would be going home.  There were too many things that went wrong to overlook, but Neville was confident he would go far.

As always, the challenges can knock even the most talented artists out of the running, or give them a scare as they end up in bottom looks.  Hopefully everyone’s A game is on point next week!

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