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Guardians of the Galaxy Reaches for the Stars…And Gets Them!

Published August 4, 2014 by vfdpixie


Guardians of The Galaxy (2014, 2 hrs 1 min)

Be forewarned.  I am about to rave about a film.

I wasn’t going to write a review for Guardians of the Galaxy because all I could think was “It was so amazing!  I just had an eye-gasm!  End of story.”, but after collecting my thoughts, I found there was plenty to comment on, even if I am, as I warned you, going to rave about it, and even though generally, I am not a Marvel Studios movie fan (yeah, you heard me right!).  So here it goes…

Taken from the long running comic of the same name, the story brings us our main character, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) a.k.a. Star Lord, who was abducted as a child after his mother’s death by a team of crusty alien “ravagers” lead by Yondu (Michael Rooker).  They raise him to be a fast talking, scavenging thief who steals a mysterious orb.  This one act throws him into an action packed sci-fi caper with four ragtag criminals, ranging from the foul-tempered Rocket the Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), to the gentle but protective talking tree/human hybrid Groot (Vin Diesel);  the beautiful green-skinned assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and a massive muscle-bound alien Drax (Dave Bautista).  Backed by a great old school soundtrack, this crew of unlikely heroes weave through many hits and misses to thwart the plans of evil duo of Thanos and Ronan and save the galaxy.

What was so amazing about this film?  Let’s start with the script that was written by director James Gunn ( of the cult hit Slither) and Nicole Perlman.  I have not heard such funny, snappy dialogue that kept the momentum until the last frame in a long time.  Simple language that was put together in clever, witty bursts, mastered by the cast as they kept the comedic energy and mood at a constant, even during some more touching moments.

Next was the visually stunning sets, costumes and characters.  It made me think of the last Star Trek movie.  Like Star Trek: Into the Darkness,  Guardians of the Galaxy was overflowing with beautiful costumes (I really loved Gamora’s outfits), alien life forms with pink, blue and green hued skins and background scenics that pushed your imagination.  It also makes me think that this is something to whet the sci-fi appetite for those who yearn for the next Star Wars film.   Throw in some well cast stars, such as John C. Reilly as Corpsman Dey, the deadpan officer who catches the motley crew; Glenn Close as Nova Prime the leader of the officers, and hello, Karen Gillan of Dr. Who and Oculus fame as Nebula, Gamora’s evil sister, and Michael Rooker as Yondu the snaggled tooth scavenger with a pet needle, as well as many others to give you great performances no matter how small their role.  My personal favourite was Drax.  Wrestler turned actor Dave Baustista was really entertaining as the alien who took all things literally, not to mention that he wore only a pair of tight trousers and displayed his incredible torso for the entire movie.  And being an animal lover, it’s no surprise that a CGI raccoon named Rocket would steal my heart!  Bradley Cooper (who will always remain in my good books for doing The Midnight Meat Train) was just hilarious as the irritable genetically modified Procyon lotor.  Wait for the scene when he has tears in his eyes.  It will kill you with the cuteness.  Rocket was the perfect foil for Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Quill.  With his comedy background and boy next door good looks the combo worked like a charm for this seat of his pants character.  So glad he was the final choice since rumour has it he had to audition a few times to secure the role. Oh and did I mention the dancing?  Quill could bust a move and won me over as I am known to spontaneously jazz hands my way through the day.

Those of you who follow British actors should keep your eye out for Peter Serafinowicz as Denarian Saal, one of the officers under Nova Prime.  He had his own bizarre comedy show and was in Shaun of the Dead as well as countless voice acting gigs, and Emmett Scanlan as the head riot guard in the jail where our heroes are held.  Scanlan is most recently know for his living dead character Simon from the great Brit zombie series In the Flesh.

Finally, hats off to the incredible team that created the aerial fight scenes in the final act of the film.  The amount of hours that went into creating the seamless space crafts as they twisted and blasted each other was well worth it as myself and the rest of the audience in the theatre were just blown away by the spectacle of it all.

I could go on for days about this film, but really, do yourself a favour and just go see it this summer.  I didn’t think you could have this much fun at the movies!

Cineplex V.I.P: Movie Time Wonderland

Published February 17, 2014 by vfdpixie

This pixie loves movies, but hates going to the theatre.  A few years back, I have an almost knock-down, drag out fight with a moron who decided to have a loud conversation on his cell phone during most of The Village.  Yes, I admit I actually went to the theatre to see that movie.  I complained to the manager about the offense (unfortunately not the film as well), and the jackass was spoken to twice.  Afterwards, myself, my friends and 3 other strangers cornered him, letting him know he owed us the cost of our tickets because he was so disruptive.  The theatre manager gave us free passes as a result of the mishap, but it still gets my goat every time I think about the incident.  And these days, with people getting shot up or assaulted at the movies, times are a changin’.

You would never know it in my day-to-day life, but I suffer from mild anxiety.  I don’t like crowds and after the above incident, my dislike for the general public has grown enormously.  Going to the movie theatre is therefore a chore for me, so when I heard that my local Cineplex Odeon opened a fresh, new V.I.P. section, I was game.  I had been to one of these theatre before and enjoyed it, but always had to travel to the heart of downtown.  Now I would have this option 10 minutes away from me, and with my sister in tow, away we went!

Touted as “a luxurious movie-going experience” with valet parking and 10% off of food and ticket prices for Scene card holders, the first thing that jumped out at me was the 19 years or older sign at the front entrance.  Heaven!  When I went to see Machete, there was a group with toddlers in the audience.  Go figure.  I wouldn’t have to deal with that here!  The neatly dressed, friendly staff took our payment ($19.99 with taxes included per person) at the sleek front desk, and we walked into a nice bar/lounge/restaurant area.  A streamline fireplace sat in the center of the space, as well as a bar stocked with neat rows of Bombay Sapphire (yes!) and Grey Goose, huge flat screen T.V.s, and huge picture windows facing the expansive parking lot.  The décor was modern with muted greys, black and turquoise accents, and beautiful black and white stills of celebrities graced the walls in classy mirrored frames.

We went to our theatre and found our reserved seats that we were able to choose when we purchased our tickets.  Cushy, lazy boy type chairs with a table attached to each seat and ample leg room made us feel all fancy-like.  Down in the front row, the adorable server informed us that those seats reclined.  The in-seat service was available until the trailers started, so of course I made use of it, ordering a Caesar (tasty but weak) and calamari from their average priced Specialty Food Menu, while my sister stuck to popcorn and a soda.  Aside from them forgetting my dip for the calamari which they promptly remedied, the service was great.

My delicious and spicy Caesar!  (needed a bit more booze though) Note the comfy seating in the background.

My delicious and spicy Caesar! (needed a bit more booze though) Note the comfy seating in the background.

The screen was massive, the picture crisp and the sound was on point for the Robocop screening.  I had someone sitting next to me, but there was enough space between us for me to feel comfortable.  We also went to a Sunday afternoon show which was not as busy as a Friday or Saturday night, when the server said the V.I.P. section was the busiest because of date nights. Please note:  this pixie will not settle for a regular movie night date anymore.  If there is an attractive, non-broke, honest man who looks like Don Cheadle, Keanu Reeves, Dwayne Johnson, Willem Dafoe, Derek Luke, Mekhi Phifer, or Hiroyuki Sanada who would like to take me on a date, it’s V.I.P. all the way, baby!  It’s ingenious, really.  You can have a drink, appetizers, see a movie and maybe a light dinner afterwards all in one place, for maybe $20 more per person, and quite frankly, I’m worth it!

Oh yes, I must mention the washrooms.  They were great.  Instead of a ladies and men’s separate washroom with stalls, here you had several unisex rooms, or water closets.  Each were very clean and private.  As I returned from the modern w.c.’s, I could see the regular movie theatre through frosted glass doors with the “regular” ticket holders teeming just beyond.  For a moment, I forgot all the debt, worries and crap of my daily life; forgot the sticky floors of the regular theatres and the optional flask I might or might not have normally tucked into my purse, feeling for a moment that I had arrived.  Yeah, that moment didn’t last for long.  I took the bus to the V.I.P. theatre, but at least I had a good time!

Summing this experience all up, I have to say my number one choice would be to stay home in my p.j.’s, with my cats and lots of snacks to watch a movie.  If I want to see something first run, my only choice is to go to the theatre which is already expensive.  I personally don’t mind the extra cost of the V.I.P. experience if it gets me the peace of mind because I am a little agoraphobic.  It’s the price you pay for being slightly reclusive and you know what?  I would definitely do it again!

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